“All about My Mom” ep 46 ~ Chae Ri:”Mom is going to leaves as soon.”

Chae Ri and Hoon Jae are the only once that know about San Ok’s disease. But they agree to not reveal anyone about San Ok’s condition. In order to make San Ok as happy as they can on her last months, Hoon Jae, Chae Ri and Jin Ae took San Ok to an exhibition. Then they took pictures together. That day, Chae Ri asked San Ok what her biggest wish was. Since San Ok’s biggest wish is to have Hyeong Soon near her, Chae Ri went to get Hyeong Soon and told him about San Ok.

Married life isn’t as good as Hyeong Kyu believed. Because San in jealous, Hyeong Kyu sleeps alone in San’s room while San sleeps with Hye Joo. Another of Hyeong Kyu’s problems is Hye Joo’s bad cooking.

Episode 46

Hoon Jae took San Ok home. Leaving San Ok at the store with Dong Chull and Hye Joo, Hoon Jae stops on the way to his car and cries. Chae Ri approaches him and reveals that she heard about San Ok’s disease. Hoon Jae asks Chae Ri to keep San Ok’s disease a secret the way San Ok wishes.

Chae Ri:”I thought of her as a gift sent from my late mother.”

Before going home, Hyeong Kyu stops by his parent’s house to see his mother. They made up and had a nice conversation. Of course San Ok didn’t miss the chance to make fun of him regarding Hye Joo’s cooking. Later, when he was home, Hyeong Kyu wants to go to sleep hoping that this time it will be just him and Hye Joo. But San has other plans. At first San asked Hyeong Kyu to help him finish his game. Then San wanted Hye Joo to read him a story. During story time, Hyeong Kyu was about to fall asleep before San. When San became being sleepy, Hyeong Kyu thought that his chance came. Both Hyeong Kyu and Yu Ja insisted that San goes to his room to sleep alone, but San wants to sleep again with his mother. Since Hyeong Kyu is uncomfortable if all three of them sleep together than Hyeong Kyu should sleep alone into another room.

San:”I’m sleeping with mom! I don’t like him sleeping next to mom!”

Hyeong Kyu:”I think San doesn’t like the idea of me sleeping next to you.”

Unfortunately for Hyeong Kyu once again he isn’t able to spend the night with his wife. But this time he isn’t even sleeping in the same room as Hye Joo. Hyeong Kyu spent the night alone in San’s room, hugging a teddy bear.

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are getting ready to sleep. While talking about San Ok, Hoon Jae remembers San Ok’s condition. He can’t reveal Jin Ae that San Ok is sick, but makes sure to prepare Jin Ae.

Hoon Jae:”I’m always by your side. No matter what happens, don’t forget I’m always by your side, okay?”

In the weekend, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae picked up San Ok, than they’ve met Chae Ri and went on an exhibition. There they’ve met Yeong Seon and president Jang. After the awkward atmosphere everyone went their way. Seeing Hoon Jae being so nice with Jin Ae’s family, especially San Ok, Yeong Seon feels jealous. Still she can’t say anything. The one that said something was Chae Ri. Because of Yeong Seon, Chae Ri’s grandmother is upset so Chae Ri felt the need to defend her grandmother.

Leaving the exhibition, Hoon Jae and the three women that are with him take some picture to keep that memory forever. Then San Ok asked them to take a picture of herself. Sad, Hoon Jae and Chae Ri understood the reason San Ok wanted a picture of herself.

After her date with Jin Ae, Hoon Jae and Chae Ri, San Ok returned home. On her way to her store, San Ok realized that the fact that her family didn’t want to hurt Hye Joo’s feelings reflected badly over her store. Because the side dishes San Ok prepared were sold out, Hye Joo made some more. When San Ok came at the store, she found out that some clients had to return the side dishes they’ve bought from San Ok’s store because they tasted weird. While San Ok was scolding Dong Chul for lying to Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu arrived. Seeing that Hye Joo was sad now that she found out that she isn’t a good cook as she thought, Hyeong Kyu blames San Ok. Upset that Hyeong Kyu scolded her for criticizing Hye Joo, San Ok asks them to leave.

At night, Chae Ri thinks about San Ok. At the exhibition, while they were alone, Chae Ri asked San Ok what she wishes the most at the moment. Knowing the truth about San Ok’s condition, Chae Ri plans to fulfill San Ok’s last wish.

Since both Yu Ja and Hye Joo are terrible cooks, Hyeong Kyu wakes up really early and invents all kind of excuses to leave without eating breakfast at home. Every morning, Hyeong Kyu steals some of San Ok’s side dishes from the store and eats at the office. But San Ok knows exactly how much side dishes she has so she went to catch Hyeong Kyu into act. Arrived at Hyeong Kyu’s office, San Ok found him eating her side dishes as she suspected. While San Ok was with Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo rushed in. She was bringing Hyeong Kyu his breakfast and realized why he was running away every morning before breakfast.

San Ok:”Hye Joo, from now on you are my student. I’m going to make you the best chef.”

In order to fulfill San Ok’s last wish, Chae Ri went to look for Hyeong Soon. She found him working on a boat. They talk and Chae Ri asks him to return to Seoul with her. But Hyeong Soon refuses.

Hyeong Soon:”I have to leave you alone. I can’t ruin your life anymore.”

Chae Ri has no other choice, but to reveal Hyeong Soon the reason she came to get him.

Chae Ri:”Mom is going to leaves as soon.”

Meantime Yeong Seon tells her family that she decided not to marry president Jang because she doesn’t intend to leave with her mother-in-law. While she was telling everyone her decision, president Jang arrived with his luggage. He is ready to leave his mother and move in with Yeong Seon.

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