“Cheese in the Trap” ep 6 ~ Jung:”Should I stay here tonight?”

Seol made up with Jung. Their relationship is going better than before. Because the thief in Seol’s neighborhood wasn’t caught yet, Jung stays with her. Meantime a man who used to stalk Seol appeared. He harassed her so In Ho helped her. Because In Ho beat him, the stalker made In Ho get fired from the academy.

Episode 6

Seol hasn’t contacted Jung for a few days after she found out what he did for her. She sends him a text to meet the next day and talk, makeup. While she was sending the text, Seol sees In Ho who was angry. She talks to him and In Ho reminded her that she promised to buy him a mean. Seol was late for her meeting with In Ho. When she arrived, Seol sees In Ho crying while watching a boy playing the piano on TV. That boy was a student of In Ho’s former piano teacher.

Suddenly Jung comes in the bar where Seol and In Ho were drinking. After receiving Seol’s text, Jung run over to her house. He waited for a while, but since Seol didn’t came home, Jung went to look for her at the bar near her house. There Jung seesn Seol with In Ho. He sits with them. Soon, Jung and In Ho start bickering with each other, but Seol stops them from fighting. Listening to Seol and Jung, In Ho finds out that they fought so he tells them to break up sarcastically. Then In Ho starts telling Seol how Jung used to be while they were still leaving together.

In Ho:”Just break up! You don’t suit each other.”

Soon after bickering In Ho and Jung are just like old friends drinking together. But since In Ho mentioned the girls Jung dated in the past, Seol gets the courage to ask if Jung dated In Ha too. That moment Jung and In Ho were like one and answered Seol that Jung and In Ha didn’t have that kind of relationship. Without realizing that Seol was drinking glass after glass, Jung and In Ho start bickering again. Seol is drunk! She gets up, slaps both Jung and In Ho and tells them what she really feels. She is curious if Jung ever dated In Ha. Hearing Seol’s question, both Jung and In Ho revolted and denied that Jung and In Ha dated.

Seol is so drunk that she fainted. Jung and In Ho take her home together. On the way they have the chance to clear things between them, but a man appeared. He is angry thinking that Jung and In Ho are hurting Seol. That man is Seol’s younger brother, Jun.

The next day Seol and Jung met. They talk about the reason Seol was upset with Jung. She decided to let it go this time and forgive Jung, but she has a condition. Seol asks Jung that if he wants to help her with something from now on, he should first ask her about it. Seol and Jung made up and cleared their problems.

On their date finished, Jung sends Seol home. Everything is well between them now. Seol even got a present for Jung. He once said that he likes watches so Seol bought his a watch. Happy, Jung hugs Seol.

Seol goes to the English academy. On her way she met In Ho. Soon In Ho will have to leave. His life is complicated. Now he is hiding from someone and that person found him so In Ho needs to disappear and hide for a while.

In Ho:”I raised you up too much.”

Before her classes start, Seol buys her a drink. In the store she sees a man that used to stalk her. He sees Seol too and harasses her again. That man keeps repeating that Yoo Jung was the one that send him to Seol when he was harassing her. Scared, Seol tries to get away from her stalker, but she can’t. Luckily In Ho was close by and protected her.

In Ho:”Yoo Jung eats up guys like that for dinner.”

Jung picked up Seol from the academy and takes her home. On their way, Seol has the impression that she saw someone on the back alley near her house. Jung checks it out, but no one was there. They continue their way and in front of Seol’s house there was the police. The pervert that steals the women underwear wasn’t caught yet. Seol is scared so Jung offered to stay with her that night.

Jung:”Should I stay here tonight?”

It’s the first time Jung goes inside her house, but that precise day her brother made a mess before he left. They try to watch TV, but Seol’s TV is hidden inside her closed under the blankets because she doesn’t uses it often. Jung wants to help Seol get the TV, but they fell on the bed. Embarrassed, Seol tells Jung that it’s time for them to sleep. But it’s too early so they don’t seem able to fell asleep. They get up, turn on the light and watch Seol’s photo album. While they look at the pictures, Seol tells Jung about her life, how she gets along with Jun and her parents. Jung also opens up and tells Seol about his father’s high expectation of him.

Since they are together, both Seol and Jung ask each other when they started to like the other. While they were on bad terms, Jung and Seol a group activity with their classmates, but everyone left leaving the two of them to finish everything. At that time Jung was sick so after she finished her part of the work, Seol took care of him. In the morning, when he woke up, Jung saw Seol sleeping and being cold. He put his jacket on her and Seol hold his hand. Meantime for Seol, she was scared at first when Jung was following her around helping her and inviting her to meals. But on the process, she started to like Jung.

Seol’s stalker found out that In Ho works at the English academy Seol’s goes to. He posted in the academy website that In Ho beat him up so In Ho was fired. Seol finds out that In Ho was fired and wants to help him tell the academy director what actually happened. But In Ho doesn’t let her. After all he was planning to leave soon.

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