“All about My Mom” ep 45 ~ Dong Chul:”I can tell everything was made with love.”

San Ok disappeared and everyone is worried. When San Ok finally answered her phone, the family could breathe easily knowing that she is alive and well. Hoon Jae finds San Ok and meets her. He discovered the truth about San Ok’s disease. Chae Ri followed them and also found out that San Ok is sick.Meantime Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo returned from their honeymoon, but they aren’t able to have a normal newlywed couple. San gets jealous and insists to sleep with his mother and Hyeong Kyu.

Episode 45

Dong Chul went home to have lunch, but San Ok wasn’t there. He finds a note that San Ok left and search for her around the neighborhood desperate. When he can’t find San Ok, Dong Chul calls Jin Ae. Unfortunately for him, Jin Ae is busy and sends him off easily telling him that San Ok must have went to get some fresh air and will return home. Chae Ri, who heard the conversation, is more worried than Jin Ae. Earlier, Chae Ri met San Ok and told San Ok the truth about her relationship with Hyeong Soon. San Ok held Chae Ri’s hand and tried to convince her to forgive Hyeong Soon and return home. But no matter how much San Ok insisted and begged her, Chae Ri didn’t want to return home with Hyeong Soon, even after San Ok told her that Hyeong Soon quit his job and left the city. Now that she heard that San Ok left her house, Chae Ri is worried and blames herself. She tries to call Hyeong Soon, but he didn’t answer. Hyeong Soon was busy working and daydreaming about him and Chae Ri.

Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo returned from their honeymoon and went to bow to their families. At Dong Chul’s house, Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo met Jin Ae and Hoon Jae. They came because they were worried about San Ok. As soon as they saw each other, Hyeong Kyu and Jin Ae start fighting. The only thing Hyeong Kyu does is being angry at San Ok for leaving and making them worry the same day her returned from his honeymoon and San Ok didn’t chose another day. Hearing Hyeong Kyu say that, Jin Ae gets angry and they start arguing. While the two siblings were fighting, Hye Joo managed to call San Ok and talk to her. Jin Ae put San Ok on speaker and all of them talked to her, but when Hyeong Kyu opened his mouth to ask her why she left the day he returned from his honeymoon, San Ok hang up and turned off her phone.

Now that they know that San Ok is well, everyone eat. Hye Joo offered to cook and didn’t let Jin Ae help her. Hoon Jae saw Hye Joo in the kitchen and praised her for knowing her way in the kitchen so Hye Joo must be a good cook. The dishes looks good, but when they tasted it, Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and Dong Chul realized that Hye Joo and the kitchen aren’t exactly close friends.

Hyeong Kyu, who knew that Hye Joo is a terrible cook, didn’t say anything and just grilled the meat. After his family tasted Hye Joo’s dishes, they understood why Hyeong Kyu took care of the meat and they were all fighting over meat. But because they didn’t want to hurt Hye Joo’s feelings, Dong Chul, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae pretended that Hye Joo’s dishes were good.

Dong Chul:”I can tell everything was made with love.”

Back at their house, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae feel something smelling terribly in their room. They’ve scented that smell for a few days, but now the smell is worse. They look around and find the dishes Jin Ae brought San Ok while San Ok was hiding in their room on Yeong Seon’s birthday. When she sees that dishes there, Jin Ae tells Hoon Jae that San Ok helped her cook for Yeong Seon’s birthday party and then San Ok hid in their room. Knowing that San Ok was there that day, Hoon Jae remembers the pills he found that day and assumed they were Jin Ae’s.

Meantime Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo arrived home too. Their honeymoon is over, but they are still newlyweds. It’s the first time they sleep together in their new bedroom, but they aren’t alone. When they’ve entered their room, San was sleeping in their bad.

San:”I want to sleep with mom tonight.”

Because San insisted to sleep with his mother, he ended up sleeping between Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo.

Hoon Jae is worried about San Ok. He remembers that he once met her at a hospital and called that hospital’s pharmacy. Then he called San Ok, who told him where she is. Before meeting San Ok, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae and tells her that he will meet San Ok soon. Chae Ri heard the conversation and took the day off and met Hoon Jae and San Ok.

While they were talking, San Ok starts feeling the pain. She takes her pills in secret and goes to the toilet. Chae Ri and Hoon Jae saw her pills and look around San Ok’s bag. In San Ok’s bag, Hoon Jae found San Ok’s papers from the hospital and realized that something is wrong with San Ok.

It’s time to go and San Ok lies Hoon Jae that she is going to meet some friends and doesn’t let him drive her. But Hoon Jae follows San Ok. Because at the hospital no one couldn’t tell him anything without San Ok’s consent, Hoon Jae barged into the doctor’s office when San Ok was there.

Hoon Jae:”Let me know.”

Now that Hoon Jae knows everything, San Ok begs him to keep her condition secret from her family. Hoon Jae accepted. But what Hoon Jae and San Ok didn’t know what that Chae Ri followed them and she knows the truth too.

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