“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 11 ~ ”Why do I feel like you’re so far away from me?”

Huan Huan finds out who the woman that Justin met was. Some problems show up between Huan Huan and Justin. Fortunately Justin and Huan Huan resolved their problems and Huan Huan is willing to sacrifice herself in order to help Justin.

Episode 11

Huan Huan follows Justin and sees him meeting with another woman, the same woman she met while buying a present for Justin. She leaves, buys something for Justin to eat than she takes off her jacket and removes her makeup. When Justin came home, he found Huan Huan waiting for him outside in the cold. Huan Huan told Justin that she waited for 2 hours for him to come home because she was afraid that he worked so much that he didn’t have any time to eat. Then Huan Huan gives Justin a goodnight kiss and goes home.

The next day, Huan Huan goes to Justin’s office while he wasn’t there. Pretending to cry because Justin seems to have another woman, Huan Huan gets the information she wants from Ah Xin. After work, Huan Huan took Ah Xin out for drinks, made him drunk and got him on her side. The following day when Huan Huan and Justin talk about her lawsuit, she seems upset. Huan Huan uses the necktie she gave Justin as an excuse of why she is upset. While they were talking, Ah Xin called Huan Huan to give her Jing Ru’s number. Jung Ru is the woman Justin met, his college junior.

Huan Huan called Jing Ru. The two women met and Huan Huan introduced herself as Hao Meng’s girlfriend. As powerful woman as Huan Huan is, seems like Jing Ru isn’t an easy target.

Since Huan Huan thinks that she is Justin’s mistress, Jing Ru called Justin. Arrived at the place she was supposed to meet Jing Ru, Justin saw Huan Huan next to Jing Ru. During their conversation, Huan Huan finds out that Jing Ru proposed Justin to go with her to Singapore and create a powerful lawyer team for environmental protection. Huan Huan is surprised, but she can’t let Jing Ru know that Justin doesn’t tell her anything. She lies that Justin told her about the project, but they didn’t decide anything yet.

Huan Huan:”We still need some time!”

Jing Ru isn’t an easy opponent. She hits Huan Huan where it hurts more. She insists that Justin should go to Singapore and do the work he always dream of doing and Huan Huan, as his girlfriend, should support him. Looking into Huan Huan’s eyes, Jing Ru tells her that if Huan Huan and Justin’s relationship is stable then she should encourage Justin to accept that offer. After Jing Ru left, Justin’s mother showed up. She sat next to Justin and Huan Huan and mentioned that she found some suitable blind dates for Justin so he won’t have to meet dubious woman like Huan Huan.

Justin:”Cai Huan Zhen is my girlfriend now. I don’t care if you accept it or not, but please respect her.”

Humiliated and upset, Huan Huan leaves. Justin follows her. Crying Huan Huan tells Justin what fears she has. Justin wants to console her, but Huan Huan pushes him away. Justin needs to say he is sorry, to make Huan Huan feel better, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

Huan Huan:”Why do I feel like you’re so far away from me?”

Justin’s mother called Sheng Nan and asked her help to persuade Justin to break up with Huan Huan. Sheng Nan goes to Justin’s office and tries to convince him to leave Huan Huan because they aren’t suited for each other. While talking to Sheng Nan, Justin realized how much he loves, how much he needs Huan Huan.

Justin:”In being with her I might lose the things I originally wanted, but at the same time, she’s able to give me more than I can give myself.”

Justin came to pick up Huan Huan and went on a date. He took her to his secret hideout, the place where he used to play as a child. He talked about his dream. But now the thing Justin wants to protect is Huan Huan. She became the most important person in his life. He plans to give up the opportunity to go to Singapore, but Huan Huan already decided that Justin doesn’t have to give up his dream. They can accomplish Justin dream together. Huan Huan decided to go with Justin to Singapore and help him accomplish his dream.

Justin:”I love you!”

Huan Huan:”I love you!”

While Justin was with Huan Huan, Sheng Nan met Qian Yao for lunch. He took her to his house to cook for her. There Qian Yao told Sheng Nan about his live. After he finished school, Qian Yao had to go to Korea to look for his father. His mother had died and her last wish was for her son to go to his father. At first Qian Yao’s father didn’t believe that Qian Yao was his son, but alter he accepted him. Now Qian Yao has a father who likes to test his abilities, a stepmother who hates him and a brother who bullies him. Impressed by Qian Yao’s story, Sheng Nan starts to cry. She promises him to buy him a TV so he won’t feel lonely when he is at home. Qian Yao accepted Sheng Nan’s offer, but with the condition that Sheng Nan accompanies him to watch the TV she is going to buy.

Huan Huan has to sign the contract with Qian Yao’s company. His brother is also there. Thinking that Huan Huan is the woman Qian Yao likes, president Jin harasses Huan Huan. He flirts with her, he touches her, he makes her uncomfortable. Justin is furious, but he can’t do anything since it could cause her problems at work. Qian Yao makes sure to stop his brother before Justin does anything. Still Justin made sure to advice president Jin about the Taiwanese law regarding sexual harassment.

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