“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 10 ~ Qian Yao:”I’m holding your hand right now because I’m afraid that as soon as I let go you will leave me.”

Huan Huan and Justin are dating happily until his mother finds out that Justin didn’t broke up with Huan Huan. She visits Huan Huan at work to remind her that Justin doesn’t believe in marriage. Still Huan Huan goes on fighting for her love, but another problem showed up. A woman from Justin’s past appeared.

Episode 10

Sheng Nan walks around thinking about what Huan Huan told her about Qian Yao. She can’t believe that she fell in love with that kind of person. A lot of things happened between Sheng Nan and Qian Yao since they’ve met again so she can’t ask Qian Yao directly. To find the answers she needs, Sheng Nan went to the library. While she was reading a book about who to recognizes the lies of a bad man, Qian Yao appeared next to her. When she saw Qian Yao, Sheng Nan was shocked and embarrassed. She turned around and run away. But she was holding a book so the seller stopped her. Qian Yao apologized instead of Sheng Nan to the seller saying that Sheng Nan is his girlfriend and they just had a fight.

Qian Yao:”She’s my girlfriend.”

Qian Yao took Sheng Nan by her hand and pulled her outside.

Qian Yao:”I’m holding your hand right now because I’m afraid that as soon as I let go you will leave me.”

Qian Yao invited Sheng Nan to a restaurant to talk. She wants to ask him so badly if what Huan Huan said is true. She started her question, but decided not to ask. Sheng Nan wanted to think that Huan Huan lied, that Qian Yao isn’t the type of person that will approach her to make her fall in love with him just for a bet to win a pair of shoes. On the other hand, Qian Yao also has some things to say. For him Huan Huan is just a business partner, he doesn’t feel anything in particular towards Huan Huan. Qian Yao regrets that he didn’t have time as a student to have known Sheng Nan better. Now he wants to know her better, to start as friends and see where the life will take them.

Huan Huan accompanied Justin to meet his friends. She wants to know more things about Justin and his friends are the best source of information. It was the first time Justin introduced his girlfriend to his friends and they liked her. When they remained alone, Justin tells his to Huan Huan opinion about being in love. Because of the cold relationship his parents have, Justin always had a bad opinion about love, relationships and marriage. But he likes to be with Huan Huan, to spend time with her, to like her.

Justin and Huan Huan are watching TV at Justin’s house when someone rings the bell. It’s Justin’s mother! She fought with her husband and now she wants a divorce. Until the divorce is ready she plans to stay with Justin. Realizing that her son is with a woman, Justin’s mother goes hectic and looks for that woman in the whole house. Huan Huan hid herself in the wardrobe. Wanting to see her son married, Justin’s mother is willing to accept any woman Justin likes, except Huan Huan because all their friends and relatives know that Huan Huan was Justin’s uncle’s fiancée.

After Huan Huan got a chance to leave without being seen by her future mother-in-law, Justin and his mother sit down and talk about her reason to have fought with her husband this time. Justin’s mother cries and reveals to Justin that she never wanted to marry Justin’s father, but she was forced to do so because her father’s business wasn’t going well and they needed money. So what now???? Does she want her son to be sorry for her? She married because money where more important for her than love so in the end she obtained what she wanted. Because after marriage, Justin’s mother realized that money aren’t everything and she can’t be happy even if she has all the money in the world, she made sure to make her family’s live miserable.

Unfortunately for her, Justin didn’t react as his mother expected. He didn’t console her for being a victim, he was cold and asked her why is she blaming his father for her decision. If she was the one deciding to marry her husband why is her husband’s fault for her unhappiness.

Huan Huan arrived home. She talks to her mother about her fears. Huan Huan is afraid that Justin will be caught between his family and her and in the end they will break up.

Huan Huan met Sheng Nan the next day. She tries to talk to Sheng Nan, maybe their relationship will improve. But Sheng Nan doesn’t what that. Sheng Nan decided to believe in Qian Yao and not believe what Huan Huan told her. As that being said Sheng Nan will not allow Huan Huan to become her sister-in-law. Later Justin’s mother came to see Huan Huan. She doesn’t want to force Huan Huan and Justin to break up because she knows that if she will do that then Huan Huan and Justin will be closer. Instead she tells Huan Huan some truths that can make Huan Huan want to break up with Justin. She reminds Huan Huan that Justin doesn’t believe in marriage, that Justin didn’t talked about getting married, about children or their future together even if they are dating for some time now.

That night, Huan Huan arrives home in a bad mood. Her father goes to see what happened to her and tells Huan Huan his story with his wife and his former girlfriend.

“Sometimes the more complicated something is, the easier it would be to solve it with something simple.”

The next day, Huan Huan wants to buy a necktie for Justin. As soon as she put her hand on the necktie she wanted, another woman shoed up and wanted the same necktie.

That woman is someone that Justin knows. The necktie she bought was for Justin. When Huan Huan came to his office to bring him the present, she saw that Justin has the exact same necktie from the exact store already. When Justin came into the office, Huan Huan hid the necktie she wanted to give him. Being suspicious that Justin might see another woman, she follows him and sees Justin meeting the woman she saw in the necktie store that morning. He gave her a present.

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