“Taste of Love” ep 13 ~ Xiao He:”I like you!”

Xiao He fell into Qiao Ling’s trap and asked Jun Hao to marry her. When Wen Feng heard about Xiao He’s wedding, he kept his distance. But on a weakness moment he told Xiao He about his medical condition. To help Wen Feng, Xiao He searched for information online and went to dinner with Wen Feng. Xiao He recorder their outing and returned happy. When they are together, Wen Feng and Xiao He forget about everything and have fun. But back at the house Xiao He and Wen Feng’s happiness moment disappeared.

Shopping for her wedding dress, Xiao He realized that she loves Wen Feng and confessed him. But Wen Feng is afraid to start a relationship with Xiao He. Because of some things that hurt him in the past, Wen Feng is afraid that he could hurt Xiao He.

Episode 13

Hai Ping’s sister died. In a greedy moment, Hai Ping took the money for his sister’s treatment and invested it to gain more money. Unfortunately he lost everything and found himself in debts. To make money and pay his debts and his sister’s treatment, Hai Ping installed a camera to find out the password of Wen Ji’s restaurant safe. Now that his sister is death, Hai Ping decided to tell the truth. He comes to Wen Yi and confesses that he was the one that stole the notebook with the secret recipe and stole it. Wen Yi is disappointed and shocked. He trusted Hai Ping more than he trusted his own brother, Wen Feng and he was betrayed.

Wen Yi:”I don’t want to see you ever again.”

The same time in Taiwan, Wen Feng received another shock. He hears Xiao He asking Jun Hao to get married as soon as possible. Disappointed and upset, Wen Feng decided to end his relationship with Xiao He. From now on he doesn’t want her help in looking for his father. He will call Xiao He’s agency to terminate the contract and also he will pay for the days he will stay in her house.

Wen Feng:”I think our relationship should end completely.”

Surprised that Xiao He asked to marry him, Jun Hao went to talk to Qiao Ling. He promised Qiao Ling that he will lie Xiao He that he likes her and date her for a while, but Jun Hao doesn’t want to marry Xaio He and lie to her for the rest of her life. Happy that Xiao He did what she wanted, Qiao Ling emotionally blackmails Jun Hao and manipulates him to accept marry Xiao He.

Wen Feng is walking around alone. He stopped to eat something, but he can’t feel the dish’s taste. He leaves! Later Qiao Ling calls him. She quit her job and wanted to celebrate it with him. They got something to eat while they were drinking. Still Wen Feng can’t feel the taste. She gets angry and just drinks. When Qiao Ling mentioned Xiao He getting married to Jun Hao, Wen Feng is angrier and drinks more. Because Qiao Ling and Wen Feng got drunk, the owner called Xiao He and Jun Hao to pick them up. Jun Hao wanted to take Wen Feng, but Wen Feng protested. He wants Xiao He to take him home.

Struggling, Xiao He was able to bring Wen Feng home. He is bubbling about being hungry so she cooks something. Xiao He tries to feed him, but Wen Feng refuses to eat. He pushes Xiao He’s hand and the hot food got on her hand.

Wen Feng:”I can’t taste anything.”

Worried, Wen Feng gets up to see if Xiao He is hurt. But Xiao He heard him saying that he can’t taste anything and asks him about it. They go out and Wen Feng tells Xiao He that after an illness when he was young, he started to lose the ability of tasting things. When he lost his taste ability, Wen Feng had to give up his dream of becoming a chef. Not wanting to worry his brother and disappoint his mother, Wen Feng didn’t tell them about his condition. Also during the years, Wen Feng went to see various doctors and received a lot of treatments, but nothing worked. Sometimes he can taste the food, but he got used to lose his ability to taste from time to time. He doesn’t know why, but that day, when he was without Xiao He, Wen Feng couldn’t taste anything at all. Could it be a coincidence, but maybe his condition has something to do with his feelings. Strangely, Wen Feng couldn’t taste anything after he heard Xiao He asking Jun Hao to marry her.

Wen Feng:”I think my ability to taste is gone completely.”

Xiao He tries to encourage Wen Feng to not give up, to tell his family about his condition and maybe he will find a cure. Upset, Wen Feng leaves. Xiao He goes after him and hugs him, but Wen Feng pushed her away.

Wen Feng:”You seem to have forgotten that you now have Shen Jun Hao.”

Wen Feng returns to his room and imagine about being together with Xiao He. Meantime Xiao He searches online for information regarding Wen Feng’s condition.

