“All about My Mom” ep 44 ~ San Ok:”You think I’ll still be here after a year?”

Jin Ae drove San Ok home. When she returned home, Jin Ae found Yeong Seon sleeping in her room. Meantime the relationship between president Jang and Hoon Jae grows.

Hyeong Soon breaks up with Chae Ri and leaves his house after Hyeong Kyu’s wedding with Hye Joo. After the wedding, San Ok looks around her house. She realized that her house was full until recently, but now there are only her and Dong Chul. Then San Ok left the house.

Episode 44

The road is clear so Jin Ae goes to tell her mother that she can go home. When she sees San Ok sleeping cramped in a corner, Jin Ae is hurt. She asked San Ok to sit on the bed, but San Ok was afraid that the side dish smell will get on the sheets. Feeling sorry that she let her mother hide in the room instead of taking her have dinner with everyone, Jin Ae takes San Ok home. On their way San Ok praised Jin Ae for marrying well, for working well, for going everything well and for being pretty as if San Ok was saying her goodbyes.

Jin Ae’s been missing for a while so Chae Ri calls her. Hearing Chae Ri’s laud voice, San Ok takes the phone and scolded Chae Ri for packing her bags and left after fighting with Hyeong Soon. Then she told Chae Ri to come home, but Chae Ri didn’t finish thinking about her future relationship with Hyeong Soon yet.

Meantime at the house, president Jang and Hoon Jae are holding a drinking contest. While they drink, Yeong Seon put Chae Ri to wash the dishes and she goes to rest in her room. Of course Hoon Jae’s aunt didn’t help either.

Since she is already there, Jin Ae goes in to see her father. When she was about to leave, Hyeong Kyu came home. She went to his room to question him about him leaving their parents. Every time they were fighting, Hyeong Kyu used to tell Jin Ae that he will stay with San Ok and Dong Chul because he is the eldest son and his duty is to take care of them. But now he is moving to his mother-in-law’s house leaving his parents.  Hyeong Kyu tries to explain that it’s only for a few years, until San will grow a little. Skeptical Jin Ae has to leave.

Meantime at the house, Hoon Jae and president Jang drink until they’ve passed out. Both of them are too heavy to be taken to Hoon Jae’s room so Yeong Seon gives up her own room. Yeong Seon had to sleep with Jin Ae that night.  Yeong Seon is grateful for what Jin Ae and San Ok did for her, but she asks Jin Ae to not hide San Ok next time because San Ok must feel hurt.

Hoon Jae:”I hate you!”

In the morning all the women at Yeong Seon’s house are surprised. Like father, like son! Hoon Jae and president Jang sleep in the same position.

President Jang was the one to win the drinking competition so Hoon Jae has to fulfill his father’s dream. President Jang’s dream was to go with his son to the bathhouse and scrub each other’s backs. Hoon Jae also dreamed about this and finally they both have the chance to fulfill their dream.

Chae Ri can’t take it anymore and goes to see San Ok. They’re both happy to see each other. San Ok, having the age on her side, advises Chae Ri to return home because no matter what the man did wrong in the end is still the woman who suffers the most. Dong Chul advised Chae Ri to see Hyeong Soon because a married couple has to see each other’s faces even if they had an argument. He dragged Chae Ri until home and left. Chae Ri goes in and sees Hyeong Soon’s shoes in front of his door. Once again, Hyeong Soon didn’t go to work.

Chae Ri:”You and your inferiority complex…”

She is about to go in, but she changes her mind and leaves. Hyeong Soon heard the gate and runs out hoping that Chae Ri returned, but she wasn’t there.

Hyeong Soon:”Chae Ri wouldn’t come home.”

On her way home, Chae Ri meets Aeng Du, who has something to tell her. Aeng Du finally understood that she doesn’t have any chance with Hyeong Soon and decided to give up. The first step to give up is to tell Chae Ri about all the things she did to break up Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon. But every time all that Hyeong Soon could think about was Chae Ri. Because Hyeong Soon couldn’t like her, even after she tried so hard to seduce him, Aeng Du felt envious of Chae Ri and how much Hyeong Soon loves Chae Ri. What Aeng Du didn’t know was that Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon didn’t break up because of her. They had their own problems, Chae Ri wanted something, but Hyeong Soon couldn’t offer her what she wanted because he had an inferiority complex for being poor.

San Ok came by to bring some of Hyeong Kyu’s stuff at Hye Joo’s house. She sees the family picture, Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo, San and Yoo Ja took hanging on the wall. She wasn’t pleased, but there is nothing she can do or say. Later, when Hyeong Kyu came home, San Ok was once again surprised when she saw Hyeong Kyu bringing home fruits and beef for his new family. Usually at his family’s house, Hyeong Kyu didn’t bring anything, but for his new family he became a totally different man. Pretending to not be hurt by what she saw, San Ok leaves.

When she was alone with Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo asked him to be more considerate towards his mother. San Ok is already hurt that her precious son is marrying a divorced woman with a child and moving his mother-in-law.

In the middle of the night, Hyeong Kyu wakes up and sees San Ok watching him. With tears in her eyes, San Ok asks Hyeong Kyu to not marry Hye Joo, to not move into Hye Joo’s apartment, to stay with her.

It’s Hyeong Kyu’s and Hye Joo’s wedding. San Ok came and apologized to Hye Joo for being sensitive and hurting her before the wedding.  Chae Ri also came at the wedding. She sees Hyeong Soon.

Hyeong Soon:”You should go back to your old life.”

After the wedding, the one that caught the bouquet was Dong Chul. Everyone thought it was a funny moment, except San Ok. She is the only one that knows that she will die soon. Later at the house, Dong Chul jokes about the fact that he got the bride’s bouquet. But San Ok encourages him to remarry if she will die before him. Just then, Hyeong Soon comes in. He tells his parents that he and Chae Ri broke up for good and that he will leave for an year. Dong Chul and San Ok are shocked that Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri decided to break up, but for San Ok the biggest shock was that Hyeong Soon will be gone for an year when she only has few months to live.

San Ok:”You think I’ll still be here after a year?”

Yeong Seon visited president Jang’s house. She wasn’t expecting, but she received a shock. Chae Ri’’ grandmother and president Jang want Yeong Seon and president Jang to marry in a week. All she has to prepare for the wedding is her luggage to move into their house. Together with her luggage, Yeong Seon has to bring over Hoon Jae and Jin Ae. Like that they can all live together forever. But Yeong Seon doesn’t want that. She refuses to live with her future mother-in-law.

Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo arrived at the place they’ll be spending their honeymoon and call their families. The next morning, San Ok looks around the house. Everyone left. Her house used to be full, there used to be so many people that they would have to wait in line to even go to the bathroom and now in that big house there are only San Ok and Dong Chul.

San Ok:”Everyone has gone away!”

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