“Cheese in the Trap” ep 7 ~ In Ho:”How come I even look good in this?I was born with these looks to show it off.”

Seol moves back to her family’s house. The same time In Ho starts working at Seol’s family’s shop and gets really close to Jun. While visiting Seol at school with Jun, In Ho sees some music department students playing their instruments and shows interest in piano again. A professor from that music department recognized In Ho and asked Seol to give In Ho his business card. Jealous that Seol and Jun are really close to In Ho, Jung wants to send In Ho aboard.

Episode 7

It’s time for Seol to move back to her parents house. Bo Ra, Eun Taek and Jung came to help her. Before they start, they all go out to eat something. On their way, they meet Jun and In Ho, who got really close. All six go to eat together. While they eat, Jung finds out that Seol’s stalker showed up and In Ho protected her. Eun Taek also protected Seol once while she was stalked. To change the subject, In Ho mentioned that he is looking for a part time job. Luckily for him Jun was there and told In Ho that his parents are looking for someone at their new restaurant.

Since Seol didn’t finish packing, Bo Ra proposed that all of them spend the night at Seol’s house to help her. Bo Ra and Eun Taek went to buy something to drink. Meantime Seol asked Jun to stay outside with Jung and In Ho for a while to give her some time to clean.

Seol is in front of her house. She is about to go in when a masked man comes out of her house. Seol is scared. The man grabs her neck and pushes her into the wall. Than moment Jung comes in. The masked man pushes Seol on the stairs and runs away. Jung makes sure that Seol is alright and screams at In Ho and Jun, who where outside, to catch the masked man. They run after the mask man, but they’ve lost him.

When Bo Ra and Eun Taek arrived, Jung lets them to take care of Seol and call the police while he goes to help In Ho and Jun to catch the thief. When the masked man run away, Jung saw his eyes and recognized him. The masked man was Seol’s landlord grandson…or at least he lied to everyone that he is the landlord grandson. Actually he is a man that caused trouble for the landlord, has a fake travel agency and some mental problems. Jung finds the attacker hiding on a back alley and beats him.

Jung:”Why are people like you living in our society? It’s just a hand that steals underwear…should I break it?”

Towards Seol’s place is hard for a car to enter so one of the policemen had to carry her to a car and send her to the hospital. While he was carrying Seol, the policeman had to help his coworker and let Seol down. She was sitting next to the alley Jung was beating the attacker. When Jung returned to her side, Seol rejected him. The net day, at the hospital, Seol and Jung made up.

The second semester started. On the first day, Jung announced everyone that he and Seol are dating, even if Seol is embarrassed. Meantime In Ho started his job at Seol’s parent’s store and he is training Jun hard.

In Ho:”How come I even look good in this? I look good! I do! I was born with these looks to show it off.”

Oh Young Gon, the one that used to stalk Seol, returned to school again. While everyone was playing basketball and the girls were cheering, Young Gon grabbed Bo Ra’s hand and tried to pull her after him. Eun Taek saw the scene and hit Young Gon with the ball. A fight started and Young Gon started talking bad about Jung. He even hit Jung. When things turned weird, Young Gon apologized to Jung.

Later Seol saw Young Gon sitting on a bench depressed. She approached him and consoled him, even gave him some advices about how to treat girls. Because Seol consoled him without thinking, Young Gon became obsessed about her. After that day, Young Gon started stalking Seol again. When she was going home, he was there. He was sending her presents and calling her.

Tired of the way Young Gon was harassing her, Seol went to ask Jung and Sang Cheol if it true that Jung told Young Gon that Seol likes him. They explained the situation to Seol and she understood. But starting the next day, Young Gon disappeared.

Jung had some time so he took Seol home. She is excited that for one day she doesn’t need to commute for four hours. On their way Seol found out that Jung is from a rich family, she found out that Jung is richer than she thought. Arrived near Seol’s house, Jung wants to kiss her goodbye, but Seol gets scared and pulls back. Feeling awkward, Jung pulls himself back too. He takes his hands from Seol’s hands. But then Seol grabs Jung’s hands. She grabs his face into his hands and kisses Jung on the cheek. Embarrassed, Seol runs away. It started to rain so Jung goes after Seol.

Seol runs in the rain when she meets Jun. While they were covering themselves from the rain, Jun sees In Ho. They ask In Ho to take them home. Jung saw them and wasn’t able to sleep from jealousy.

Arrived home, Seol finds out that In Ho is helping her uncle clean his store. Remembering that her uncle has a piano in his store, Seol realized why In Ho offered to clean the storage from her uncle’s store. She buys In Ho and extension cord and goes there. After Seol left, In Ho plugged the piano and played for a while.

Jun and In Ho went to Seoul, to the university Seol and Jung attend. When he saw some students playing their instruments, In Ho went to the music department. There he looked into a class where there were a professor and his student. The professor recognized In Ho.

While In Ho was in the music department, Jun send Seol a text telling her they are there. Seol went to look for them and sees In Ho running away while a teacher was following him. The professor who was following In Ho stopped Seol. He gave Seol his business card and asked her to give it to In Ho.

Since Jung doesn’t like Seol and In Ho being so close, he accompanies Seol to give In Ho the card. When they see each other, Jung and In Ho start fighting again. Jung offered In Ho to go study aboard piano or anything else as long as In Ho keeps his distance from Seol.

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