“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 12 ~ Justin:”Don’t underestimate my determination to protect Cai Huan Zhen! “

Huan Huan get’s between the war Qian Yao has with his brother and ends up hurt. In order to destroy his brother, Qian Yao created a scandal that destroyed Huan Huan. Because no one believes her, Huan Huan decided to quit her job and not sue Qian Yao and his brother. But Justin trusts Huan Huan. He gave up his dream and went with Huan Huan in Korea.

Episode 12

Huan Huan signed an exclusive collaboration contract with president Jin in her agency name. After the contract was signed, Qian Yao comes over with three glasses of wine to celebrate. Qian Yao takes from the waiter his glass and his brother’s glass. The waiter gives Huan Huan her glass, but he makes the mistake to spill the wine on Huan Huan. While she goes to change accompanied by Qian Yao’s assistant, Qian Yao congratulated his brother. They were planning something.

Soon after Huan Huan entered the room to change, president Jin came too. That was his room! He threatens Huan Huan that if she doesn’t sleep with him their contract will be annulled. Huan Huan refuses to do as president Jin wanted so he hit her and tried to rape her. But something is wrong with president Jin. He isn’t feeling that well, it’s like he was drugged. The moment president Jin was trying to rape Huan Huan, Qian Yao comes in and hit his brother. That was their plan. Huan Huan realizes what goes on and leaves in a state of shock. Huan Huan was caught in the game between the two brothers.

Sheng Nan comes looking for Huan Huan and sees Huan Huan shocked, trembling and crying. She puts her jacket on Huan Huan and wants to take her out. That moment Qian Yao comes out, trying to apologize for the supposed mistake his assistant did. But Huan Huan doesn’t believe him. She slapped Qian Yao as hard as she could and left.

Sheng Nan is worried about Huan Huan. She can’t stop thinking about the way she saw Huan Huan. Qian Yao, who is next to her, tries to turn Sheng Nan against Huan Huan. He tells Sheng Nan that Huan Huan got the contract with president Jin by using her body.

The next morning, when Huan Huan arrived at her office, she was surrounded by news reporters. They had pictures of Huan Huan and president Jin and they were accusing Huan Huan of indecent behavior, of signing the contract with president Jin after sleeping with him. Luckily for Huan Huan, Sheng Nan and Justin were there and defended her. Also Huan Huan’s boss brought the guards to send away the reporters.

Justin insisted that Huan Huan should take legal measures and sue president Jin for sexual harassment. But Huan Huan refuses to do so. She resigned her job. If Sheng Nan, who was there and saw her, doesn’t believe her how can people who weren’t there believe her words. Furious of what Qian Yao and his brother did to Huan Huan, Justin goes to see Qian Yao. But Qiao Yao shoes his true colors in front of Justin, contrary to how he is in Sheng Nan’s presence. He threatens Justin with making sure that Huan Huan will be blamed for indecent behavior since he is the only person who saw what really happened between Huan Huan and president Jin. Justin was about to hit Qian Yao when Qian Yao remembered him that if Justin does that he can lose his lawyer license. But Justin isn’t easily intimidated when he has to protect his woman. He hits Qian Yao.

Justin:” First, I’m a reputable lawyer. There is no one that knows better than me how to reprimand someone without leaving any evidence behind. Second, don’t underestimate my determination to protect Cai Huan Zhen. “

Huan Huan is leaving for Korea. She comes out of her house and has to face the army of reporters. The moment Huan Huan was trying to get away from all those reporters, Justin arrived. He held Huan Huan’s hand and told everyone that he and his girlfriend have to go on a trip and they don’t have time for interviews.

Huan Huan:”I will keep holding your hand!”

Leaving their problems behind, Huan Huan and Justin went to Busan. There no one knows them, no journalist follows them. They can forget about everything and enjoy themselves. They visit places, they eat street food, they walk around, they take pictures.

Meantime back in Taiwan, Sheng Nan wants to find out the truth. She believes what Qian Yao told her about Huan Huan and president Jin, but something inside her tell her that Qian Yao isn’t telling the truth. Also Sheng Nan found out that Huan Huan intended to quit her job and follow Justin to Singapore so Huan Huan didn’t had anything to gain from winning that contract with president Jin. When she met Qian Yao, Sheng Nan asked him once again. Qian Yao revealed that indeed he lied that Huan Huan was waiting for president Jin in that hotel room, but Qian Yao did tell the truth. Qiao Yao told Sheng Nan that Huan Huan was waiting for him in that room. According to Qian Yao, Huan Huan passed a note to his assistant telling him that she will wait for him there. To fully manipulate Sheng Nan, Qiao Yao tells her that he likes her.

Qian Yao:”Sheng Nan, I like you!”

While having fun in Busan, Huan Huan finds out that Justin gave up the contract to go to Singapore and work for Green Asia. Instead of following his dream, Justin chose to trust Huan Huan and stay by her side. Still Green Asia is willing to accept Justin as long as he removes all bad news about him.

Huan Huan:”Hao Meng, I love you!”

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