“Cheese in the Trap” ep 8 ~ Jung:”Don’t think about me as a bad person.”

Young Gon tries to reveal in front of everyone who Jung really is. Unfortunately for him, Jung is too smart and covered well his tracks. Soon Jung started to work as an intern and doesn’t have that much time to come to school. Meantime In Ho and Seol get closer and closer. In Ho decided to play the piano again.

Episode 8

Young Gon met Jung in a class room. He still has the texts Jung sent him in order to make him stalk Seol and now he threatens Jung. Still Jung denies having sent those texts. Young Gon calls that number and a woman answers. At the moment he send Young Gon to stalk Seol, Jung used another phone number and he made sure that In Ha would be the one that does what he wanted. When Jung told her that Young Gon is bothering him, In Ha took Jung’s second phone and texted Young Gon. In Ha encouraged Young Gon to stalk Seol.

At night Jung and Seol met. They went on a date. They were drinking and talking while their classmates came in and sat with them. Because Seol gets drunk easily, Jung didn’t let her drink. After drinking for a while, Jung got drunk. Seol took him out. He barely could stand so Seol helped him walk. It’s hard for Seol to support Jung so they sit on a bench. Being drunk, Jung opens up a little and tells Seol some things about him.

In high school, everyone approached Jung with an ulterior motive. Because of that Jung was called a pushover. At first Jung thought that Seol was similar to everyone that approached him to gain something from him. While Seol was listening what Jung was saying, Jung comes closed and kisses her.

Jung:”Don’t think about me as a bad person.”

In Ho made up his mind and called the professor that recognized him. They’ve scheduled a meeting and In Ho went to the university where the professor let him play the piano. It’s been five years since In Ho stopped playing so he is a little scared when he plays, he isn’t as wild as he was while he was a pianist.

Leaving the university, In Ho met Seol and they go home together. On the subway Seol keeps working on her school projects. Seeing Seol working so hard, In Ho is curious about why she does that while he doesn’t.

Seol:” I suppose you’re a genius.”

Arrived home, Seol met Jung. He came to see her and meet her parents. The only one that wasn’t pleased by Jung’s visit was In Ho. He kept making noises to disturb them. Seol’s parents treated Jung as any parent will do on their first meeting with their daughter’s boyfriend. But when they found out that Jung is the only son of the Tae Ran Group president they’ve changed. Seol’s mother was treating Jung really well, thinking how great Seol’s boyfriend is. Meantime Seol’s father didn’t liked Jung, knowing that Jung is from a different world than they.

Walking Jung to his car, Seol keeps thinking about their kiss from the other day. But since Jung doesn’t mentioned it, Seol is disappointed thinking that he forgot because he was too drunk. Seeing her lost in her thoughts, Jung kisses her again and assured her that he didn’t forget anything.

Jung:”I didn’t forget. I remember everything.”

In Ho decided what he wants to do from now on and he will work hard as he saw Seol doing. He returned to the university and met the piano professor. Happy that In Ho returned, the professor gave him the hanon exercises book. Those exercises have been meticulously made to provide the optimum practice level for pianists of all levels or abilities. The full exercises series have been proven to record an improving technical skill, speed and precision. Practicing hanon exercises daily the fingers become stronger and adapted to challenging works and techniques. A key element of the piano finger exercises is to focus on daily repetitions of strengthening hands and fingers. So In Ho has to practice the hanon exercises until the professor comes back from his classes.

In Ho:”I’m not some child playing around on the piano.”

In Ho complained a lot when he saw the hanon exercises book, but still he practiced it for several hours. He was also practicing at home, at Seol’s uncle’s bar.

Coming from school, Seol stops by her uncle’s bar. Since In Ho was there, she goes to him. Since In Ho was practicing the hanon exercises, Seol made fun of him. Couldn’t accept to be looked down by Seol, In Ho showed his talent.

For a while Seol and In Ho played together the piano.

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