“Cheese in the Trap” ep 4 ~Jung:”She’s my girlfriend!”

Seol and Jung begin dating, but things aren’t the way Seol expected a relationship to be. When they were on a date, Seol was uncomfortable. Meantime Seol is really comfortable around In Ho. They got really close and she has more fun when she is with In Ho than with Jung. But Jung doesn’t like Seol to be close to In Ho.

Episode 4

Jung walked Seol home and asked her to date him. She is shocked and doesn’t know what to answer. Seol never thought of dating until now and she can’t believe that someone as perfect as Jung could possibly like someone like her. Since she didn’t accepted him, Jung let go of Seol’s hand. But then Seol grabbed his hand. That moment Jung’s smile returned on his face and insisted until Seol accepted to date him.

The next day, Seol is embarrassed to face Jung. She doesn’t know what to tell everyone at school if Jung makes it obvious that they are dating. But she is more obvious than Jung. When she sees Jung, Seol says hi, but Jung treats her coldly and after saying “hi”, Jung leave with his friends.

Seol:”Is he really the person who asked to date me?”

Because she lost her scholarship, Seol goes to her parents house to ask for help to pay the next semester. Unfortunately Seol’s father lost a lot of money while trying to do a business so they can’t help. Seol’s brother studies overseas so Seol’s mother asks Seol to give up her place. With the deposit money from Seol’s place, her family can pay for her brother’s school and her tuition next semester. Of course Seol will have to move back to her parents house.

Back at the house Seol expects a phone call or a text from Jung since they are a couple now. But either came. Not having any dating experience Seol doesn’t know what to do.

Seol found a job at school. Excited, Seol follows Bo Ra’s advice and send Jung a text. She tells him what she is going to do during her school break and asks him about his school break, but Jung’s reply was short and cold. He was busy playing.

Seol goes to work, but no matter what she does she is scolded by teaching assistant Heo. If Seol comes nine minutes earlier than the time she should, she is scolded for not being ten minutes earlier. If she comes a half an hour earlier than the time she should, teaching assistant Heo thinks she has a lot of time and gives her more work to do. When Seol was having the hardest time, Jung stopped and announced everyone that he and Seol are dating.

On weekend Jung invited Seol on a date. Excided, Seol looks for something to wear, puts some makeup on and takes care of her hair. While she gets ready, Seol can’t stop thinking about In Ho’s words.

It’s time for Seol to leave. Next to her house, Seol meets In Ho. He was just coming form an interview that he failed. Luckily for him Seol has some experience in that field and advised him what to wear on interviews.

In Ho sees Seol dressed up…in the brightest clothes she has. Still Seol looks like she is wearing her grandmother’s clothes. Feeling hurt by In Ho’s words, Seol runs back to change her clothes.

In Ho:”I had no idea I had that much influence over you.”

Seol arrived at her date and Jung already bought the movie tickets. They have some time until the movie starts to they play around for a while.

Jung:”You look pretty!”

The movie started, but it wasn’t a movie that Seol could enjoy. After the movie, Jung took Seol to a restaurant. Because the restaurant was too expensive and she thought that she has to pay for her share, Seol couldn’t enjoy the food either. Jung enjoyed their date, but for Seol it was uncomfortable.

While Jung was enjoying his date with Seol, In Ho got a job. They even paid him for taking some pictures. After he got paid, In Ho received a phone call from In Ha. She needs money because Jung’s father cut her financial support. He wants In Ha to study and get a career, not spend all her time shopping. In Ha took all the money In Ho had and left.

Arrived home exhausted and hungry after her date, Seol goes to the convenience store to get something to eat. There she met In Ho. They talked about their day, they’ve shared a can of kimchi and In Ho told Seol the Yoo Jung is to blame for his accident in the past. Seol is more comfortable around In Ho than she is around Jung. Around In Ho, Seol can be herself, she can express her problems.

In Ho:”I won’t help you later if you get betrayed by him and come crying.”

Hearing that Seol has to improve her English, Jung arranged for her to go for free to an academy. There Seol met In Ho, who works there as an ad model, assistant teacher for children’s classes and in his free time as janitor.

Accidently Seol met Joo Yeon who will go overseas as an exchange student. Before leaving Joo Yeon wanted to apologize for sending the drunk beggar on Seol while Seol was studying alone in the clubs building. But Seol doesn’t want to hear Joo Yeon’s apology. Even if she apologized, Joo Yeon didn’t tell Seol that it was Jung that one that called the security guards that took away the drunk man. Also Joo Yeon doesn’t tell Seol that Jung isn’t the warm person that Soel thinks he is.

Jung:”I don’t want to see you ever again.”

During the English class at the academy, Seol keeps thinking about what Joo Yeon told her, that Jung didn’t want to help her with the drunk beggar. After class Seol met In Ho. Seeing Seol depressed, In Ho once again consoled her and made her feel better. Leaving the academy, Seol and In Ho run to the nearest store to buy and umbrella because it was raining. They made a bet, they would run to the store and the loser buys the umbrella. Seol won so In Ho bought it.

In Ho accompanied Seol home where Jung was waiting for her. He checked the door and window of Seol’s apartment. In Ho, who knows how Jung is in reality is surprised that Jung can think about others.

Jung:”She’s my girlfriend!”

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