“Back to 1989” ep 1 ~ Chen Che:”I’m already fatherless anyway.”

Chen Che is a tall, handsome and successful young man. He never met his father and he always tried to find answers, but all topics related to his father were taboo in his family. One day, Chen Che has a strange accident and travels back in 1989, one year before he was born. There he meets Zhen Zhen, an innocent and straightforward girl, and his own mother. Zhen Zhen and Chen Che’s mother are best friends. Spending time with his younger and happier mother and Zhen Zhen, Chen Che finds also the possible candidates to be his father. Soon Chen Che learns the reasons his mother never talked about his father and has to chose between his mother’s future and his own existence.


Marcus Chang   as   Chen Che

Ivy Shao             as   Ye Zhen Zhen

Mini Tsai           as   Chen Ya Juan

Yorke Sun         as     Li Jin Qin

Episode 1

Chen Che received a phone call in which his mother was telling him that his grandfather in the hospital. He rushes over and hears his grandfather mentioning Li Jin Qin. When the nurses came in to calm down Chen Che’s sick grandfather, Chen Che asks his mother if the Li Jin Qin his grandfather mentioned is his father. Chen Che’s mother insists in not talking about Chen Che’s father. All she tells her son is that Chen Che’s father is death. She doesn’t tell anything else, she doesn’t show Chen Che any picture of his father and she doesn’t tell where his father’s grave is if that man is really dead. Not wanting to talk about the man that hurt her, Chen Ya Juan threatens her son with never seeing her again if he insists asking about his father.

Chen Che:”I’m already fatherless anyway. I’m not scared of not having a mother.”

After arguing with his mother, Chen Che leaves furious. He is riding his motorbike when suddenly he sees a big light in front of him. Chen Che falls on the ground. When he wakes up, Chen Che’s motorbike is gone, his phone doesn’t work and the rain stopped.

Chen Che sees a girl coming towards him on her scooter and stops her. He asks her to take him somewhere where he can see people. But the girl refuses. She is about to get back on her scooter when a car is about to hit her. Chen Che saves her. After that car passed, another car is about to hit the girl, but Chen Che saves her again. Together they went to town to fix the girl’s scooter, but there Chen Che has the shock of his life. Chen Che is in 1989, the year before he was born. Since his credit cards doesn’t work there, Chen Che leaves his expensive watch with the girl and promises her to pay her scooter repairs in a week. Then Chen Chen disappeared.

Since he is in 1989, Chen Che has to find a way to get money until he finds a way to return home. He saw in the newspaper the advertisement of a job and went to an interview. He didn’t get the job, but there he met the girl he gave his Rolex watch. He asks her to borrow her some money and he will return her in a week with interest. The girl, Ye Zhen Zhen, refused.

Chen Che remembered that Zhen Zhen told him where she would be that night. He goes there and hears Zhen Zhen’s coworkers talking about something that they should do to save Zhen Zhen. Actually the innocent Zhen Zhen went to a gathering with her coworkers and superiors. At that gathering there is also director Li, who keeps touching Zhen Zhen.

At the right moment Chen Che entered the room and saved Zhen Zhen. Also while saving Zhen Zhen, Chen Che found a way to get some money. He made a bet with director Li. If he wins the bet, director Li has to pay him a lot of money, but if director Li will win, than Zhen Zhen has to spend a night with director Li.

Zhen Zhen is angry that Chen Che used her for his bet with director Li. She follows him and asks him why he did such thing. Chen Che gets angry too. While they were arguing, Zhen Zhen’s friend shows up. That friend is Chen Ya Juan, Chen Che’s mother.

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