“Taste of Love” ep 14 ~ Wen Feng:”Love is not a race!”

Wen Feng and Xiao He are dating happily until Wen Feng realizes that the man he is looking for is Xiao He’s father. After getting the prove, Wen Feng starts acting strange and avoiding Xiao He. Since he doesn’t want to hurt Xiao He by telling her the truth, he takes Qiao Ling’s advice and lies to Xiao He.

Episode 14

Xiao He met Jun Hao to explain what happened with her and why she ran away from the wedding dresses shop. But Xiao He doesn’t need to explain. Jun Hao understood why ran away when she didn’t return. He is actually happy that Xiao He found someone whom she loves that much. Xiao He thought that she likes Wen Feng, but after talking with Jun Hao, she realized that she passed the liking stage. She is in love with Wen Feng.

Back at the house, Xiao He finds Wen Feng cooking. She tries the dish for him, but Wen Feng didn’t get it right. The first time the dish was saltier, while the second was bland. Disappointed, Wen Feng wants to give up, but Xiao He encouraged him to continue. With Xiao He by his side, encouraging him, Wen Feng tried to cook one more time and the result was delicious. They sit to enjoy the dish while talking. For Xiao He the memory of a dish she liked doesn’t necessarily mean the dish itself, but the person she cooked it with or ate it with.

The dish Wen Feng made for Xiao He, is his mother’s favorite dish. But that dish is also the dish Xiao He’s father is specialized in preparing.

The next day, Xiao He and Wen Feng went out. Things are different between them this time. They have fun, they laugh, they don’t bicker anymore.

At night Wen Feng sees a photo that Xiao He’s father dropped by mistake. In that photo there were Xiao He’s father and Wen Feng’s mother. Wen Feng gets angry and asks for an explanation.

Wen Feng:”Didn’t you say you don’t know my mother.”

Xiao He’s father admitted I front of Wen Feng that he met his mother in the past. They dated for a short period of time. But they broke up and Xiao He’s father promised Wen Feng’s father that he won’t see Xin Mei ever again. Xiao He’s father doesn’t know that Xin Mei’s husband wasn’t Wen Feng’s father.

Xiao He’s father is shocked to finds out that Xin Mei is unconscious because of a brain hemorrhage. Xin Mei and uncle Wan were the once that developed the souse Wen Feng is looking for, but that was a long time ago. At the moment uncle was wrote the recipe in a notebook and gave it to Wen Feng’s father. But that isn’t helpful either because Wen Feng’s father died when he was a child.

After talking to uncle Wan, Wen Feng remembers that Xao He said he is similar in many aspects with her father. Since Wen Niu wasn’t his biological father, Wen Feng suspects that Xiao He’s father could be his biological father and if that it’s true than Xiao He is his sister.

In the morning, Wen Feng leaves the house. He met Qiao Ling, told her about his suspicions and asked her to help him make a paternity test to be sure if uncle Wan is his biological father or not. When the results came out, Wen Feng met Qiao Ling again and found the shocking news. The paternity test came out positive. Xiao He’s father is Wen Feng’s biological father. Now Wen Feng doesn’t know what to do. All his life he believed that his biological father was a cold person that abandoned his mother and him. But Wen Feng knows now that uncle Wan never knew that he has a son. Wen Feng doesn’t know if he should reveal the truth to uncle Wan. Also he is afraid that if uncle Wan will find out the truth then Xiao He will find out. Of course this news is happy news for Qiao Ling. She is happy, even if she pretends to understand Wen Feng and console him. While she talks to Wen Feng, Qiao Ling makes sure to not let Wen Feng forget that Xiao He is his sister.

Wen Feng:”I just want to find a way not to hurt her.”

There is something that Qiao Ling hides and for that she puts pressure on Wen Feng to not tell Xiao He about the paternity test result.

After he found out the truth, Wen Feng avoids Xiao He. When they are in the same room, Wen Feng keeps his distance from her. If Xiao He wants to kiss him, Wen Feng pulls back and invents all kind of excuses to run away.

Xiao He:”Are you having an affair?”

While helping Jun Hao with his recipes, Xiao He sees Qiao Ling and Wen Feng kissing each other. Jun Hao tried to protect Xiao He and not let her see Wen Feng and Qiao Ling, but he wasn’t able to do so. Hurt, Xiao He asks for explanations. But Wen Feng is cold towards her and without blinking tells Xiao He that he and Qiao Ling are getting back together. Because Xiao He can’t believe that Wen Feng likes Qiao Ling now, Wen Feng gets on his knees and proposes to Qiao Ling.

Wen Feng:” Let’s get married!”

Still Xiao He can’t believe her ears. She goes near Wen Feng and asks him to look into her eye and tell her that he doesn’t love her. Wen Feng can’t do that so he pushes Xiao He back without looking into her eyes and goes to Qiao Ling and kisses her. But that was all an act. Wen Feng pretended to love Qiao Ling so he won’t have to tell Xiao He that they have the same father.

Jun Hao takes Xiao He away. After they left, Qiao Ling insists that Wen Feng should return to her side since he can’t be together with Xiao He. Still Wen Feng rejected her. If he won’t be with Xiao He that doesn’t mean he will return to Qiao Ling and makes sure Qiao Ling understands that.

Wen Feng:”Love is not a race!”

Jun Hao took Xiao He home, gave her something to eat and consoled her. When he saw Xiao He suffering so much, Jun Hao revealed to Xiao He that Qiao Ling doesn’t have terminal stage cancer and that she lied to Xiao He to get her away from Wen Feng. Also Jun Hao told Xiao He that he told her that he liked her before because Qiao Ling asked him by manipulating the love Jun Hao felt for Qiao Ling.

Xiao He:”Why is everyone lying to me?”

Disappointed that she was betrayed by all the people she trusted and cared for, Xiao He leaves. Meantime Wen Feng can’t face Xiao He and returns to Hong Kong.

Returned to Hong Kong, Wen Feng finds Wen Yi drunk and the restaurant about to be closed down for good. He tries to talk to Wen Yi and make a plan to save the restaurant, but Wen Yi pushes him back remembering Wen Feng that he is an outsider.

Wen Feng received a phone call. It’s Xiao He’s father. He came to Macao and wants to see Xin Mei. Wen Feng took him to the hospital and let him take care of Xin Mei. Meantime both Wen Feng and Xiao He can’t forget the other.

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