“Taste of Love” ep 12 ~ Qiao Ling:”I wish to see you and Jun Hao get married.”

Wen Feng and Xiao He went to Zhang Jia Jie to look for the person who takes care of Wen Feng’s supposed father’s grave. There they’ve met Jun Hao and Qiao Ling. In Zhang Jia Jie, Wen Feng and Xiao He found out that Fang Shui Mu wasn’t Wen Feng’s father. Another thing that they found out was that Xiao He’s father knew Fang Shui Mu.

Meantime Qiao Ling, realizing that Wen Feng and Xiao He are in love with each other and she doesn’t have any chance to get Wen Feng back, so she shows what despicable person she can be.

Episode 12

Wen Feng is looking for Xiao He. They have to leave and find the person who takes care of Wen Feng’s supposed father’s grave, Liu Ping. But Xiao He isn’t where they said that they would meet. He search for her and finds Xiao He with Jun Hao. Wen Feng’s jealousy comes out and takes Xiao He out because they need to find someone urgently.

Arrived at Liu Ping’s office, Wen Feng and Xiao He find out that he isn’t there. Liu Ping is out with a group of tourists. Getting Liu Ping’s phone number, Wen Feng and Xiao He go to find him. They talk on the phone and Liu Ping tells them where he is. But when Wen Feng and Xiao He arrived at the place where Liu Ping told them, Xiao He called him again and Liu Ping told them another place. This happened several times, until Liu Ping called Xiao He and told her that he returned at the agency.

Wen Feng and Xiao He met Liu Ping. He is Fang Shui Mu’s son. Form Liu Ping, Wen Feng found out that Fang Shui Mu couldn’t be his father. Fang Shui Mu was gay and sold his genetic material when he needed money so that is how Liu Ping was born. If things are like that it means that Fang Shui Mu isn’t Wen Feng’s biological father. In the belongings that Liu Ping’s father left behind, Wen Feng found the same postcard his mother had, but the handwriting was different. That handwriting seems familiar to Xiao He.

In the room, Wen Feng and Jun Hao talk about what love means to each of them like two old friends.

The next day Wen Feng and Xiao He returned to Taiwan. The first thing Xiao He did when she saw her father was to ask him about Fang Shui Mu. The handwriting from the post card Fang Shui Mu had was Xiao He’s fathers. At first Xiao He’s father denied that he knew any Fang Shui Mu, but after he saw the post card with his handwriting on, he couldn’t denied it anymore. If he know Fang Shui Mu that he must know Wen Feng’s mother too. Wen Feng asks Xiao He’s father if Xiao He’s father also knew Wen Feng’s mother, but he denied it until the end. Hearing Wen Feng’s mother’s name, uncle Wan started to act strangely. Fortunately for him Xiao He and Wen Feng didn’t realize it.

During their trip Zhang Jia Jie, Xiao He gave Jun Hao an idea. Jun Hao was going to give up his dream of becoming a chef, but Xiao He help him realize that he can cook and open his own business. When Jun Hao found a dish idea he called Xiao He.

Jun Hao came to Xiao He’s house and cooked the dish he developed. Xiao He tasted it and loved it. Wen Feng saw Xiao He and Jun Hao together and his jealousy showed up again. He wants to separate them, but he can’t do anything. Wen Feng just goes to his room, he screams.

The next morning, Xiao He’s father does everything he can to avoid Wen Feng. Meantime Wen Feng is angry with Xiao He because she was with Jun Hao the other night.

For a while Wen Feng and Xiao He keep looking for the people on the list in order to find Wen Feng’s father. But since Xiao He is tired, Wen Feng decided to give up for that day and restart searching the next day. He sends Xiao He to rest in the car while he goes to buy something to drink. Back with the coffee, Wen Feng finds Xiao He sleeping in the car. He doesn’t want to wake her up so he waits outside the car until Xiao He wakes up. When she woke up and asked Wen Feng why the coffee was cold, his answers made Xiao He remember the time she was following Jun Hao around. Her answers were exactly the same.

Later Qiao Ling calls Xiao He to meet up, but she insisted that Xiao He won’t bring Wen Feng along. While waiting for Xiao He, Qiao Ling does her makeup to look like a sick person. When Xiao He arrived, Qiao Ling told Xiao He that she has stomach cancer and her last wish is to see Xiao He and Jun Hao get married. In order to keep Wen Feng and Xiao He far away from each other, Qiao Ling invented a sickness to force Xiao He to marry Jun Hao.

Qiao Ling:”I wish to see you and Jun Hao get married.”

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