“Cheese in the Trap” ep 3 ~ Seol:”I thought you were a good person.”

Since the day Seol set him up with Ah Young, Jung’s been avoiding her. Meantime Seol met In Ho, who is now her neighbor. When something happened to Seol, Jung wants to console her, but he doesn’t know how so he watches In Ho making Seol feel better.

When they’ve cleared their misunderstandings and made up, Jung asked Seol to be his girlfriend.

Episode 3

After the day Seol set him up with Ah Young and went on a blind date on her own, Jung avoids her. Similar to the previous year, Jung treats Seol coldly. Every time she wants to talk to him or salute him, Jung gives her the cold shoulder.

At lunch Seol meets Ah Young who told her that Jung changed after Seol left on her blind date. Even if he was eating together with Ah Young, Jung turned cold and it was like Ah Young was an object in front of him. The only sentence he asked Ah Young after Soel left was asking Ah Young about Seol’s address. Because Jung changed after Ah Young told him that Seol went on a blind date, Ah Young believes that Jung was jealous because he likes Seol. Hearing from Ah Young that Jung seems to like her, Seol is surprised. She can’t believe that Jung likes her.

Using Bo Ra’s phone, Seol calls her number and In Ho answered. They meet and In Ho is a little rude as soon as they meet. He is making fun of her hair that in his eyes is similar to dog fur. She paid for everything In Ho ate, but when their conversation lead to Yoo Jung, In Ho didn’t told Seol from where he and Yoo Jung know each other.

Seol:”You’re being rather rude.”

In Ho:”Be careful of Yoo Jung. He’s not everything he seems.”

On her way home, Seol keeps thinking about In Ho and In Ho’s way of speaking negatively of Yoo Jung. Suddenly In Ho shows up in front of her. They both live in the same area, but without knowing that In Ho is her neighbor, Seol gets scared thinking that the strange guy is following her. While she hides, In Ho continues on his way and Seol realizes that they must be neighbors. When she arrived home, Seol received a text from In Ho and seeing that In Ho saved her phone number she is more scared.

Professor Kang arranged the groups for a group project. Unfortunately for Seol she got a group that doesn’t help her much. On her group is also Sang Cheol and all he does is getting drunk and avoiding every work he has to do. Because of her group, Seol has to do everything on her own, including the parts everyone else had to do.

Angry that no one came on their group study and seeing a picture that Sang Cheol posted online in which he was drinking and having fun with his friends, Seol goes there. There was also another senior who is known for getting girls drunk and then taking them to the hotels to sleep with him. While Sang Cheol and his friends where getting Seol drunk, Jung was studying. Something that Jung needs is with Do Hyeon, the guy that plans to sleep with Seol after getting her drunk. Jung called Do Hyeon and realized that Seol is there too. Worried about Seol, Jung rushes over and gets Seol away form Do Hyeon.

Jung’s father called Jung, In Ho and In Ha to eat together. The only one happy about their family meal is In Ha. Later, after dinner Jung’s father insists that In Ho should forget the past and focus on his future. For that president Yoo asks In Ho to get back to his studies, but In Ho isn’t interested in playing the piano anymore.

In Ho:”I’m no longer interested in piano.”

On their way out, Jung and In Ho fight again. Jung accuses In Ho for leaving on Jung’s father’s money and In Ho accuses Jung for ruining his life.

The night before the group project presentation, Seol spends the whole night to finish the project. None of the other three that are in the same group with her did anything. At some point Seol wanted to give up and do nothing, but if she won’t get a good grade on that project she loses her scholarship.

Seol finished the presentation and it was well done. She even prepared her teammates presentations and gave it to them to memorize. Unfortunately professor Kang realized that only one person from the group did all the work and gave them all a bad grade. Disappointed Seol goes to see professor Kang. She knows that Seol worked hard for that project and Seol always works hard, but that was a group project and the whole group got the same grade, without any exception. Upset, Seol leaves professor Kang’s office. She meets Bo Ra and Eun Taek who are happy that the holiday is coming soon and they are making plans for their trip. But Seol isn’t in the mood to think about their trip knowing that she might not get her scholarship.

Sad Seol goes home. Jung doesn’t know what to do to make her feel better so he just follows her. Suddenly Jung stops when he sees In Ho going to Seol.

In Ho:”She looks ready to bury herself alive.”

In Ho doesn’t know the reason Seol is so depressed, but he helps her feel better, even if it’s just for a short time.

Seol:”The only thing I can do is the one thing I have to do now.”

The following day Seol meets Jung. She apologizes for setting him up with Ah Young without asking him first. While apologizing Seol explained to Jung the reason she set him up with Ah Young. After getting to know Jung, Seol thought that he was a good person and that is why she set him up with her friend, Ah Young.

Seol:”I thought you were a good person.”

Jung also apologized for acting childish and they made up. Later Jung and Seol went to eat and Jung walked Seol home. On the way to her house, Seol asked Jung if he knows In Ho. Both In Ho and Jung advised Seol to not get close to the other.

Arrived in front of Seol’s house, Jung asks her to be his girlfriend.

Jung:”Do you want to date me?”

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  2. KBT says:

    Since this drama is everywhere I look… maybe its time to give it a try!

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