“All about My Mom” ep 47 ~ Hyeong Soon:”I missed you Chae Ri!”

After finding out about his mother’s disease, Hyeong Soon returned home. Chae Ri also moved back in with Hyeong Soon and his family. They pretend to be a loving couple again to reassure San Ok that her wish came true.

San Ok begin training Hye Joo, but Hyeong Kyu gets angry at his mother for making Hye Joo work when Hye Joo doesn’t even like to cook. Hyeong Soon steps in to defend his mother and fights with his brother.

Episode 47

President Jang moved in with Yeong Seon and her family. She hides in her room letting president Jang sleep on the coach in the living room. Jin Ae and Hoon Jae feel bad about that and offer president Jang to sleep with Hoon Jae in their room while Jin Ae will sleep with Hoon Jae’s aunt. But president Jang refused the offer. Sleeping on the sofa he is closer to Yeong Seon and if she will see him suffering, Yeong Seon will accept him.

Meantime, Hyeong Kyu is being scolded by his wife and his mother-in-law. Yu Ja scolds Hyeong Kyu for having ran out every morning using different excuses because he didn’t like their cooking, if Hyeong Kyu moved in with them, in their house, than Hyeong Kyu has to eat their food.

Hyeong:” Your cooking isn’t edible.”

San came home tired and went to sleep early. Because San fell asleep, Hyeong Kyu moves San to San’s own room hopping that he can finally sleep with his wife. But as soon as they put San to bed, in his room, San woke up.

San:”I said I’m going to sleep with you, mom!”

San Ok is packing Chae Ri’s things. Every time she cleans Hyeong Soon’s room and sees Chae Ri’s things, San Ok feels sad. Suddenly San Ok and Dong Chul hear Chae Ri’s voice. They go out and see Chae Ri. She brought San Ok a present. She brought Hyeong Soon with her. Both Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri pretend that they’ve came together because they made up.

Hyeong Soon:”I missed you Chae Ri!”

Hye Joo was late on her first day of training with San Ok and got scolded. From now one San Ok and Hye Joo will cook every day. When they arrived home, Hyeong Soon was making breakfast, but San Ok stopped him.

Yeong Seon arrived at the office and met Chae Ri, who didn’t even saluted her. Chae Ri looked straight into Yeong Seon’s eyes and attacked her. That morning president Jang left Yeong Seon’s house early, without eating breakfast. Now that they’ve met Chae Ri told Yeong Seon to not make her grandmother suffer and to make peace with her grandmother since president Jang proposed to Yeong Seon. Once again Yeong Seon insists that she didn’t force president Jang to move into her house, but Chae Ri remembers Yeong Seon that “it takes two to tango”. Forced by Jin Ae, Chae Ri apologized to Yeong Seon if she felt offended.

Yeong Seon enters her office angry. Jin Ae follows her and tells Yeong Seon that she hopes Yeong Seon will not lose in front of Chae Ri, even if it seems like Yeong Seon will lose. Later Jin Ae wanted to scold Chae Ri, but she was too happy to do so when Chae Ri told Jin Ae that she made up with Hyeong Soon and will move back into San Ok and Dong Chul’s house.

Jin Ae:”I don’t know if I should love you or hate you.”

After scolding Hye Joo and giving her some work to do, San Ok went with Hoon Jae to visit other specialist in her disease for a second opinion. Because this one told them the same as the doctor who took care of San Ok, Hoon Jae encourage San Ok to tell the family about her disease so the family could prepare themselves. But San Ok isn’t ready to tell her family the truth yet.

Hyeong Soon went to the restaurant where he used to work and begged to get his old job back. The person in charge didn’t intended to accept Hyeong Soon back, but because San Ok begged him taking the blame on her, he rehired Hyeong Soon.

In order to let Yeong Seon and president Jang have fun for one night, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae spend the night with Chae Ri’s grandmother. That night Jin Ae understood the reason why Yeong Seon refuses to move into the grandmother’s house. The grandmother treated Hoon Jae like a prince while Jin Ae had to do all the work, like as servant.

When Hyeong Kyu arrived from work, Yu Ja and Hye Joo made sure to tell him how hard San Ok worked Hye Joo. Angry, Hyeong Kyu goes to his parent’s house. He screams at San Ok for making Hye Joo work at that “stupid side dish store”. Seeing the harsh way Hyeong Kyu is treating their mother, Hyeong Soon steps in to defend San ok. The two brothers started fighting.

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