“All about My Mom” ep 42 ~ San Ok:”Will I be able to see the spring flowers?”

Chae Ri returned home and even if Hyeong Soon comes to take her back she refuses to. Chae Ri gave up everything to be with Hyeong Soon and all she wanted in return was Hyeong Soon’s love. Hyeong Soon doesn’t understand why Chae Ri refuses to forgive him and return to his side and believes that Chae Ri is tired to live in a poor environment.

Meantime San Ok went to see a doctor because lately she felt sick. Unfortunately she didn’t receive any good news.

Episode 42

Chae Ri made her mind and returned home. Hyeong Soon followed her and tried to change her mind, but he couldn’t do anything to stop Chae Ri from entering her father’s house. Both Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon know that as soon as Chae Ri steps in her father’s house it means their breakup. She entered the house and crying Chae Ri hugs her father and her grandmother. Before going to her room, Chae Ri goes outside after Hyeong Soon, but she couldn’t see him anymore. Hyeong Soon was sitting on the ground upset that he lost Chae Ri forever.

President Jang’s wish came true. His daughter broke up with Hyeong Soon because she wasn’t as happy as she thought that she would be. Unfortunately, even if his wish came true, president Jang can’t be happy when he sees Chae Ri sad.

After the embarrassing moment they’ve all experienced when Yeong Seon saw Jin Ae and Hoon Jae in an intimate moment, Yeong Seon doesn’t go upstairs. If she needs Hoon Jae, she calls him. She’s been avoiding Hoon Jae since the moment president Jang proposed. In the morning, Yeong Seon called Hoon Jae to see what he thinks about president Jang’s proposal. Contrary to her expectation, Hoon Jae encouraged Yeong Seon to continue meeting with president Jang if that is what makes her happy.

Hoon Jae:”I’d like you to do what your heart tells you.”

It’s breakfast time at the Lee family house. Hyeong Soon lies everyone that Chae Ri went home for a few days because her grandmother is sick. But what shocks San Ok more than the news that Chae Ri went home is the news that Hyeong Kyu will be moving out after his wedding. Another shocked person early in the morning is Hye Joo when she finds out that San will stay with his grandmother and won’t move with Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu.

On his way to work, Hyeong Soon met Aeng Du. Actually she was waiting for Hyeong Soon. But this time Hyeong Soon isn’t as friendly as he always was with Aeng Du. He pushes her away and tells her that it doesn’t matter that Aeng Du likes him because he loves Chae Ri and Chae Ri loves him. Also he tells Aeng Du that he reason he helped her was because they work together and he saw her as a cute little sister, not because he is interested in having a relationship with her.

Hyeong Soon:”Aeng Du, let’s not talk to each other anymore. Chae Ri is the only woman I love in this world. You’re making it so difficult for me.”

Before going to work, president Jang came to see Yeong Seon. While they were talking he told Yeong Seon that Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon broke up. Later while she was with Jin Ae in her office, Yeong Seon told Jin Ae that Chae Ri returned to her father’s house. Wanting to know what happened between her brother and Chae Ri, Jin Ae asks Chae Ri. After hearing Chae Ri’s side of the story, Jin Ae asked Chae Ri if she really left Hyeong Soon because Hyeong Soon was with Aeng Du when he was supposed to have dinner with Chae Ri and her family or Chae Ri got tired of Hyeong Soon. Upset that Jin Ae asked her the same thing Hyeong Soon did, Chae Ri believes that Jin Ae isn’t fair, that Jin Ae is siding with her brother and blames her. Jin Ae tried to make Chae Ri understand that she acted rashly and asked her to make up with Hyeong Soon and return home, but Chae Ri’s anger didn’t cool down so she can’t forgive Hyeong Soon yet.

Chae Ri:”It’s over for us.”

San Ok felt sick lately so she went to see a doctor. Something seemed strange and the doctor sent San Ok to see a specialist. Meantime Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo are looking for an apartment to move in after their wedding.

Hyeong Kyu:”It wouldn’t be easy to find a husband like me. I’m handsome and successful.”

Determinate to get Chae Ri back, Hyeong Soon went to her office. He apologized for missing the dinner with Chae Ri’s family and explained her that Aeng Du’s mother came crying to ask for his help so he couldn’t ignore the bad situation Aeng Du was in.

Chae Ri:”You should’ve put me first! I threw everything away to be with you. I sacrificed everything to be with you.”

Unfortunately Hyeong Soon doesn’t understand what Chae Ri wants in their relationship and fights back. Instead of apologizing for his mistake of leaving Chae Ri and going after Aeng Du, Hyeong Soon prefers to believe that Chae Ri left him because she wants to return to her life fool of privileges.

Chae Ri:”I’m going to think about if you’re worth the love I have for you or not.”

Together with Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo tries to convince San to move with them. Since San insisted that he wants to live with his grandmother, Hyeong Kyu decided to move in with his mother-in-law. That way San can live with both his mother and his grandmother.

Because San Ok always said that she doesn’t want her daughter-in-laws to live with her because she suffered while leaving with Dong Chul’s mother, Hyeong Kyu thought that San Ok allowed him to move to his own apartment after his marriage. When he announced that he is searching for an apartment with leave with San and Hye Joo, San Ok and Dong Chul didn’t say anything so Hyeong Kyu believed that they agreed with him. Now, when Hyeong Kyu told them that he plans to move in with Yu Ja because San doesn’t want to live without his grandmother and Hye Joo can’t live without her son, San Ok boiled with anger. Furious San Ok tells Hyeong Kyu what she really feels and that she doesn’t like the fact that Hyeong Kyu wants to move away, especially since he wants to move in with his mother-in-law. San Ok is so furious that she feels chest pain again.

At night San Ok has a dream with her mother. In the dream her mother was asking San Ok to go to her so they could be together. She woke up scared. San Ok connects her dream with what the doctor said the other day and she starts to think that she might have a serious disease. Worried, San Ok goes to the hospital. There she met Hoon Jae, but didn’t told him anything.

San Ok got a check up, but she didn’t receive good news. Unfortunately San Ok has a tumor and the only thing the doctor can do for her to relieve her pain, but can’t cure her. Shocked San Ok found out that she has at most six months to live.

San Ok:”Will I be able to see the spring flowers?”

Personal thought: First of all I’m curious to know if the drama writers and producers of KBS weekend drama have some mental problems or something similar. Why in each and every weekend drama someone dies???? I was hoping that San Ok could finally have a happy life after she married all her children and now they are killing her.

Second even if San Ok’s disease is in terminal stage it’s still San Ok’s right to fight for her life. The checkup said that she has only six months to life, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t get treated and maybe live for a year or more. Every individual’s organism react differently.

Third when the producers and writers make a story like that they should keep in mind that thousands of people in their country (and around the world) receive that awful news daily so at least from a drama they should get some hope. In every deadly disease the mental is the most important medicine. There are people who get the news that they have just six months to live, but with optimism, medicine and treatment they could end up living more than six years in real life.

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