“Cheese in the Trap” ep 5 ~ Jung:”Seol, I’m not strange!”

Jung gets angry with Seol for being friendly with In Ho. They start fighting because Seol doesn’t understand the reason why she has to keep her distance from In Ho. When Jung told why he wants her away from In Ho, the couple cleared their misunderstanding. After clearing their misunderstandings the relationship between Seol and Jung goes well until something happened and Seol is disappointed in Jung’s actions. 

After finding out that Seol is Jung’s girlfriend, In Ho begins acting strange. When In Ho and Seol were about to get closer again, In Ha makes her appearance.

Episode 5

In Ho accompanies Seol home where they meet Jung. He checked the windows of Seol’s house after Seol told him that there is a thief in the neighborhood. Hearing that Seol is Jung’s girlfriend, In Ho realizes that Jung cut off all the financial support his father was giving In Ha because In Ho was too close to Seol. While they are on the topic, Jung threatens In Ho with kicking In Ha out of her house too if In Ho won’t keep his distance from Seol and quit his job at the academy where Seol goes for English classes.

In Ho:”Are you going to mess up my right hand this time?”

Jung:”Is that what you really want?”

After In Ho left, Seol comes out of her house and goes after Jung. He gets angry with her and scolds her for coming home with In Ho when he told her to avoid him. But Seol held in for too long and she can’t do that anymore. She looks at Jung and asks him why she should avoid In Ho just because Jung tells her to, without any reason.

Suddenly Bo Ra calls Seol. She was desperate. When she arrived home, Bo Ra found her father on the floor. Jung took Seol to the hospital to accompany Bo Ra.  When Bo Ra’s father’s surgery was over and the doctor gave them good news, Jung and Seol left. On their way, Jung explained Seol his relationship with In Ho. He told her that In Hi is the grandson of a professor Jung’s father respected. When the professor died, Jung’s father took in In Ho and In Ha. Until he got into a fight and hurt his hand, In Ho used to play the piano. After he got hurt, In Ho blames Jung for his accident. Then Seol told Jung about what Nam Joo Yeon told her. Seol was disappointed when Joo Yeon told her that Jung didn’t want to help her when the drunk man hurt her hand. Since they talk about that situation, Jung revealed Seol that he was the one that called the security guards that helped her. That night Seol and Jung talked openly about what they were upset about and cleared the misunderstandings between them.

The next day, Seol went to the academy and wanted to talk to In Ho, but In Ho was acting strange. He wasn’t friendly as he usually is around Seol. He wasn’t calling her on her name, but Yoo Jung’s girlfriend.

In Ho:”Let’s pretend not to know each other from not on.”

After that day, Seol and In Ho didn’t met that much. Now Seol spends a lot of time with Jung. They eat together, they go on dates, they buy small things for each other.

In Ho wants to get friendly again with Seol, but he made the mistake to get her English notebook wet. Upset Seol leaves and he follows her to apologize. Unfortunately In Ha saw them. She shows up in front of Seol believing that Seol is In Ho’s girlfriend. In Ha made Seol buy her a drink and called In Ho from Seol’s phone. When he received his sister’s call, In Ho was copying Seol’s notebook from her professor to apologize for his mistake.

The moment he heard that In Ha is with Seol, In Ho run at full speed. Once again In Ha took all of In Ho’s money.

In Ho is on his way home when he sees a man taking a brick and heading towards Seol’s house. That man hit assistant teaching Heo, who is dating Seol’s neighbor Joo Yong.  In Ho sees Yoon Seob unconscious on the floor and reported the incident. Meantime Seol and Jung where in a bar near Seol’s house with Joo Yong. He got drunk so Seol and Jung had to carry him home. The next day the police came and found in Joo Yong’s room all the women lingerie that was stolen from the neighborhood. The police arrested Joo Yong for being a pervert. Seol, who was there when Joo Yong was arrested accompanied him to the police station where she found out that her assistant teaching Heo was hurt. Also at the police station, Seol met In Ho.

In Ho:”Why would I go to your place?”

Back at the house Seol hears Yoon Seob and Joo Yong fighting. On his way out Yoon Seob sees Seol and vents his anger with her. The reason he always mistreated her was because Jung threatened him to give Seol the scholarship and her current job.

Shocked by what she heard, Seol called Jung. They’ve met and she asked him directly if what teaching assistant Heo said was true. Jung admitted to have done all the things Yoon Seob said. He said that he did that because he wanted to help Seol, but he didn’t know how because they weren’t close at that moment.

Jung:”I did this for you.”

Seol:” How is everything so clear and simple to you? I can’t breathe thinking someone got hurt because of something done for me.”

Angry that someone was hurt for her to received something made Seol angry. She turns her back on Jung, upset, and leaves. On the other hand, Jund doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He helped Seol, he was honest with her, but still Seol is upset with him. Jung calls teaching assistant Heo.

Jung saw teaching assistant Heo stealing some money and didn’t report him. When Seol couldn’t pay her tuition anymore and had to give up school, Jung asked Yoon Seob to throw away his report. That way Jung lost his scholarship and Seol received it.

Jung goes to meet Yoon Seob and Joo Yong was there too. Joo Yong knows Jung’s true color. He knows that Jung doesn’t understand people’s feelings and ignores them. It doesn’t take long for Jung to step on the people he doesn’t like. He tries to stop Yoon Seob from fighting with Jung, but he also becomes Jung’s victim.

Yoo Jong:”You’ve become worse than before.”

When things got worse, Joo Yong kneeled and begged Jung to forgive Yoon Seob. And Jung did so, but with a condition. Jung wants Joo Yong to go to his house and never show up in front of Seol.

Jung:”Get your live together.”

Back at the house, that night, Jung thinks about what Seol told him that night. He thinks about all the people he hurt during the time, including In Ho.

Jung:”I’m not the one that is strange…All of you are strange. Seol, I’m not strange!”

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