While she was drunk, Qiao Ling revealed to Jun Hao the reason Xiao He proposed him to get married. He is shocked to see what kind of person Qiao Ling is. She only thinks about herself and ignores other people’s feelings.

Qiao Ling:”She likes you anyway. I just gave her a push.”

When Jun Hao gets angry and tries to explain Qiao Ling that she is making a mistake playing with everyone’s feelings, Qiao Ling plays the victim card blaming Xiao He for everything. In Qiao Ling’s eyes if Wen Feng wouldn’t have met Xiao He then he would’ve returned to her side long time ago. Jun Hao wants to leave, be honest with Xiao He and tell Xiao He the whole truth. But Qiao Ling couldn’t let him do that. He held him back and manipulated him until Jun Hao accepted to help her this time too.

Qiao Ling:”Xiao He caused all this!”

Jun Hao:” How could I have spent so much time waiting for such a terrifying woman?”

Meantime at the house, Wen Feng finds a fan that Xiao He was trying to fix and fixed it for her. When Xiao H came home, she saw that Wen Feng repaired the fan. Looking around, Xiao He is shocked to see that Wen Feng lined up the tools the same her father does.

Xiao He:”My dad would do the same thing, lining up all the tools neatly from the large ones to the small ones.”

Later Xiao He took Wen Feng out. They went to eat beef noodles soup. While eating, Xiao He filmed everything with her phone. She was explaining Wen Feng everything regarding that dish. Xiao He is making that film to help Wen Feng. He can still smell the food even if he can’t taste it so Xiao he can explain him how the dish tastes. In the future, when Wen Feng will see that dish, he can remember Xiao He’s words. When Xiao He put the phone down, Wen Feng took it an had fun filming Xiao He. Leaving the restaurant, Wen Feng and Xiao He have fun filming each other. They forget about everything else when they are together. But reality hit them as soon as they’ve arrived home. Jun Hao was waiting for Xiao He because he found a good date to get married in a few days.

The wedding is near so Xiao He and Jun Hao went to buy Xiao He’s wedding dress. At the shop Xiao He doesn’t know which dress to pick so she asked Jun Hao to take a picture of her to show it to Ruby. When Jun Hao took Xiao He’s phone, he found the film with Xiao He and Wen Feng. Seeing that film and who Wen Feng was looking at her, Xiao He starts to have second thoughts about the wedding.

The employee of the wedding dresses shop asked Xiao He and Jun Hao to kiss while she was taking a picture of them. When they’ve kissed, Xiao He realized that she doesn’t love Jun Hao and she can’t marry him.

Xiao He:” Give me some time, I need to confirm something.”

Xiao He leaves the shop wearing her wedding dress. She calls Wen Feng who was with Qaio Ling. While they talk on the phone, Xiao He isn’t paying attention while crossing the road and a car slightly hit her. Lying on the street Xiao He remembers all the moments she spent with Wen Feng and how he was there for her during her difficult moments. At that moment, Xiao He realized the mistake she did because the one she really likes is Wen Feng.

Wen Feng hears the car breaks and Xiao He doesn’t answer when he talks to her. Worried he rushes to the accident scene since he was near. She asks him what he feels about her because she likes him. When she kissed Jun Hao, Xiao He didn’t feel anything meantime with Wen Feng things are different.

Xiao He:”Do I really not mean anything to you in your heart? Look at me and tell me you don’t like me? I like you!”

Since Xiao He told him what she feels, Wen Feng has to be honest with her. He tells her the reason he broke up with Qiao Ling. When he found out that Qiao Ling was pregnant, Wen Feng decided to not return home to his mother and brother and spend his life with Qiao Ling. On the day he wanted to propose, Wen Feng went home excited to tell Qiao Ling the baby names he thought of, but Qiao Ling told him that she already aborted the baby. Without discussing it with Wen Feng, Qiao Ling got rid of her unborn baby because the baby would’ve tied her down and she wouldn’t have the career she wanted and worked to get. Since Qiao Ling decided her future on her own without discussing it with him, Wen Feng decided that it’s not room for him in Qiao Ling’s future. He couldn’t marry someone as selfish as Qiao Ling and broke up with her.

Wen Feng:”I had a baby with Qiao Ling.”

Qiao Ling:”I don’t want a baby to affect our future.”

Now finally, Xiao He understands why Wen Feng is the way he is and thinks that he doesn’t need love in his live.

Xiao He:”No wonder you never want to invest any more feelings in things around you. I won’t hurt you!”

Wen Feng:”I might hurt you!”

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