“All about My Mom” ep 43 ~ Hyeong Soon:” I have to let her go.”

The way Hyeong Kyu treats Yu Ja makes San Ok feel jealous and be mean with San. Jin Ae prepares Yeong Seon’s birthday dinner and invited Chae Ri and her family. Because Jin Ae was all alone cooking, San Ok rushed over to help.

Episode 43

Because she felt sick lately, San Ok goes to the hospital. After the check up, San Ok discovers that she has a tumor and she only has another six months to live. Leaving the hospital, San Ok thinks of Jin Ae and calls her. But Jin Ae is extremely busy at work and doesn’t have time to talk.

Yu Ja and Hye Joo went to the spa. Hyeong Kyu paid for their beauty treatment. When he came to pick Hye Joo and Yu Ja, Hyeong Kyu couldn’t take his eyes off Hye Joo. Later, Yu Ja send San to give some tangerines to San Ok. When San Ok found out that Hyeong Kyu paid for the day Hye Joo and her mother spend at the spa, she got angry. Hyeong Kyu never did that for her. couldn’t control her anger, San Ok scolds San for everything he says and does.

While taking San to his mother, Hyeong Kyu tried to explain the boy that San Ok didn’t treat him badly because she hates him. Still San is hurt. Back at the house, Hyeong Kyu asks his mother to don’t be angry with San because of him anymore. But when San Ok mentioned Yu Ja’s spa treatment, Hyeong Kyu understood the reason his mother was angry.

It’s Yeong Seon’s birthday soon. Since it’s the first time they celebrate it together, Jin Ae wants to prepare the dinner party for her mother-in-law. At the party Jin Ae plans to invite president Jang, his mother and Chae Ri.

After the incident with San, Hye Joo wants to postpone the wedding. San was hurt about San Ok’s behavior and Hye Joo doesn’t want her so to suffer. Fortunately Hyeong Kyu convinced her to not break up with him.

Hearing what happened between Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon and wanting to help his son, Dong Chul went to see Chae Ri. He explained her what type of person Hyeong Soon is and what kind of emotional scars he has. Dong Chul encourages Chae Ri to return home and be with Hyeong Soon. Meantime at the house San Ok finds Hyeong Soon sleeping instead of being at work. The room was reeking alcohol. Hyeong Soon vends his anger on San Ok. After screaming at San Ok, Hyeong Soon goes out and decides to let go of Chae Ri.

Hyeong Soon:”I was being greedy. I have to let her go.”

Hye Joo came to see San Ok and resolve the problems San Ok might have with her. She is even willing to come and live with San Ok, but San Ok gave Hyeong Kyu permission to move in to Yu Ja’s house so Hye Joo will be able to stay next to San. When he came home and saw Hye Joo’s shoes, Hyeong Kyu thought that San Ok is being mean to her. Angry Hyeong Kyu enters San Ok’s room and screams at her for mistreating Hye Joo. But Hye Joo stopped him and told him what she and San Ok were talking about.

It’s Yeong Seon’s birthday and Jin Ae is all alone at the house trying to cook Yeong Seon’s birthday meal. Hearing that Jin Ae is alone and doesn’t have the time to finish everything, San Ok rushes over to help. When everything was about ready, San Ok wants to leave. Unfortunately everyone arrived early for the dinner party so San Ok had to hide in Jin Ae’s room.

Everyone enjoys the dishes that Jin Ae prepared. As soon as Chae Ri tasted the food, she realized that everything tastes the same as San Ok’s dishes.

Chae Ri:”Jin Ae, did mom come here and help you cook?”

Hearing that everything was made by Jin Ae, Chae Ri’s grandmother scolded Yeong Seon and Nan Suk for letting Jin Ae do all that hard work. Later Jin Ae took some food to San Ok, but after Jin Ae came out of the room, Hoon Jae and his grandmother came in. The grandmother wanted to see Hoon Jae’s room. While thinking that they are alone, the grandmother told Hoon Jae how she really feels about Hoon Jae having married her former housekeeper’s daughter. But Hoon Jae defended San ok.

Hoon Jae:”I couldn’t have found a better mother-in-law.”

While San Ok helps Jin Ae prepare the birthday dinner, Hyeong Kyu is taking his wedding pictures with Hye Joo.

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