“Taste of Love” ep 11 ~ Xiao He:”He got me pregnant.”

Things are going well between Xiao He and Wen Feng. He brought her a present and Xiao He was excited to hear Wen Feng’s opinion about her. But soon everything changed when Jun Hao asked Xiao He to date him. Wen Feng is ready to return to Hong Kong, but Xiao He stops him.

Episode 11

Xiao He made some salads with vegetable from her father’s farm. With Wen Feng’s help she finished selling all of them. When the sell was over, Wen Feng and Xiao He begin nickering again. Wen Feng’s pride doesn’t let him admit that Xiao He rejected his love confession. Meanwhile Xiao He reprocess Wen Feng that he has too much pride.

Wen Feng wants to buy something so Xiao He took him to the market. Arrived there, Wen Feng goes his way to look for something. Xiao He finds him and hears him talking to a lady from a jewelry store. He wants to buy a necklace. Because he doesn’t find what he is looking for, Wen Feng describes the girl her wants to give the necklace to. That girl likes to eat, it doesn’t matter if she will eat at a fancy restaurant of a street stall, minor things make her happy, she is a nice person so people often take advantage of her, she treats everyone sincerely. The girl in Wen Feng’s mind prefers to believe in the person who hurt her, she listens to what others think. Xiao He recognized herself in Wen Feng’s description. In the end Wen Feng bought a necklace with a lotus leave as a pendant.

Xiao He:”This man is harder to understand than a woman.”

Later Wen Feng gave the necklace to Xiao He lying that it was cheap and he saw the necklace by coincidence when he was buying something else. Back at the house Xiao He’s father, Xiao He, Ruby and Wen Feng sit and have lunch together. Xiao He and Ruby make fun of how arrogant Wen Feng was when he his first day in Hong Li Village and now he seems one of them. While they were eating Qiao Ling and Jun Hao arrived.

Qiao Ling wants to talk to Chris. She insists that she wants to get back together, that she doesn’t want to lose him, but all the time he’s been to Taiwan, Qiao Ling put her career first as usual. She tells Wen Feng that she changed, that she will have more time to spend with him, but of course after she returns from her business trip. Meantime Jun Hao asks Xiao He to date him.

Jun Hao:”Are you willing to go out with me?”

Jun Hao realized that he is a burden for Qiao Ling and wants to move on…or at least that is what he tells Xiao He. In reality Qiao Ling told Jun Hao that if he really loves her, than Jun Hao should date Xiao He. If Xiao He will be dating Jun Hao, than Qiao Ling can have Wen Feng for herself. To please Qiao Ling, whom he loves, Jun Hao declares his love for Xiao He. But Xiao He isn’t sure if she should accept or not Jun Hao. She recently realized that her feelings towards Jun Hao weren’t love, but appreciation. When Xiao He shows signs that she might fall in love with Wen Feng, Jun Hao holds her hand and insists that Xiao He accept his feelings.

Jun Hao insisted so much that in the end Xiao He accepted him. Holding hands Jun Hao and Xiao He appeared in front of Wen Feng. Seeing Xiao He and Jun Hao holding hands, Wen Feng was shocked. In front of Wen Feng, Xiao He let go of Jun Hao’s hand. She can’t take her eyes off Wen Feng and she is disappointed when Wen Feng turned his back on her.

The happiest person from all four of them that Jun Hao and Xiao He are dating was Qiao Ling. Things were going accordingly to her wishes.

Xiao He, Jun Hao, Ruby and Xiao He’s father are roasting sweet potato. Jun Hao treats Xiao He really well. They even feed each other. When Qiao Ling and Wen Feng came and Wen Feng saw Xiao He and Jun Hao, he was boiling with jealousy. Still Wen Feng doesn’t recognize that he is jealous. Xiao He brings sweet potato to Wen Feng and Qiao Ling and they start bickering again.

Xiao He has an idea and goes to share it with Wen Feng. The dressing Wen Feng made for Xiao He’s salads was amazingly good. Xiao He thinks that Wen Fenf can use his talent and develop the souse for the goose that only his mother can prepare. But Wen Feng isn’t as confident as Xiao He. Even Wen Yi tried to prepare that souse and failed so how can he do that. But if Wen Yi tried and failed doesn’t mean that Wen Feng would fail too. Unfortunately Wen Feng has a reason for not trying.

Encouraged by Xiao He, Wen Feng tries to prepare his mother’s signature souse. Unfortunately was too salty. Angry, Wen Feng goes to his room.

It’s time for Wen Feng to leave. The whole town came to say goodbye to Wen Feng. Everyone got him presents, fruits, snacks. Still Wen Feng looks for Xiao He with his eye and he is disappointed that she didn’t come to send him off. Meantime Xiao He realized that the grave of the man they think is Wen Feng’s father is well maintained. She went to find out who is the person that takes care of that grave. Maybe that person knows the recipe souse to help Wen Feng.

Xiao He found her answer. She wants to call Wen Feng to tell him what she discovered, but her phone battery is death. She wants to hurry to catch Wen Feng until he gets in the plane, but her car doesn’t work. Arrived at the airport, Xiao He asks the guard to stop Wen Feng. Because Wen Feng is about to get into the plane, the only way Xiao He can talk to him is with the guards help.

Xiao He:”He got me pregnant.”

Xiao He managed to stop Wen Feng from going back to Hong Kong. She tells him the reason she stopped him. The news gives Wen Feng hopes that he can still find the souse recipe and save his mother’s restaurant. Unfortunately Xiao He doesn’t want to help him more than that. Afraid that Jun Hao could misunderstand their relationship, Xiao He asked her company to assign Wen Feng another guide tour. But Wen Feng doesn’t need another tour guide. He wants Xiao He and Xiao He has to help him.

Xiao He and Wen Feng go to search for the person who maintains Wen Feng’s father’s grave. At the airport, they’ve met Qiao Ling and Jun Hao who were also going on a business trip. Qiao Ling and Jun Hao have tickets on the economy class, while Wen Feng and Xiao He have sits in the business class. When Xiao He decided to change sits with Qiao Ling, Wen Feng was angry. He wants Xiao He to keep him company.

It’s time to eat in business class. Wen Feng tasted his dish and his first thought was how much Xiao He would’ve enjoyed it. The same time in economy class, Xiao He also thinks about Wen Feng, but she is next to Jun Hao. Even if now they are dating both Jun Hao and Xiao He are uncomfortable with each other. Jun Hao asks for paper and pencil to send Qiao Ling a message.

Arrived at the hotel both, Qiao Ling and Wen Feng realized that they’ve made a mistake while booking their rooms. In the end Xiao He had to share a room with Qiao Ling meanwhile Jun Hao stayed in the room with Wen Feng.

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