“All about My Mom” ep 41~ Hyeong Soon:”I have to go to Chae Ri.”

Jin Ae helps president Jang to get back together with Yeong Seon. With Jin Ae’s help, president Jang proposed to Yeong Seon. Thanks to Jin Ae, president Jang decided to give Hyeong Soon a chance. Unfortunately, Aeng Du made sure that Hyeong Soon will miss his chance to meet president Jang. Disappointed that Aeng Du is always his first choice, Chae Ri breaks up with Hyeong Soon and returns home.

Episode 41

Jin Ae arranged for Hoon Jae to meet his grandmother, but Yeong Seon followed them and saw everything. The grandmother asked Yeong Seon to forgive her for everything she did to Yeong Seon in the past and marry president Jang.

Back at the house, Jin Ae talks to Hoon Jae and makes him realize that Yeong Seon resents president Jang for what happened between them in the past because Yeong Seon still loves president Jang.

In the morning, Hoon Jae comes out of the bathroom wearing just his underwear and invites Jin Ae to dance. While they were having fun, Yeong Seon came in and saw them. Embarrassed Hoon Jae run to the bathroom and Yeong Seon went downstairs.

On his way to work Hyeong Soon met Aeng Du’s mother. She asked Hyeong Soon to come and see Aeng Du because Aeng Du isn’t feeling well. When Hyeong Soon arrived, Aeng Du was lying in bed, pretending to be sick. She got up and confessed that it’s the first time she likes someone that much. Still Hyeong Soon rejected her feelings. He can be a good friend or a good brother for Aeng Du, but he loves Chae Ri.

Hyeong Soon:”Chae Ri is the only one for me.”

President Jang asked Jin Ae to meet him. She is the only ally he has to get back together with Yeong Seon. And Jin Ae is happy to help him. But taking advantage of the fact that she is alone with president Jang, Jin Ae talks about Hyeong Soon, how earnest and good person Hyeong Soon is and how much Hyeong Soon loves Chae Ri.

Yeong Seon’s company is launching a new set of clothes. Everyone in planning team has a role, including the newest member Chae Ri who will be a model. Hyeong Soon came to pick up Chae Ri and met her friends, Ji Won an Eun Ha. From them, Hyeong Soon found out that Chae Ri gave up more than he could imagine just to be together.

After talking to Chae Ri’s friends, Hyeong Soon encountered Seung Wan. Contrary to last time the three of them met, Chae Ri introduced Hyeong Soon as her husband to Seung Wan and Hyeong Soon told Seung Wan that he works just as a part timer, that he isn’t the owner of the restaurant he is working for. When Seung Wan was giving a hard time to Hyeong Soon, Jin Ae intervened and defended her brother.

Since San Ok accepted Hye Joo as her daughter-in-law, Yu Ja can’t force San Ok to accept San too. When Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo came to talk to Yu Ja about their future plans, Yu Ja told them that she will raise San. The boy heard the conversation so when his grandmother asked him where he wants to leave after his mother’s marriage, San answered that he wants to stay with his grandmother to protect her.

Hyeong Kyu apologizes to San Ok for the harsh words he said the night he got drunk. San Ok also reveals to her haw she felt regarding him. Also San Ok told Hyeong Kyu that she hasn’t completely accepted Hye Joo, she just allowed Hyeong Kyu to marry Hye Joo because Hyeong Kyu was suffering. San Ok never could’ve imagined that her perfect beloved son will end up marrying a single mother. Because San Ok was crying, Hyeong Kyu tried to console her, but San Ok for the first time pushed him away.

It’s the day of the fashion show for Yeong Seon’s company new collection. President Jang and his mother also came. Since Jin Ae asked him to give Hyeong Soon a chance, president Jang asked Chae Ri to have dinner together…with Hyeong Soon after the fashion show. Happy, Chae Ri calls Hyeong Soon to give him the good news and to ask him to not be late.

Hyeong Soon is on his way to the fashion show when he meets Aeng Du’s mother. Crying, Aeng Du’s mother begs Hyeong Soon to save Aeng Du. Worried, Hyeong Soon gets into a taxi and rushes over to save Aeng Du.

When the fashion show finished, Jin Ae invited president Jang on the stage because there is an event that Jin Ae and president Jang prepared together. In front of everyone present at the fashion show, president Jang proposed to Yeong Seon.

Hyeong Soon caught up with Aeng Du and her team of thieves. He tried to help Aeng Du and in return Hyeong Soon was beaten. Meanwhile Chae Ri, her father and her grandmother are waiting for him. Suddenly Chae Ri received a text from Hyeong Soon’s number in which Aeng Du was telling Chae Ri that she and Hyeong Soon went on a trip so Chae Ri shouldn’t wait for Hyeong Soon to come home. In front of her father, Chae Ri pretended that Hyeong Soon can’t come because something urgent showed up at his workplace. Now president Jang is even more disappointed with Hyeong Soon.

Hyeong Soon is hurt and unconscious. The thieves tied him up. Aeng Du watches him. She took a picture with her and Hyeong Soon and send it to Chae Ri who was worried sick about Hyeong Soon. Then Aeng Du tied herself next to him to seem that they are both held hostages.

Hyeong Soon:”I have to go to Chae Ri.”

Aeng Du lies to Hyeong Soon that they were both tied up and locked there. When Hyeong Soon asks for her phone because he doesn’t have his, Aeng Du pretends that her thieves friends took hers too. Hyeong Soon managed to untie himself and desperate he kicks the door until he breaks the locker.

Personal thought: Why does Hyoeng Soon has to save Aeng Du? Isn’t her mother the one who thought her to steal? Why she asks Hyeong Soon for help? If Aeng Du doesn’t listen to her mother, will she listen to Hyeong Soon? Isn’t better for Aeng Du’s mother to ask the police for help or someone who can do more than Hyeong Soon?

And Hyeong Soon…it’s so frustrating!!! He should make up his mind. He wants president Jang to accept him, but when president Jang makes the effort to give him a chance, Hyeong Soon doesn’t show up. Hyeong Soon make up your mind…which one is more important to you…Chae Ri or Aeng Du? If the answer is Chae Ri, than fight for her and show her that she wasn’t wrong to give up everything for someone who does nothing for her in return.

Hyeong Soon or Aeng Du… honestly I don’t know whose character is more annoying… She was told several times that he doesn’t like her, that he loves Chae Ri, but still Aeng Du doesn’t understand. And what kind of love is that to put your friends to beat up the man you supposedly like? What if he would’ve been badly hurt or even killed?

On the other hand Hyeong Soon keeps saying that he loves Chae Ri, but he runs to Aeng Du everything Aeng Du calls him, even if that means to leave Chae Ri behind.

Hurt and disappointed Chae Ri leaves Hyeong Soon’s house. She encountered Hyeong Soon and Aeng Du. He tries to explain what happened, but Chae Ri is tired of Hyeong Soon’s excuses and that he always goes to Aeng Du. Chae Ri had it enough and went home…to her father’s house.

Chae Ri doesn’t want to listen to Hyeong Soon’s explanation. She knows that Hyoeng Soon is a nice person and probably got into trouble for helping Aeng Du. She is hurt and disappointed that for her Hyeong Soon was always the first and most important choice, but for Hyeong Soon she wasn’t the first choice. Without understanding that Hyeong Soon believes that Chae Ri decided to broke up with him because he is poor.

Chae Ri:”I’m sick and tired of that now. You’re so kind that you always mess up the important things. I’m sick of it.”

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