“All about My Mom” ep 48 ~ Jin Ae:”Women learn the importance of their mothers after they get married.”

Hyeong Kyu’s life is getting more complicated because of San. Not just that San doesn’t let Hyeong Kyu near Hye Joo, but San also ruined Hyeong Kyu’s documents. When Hyeong Kyu tried to scold San like a father, Yu Ja and Hye Joo defended San blaming Hyeong Kyu. Dong Chul fought with San Ok and refuses to return home. Hoon Jae met Dong Chul and told him the truth about San Ok’s disease.

Episode 48

Finding out that his mother is working Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu went furious to his parent’s house and made a scandal. Hyeong Soon couldn’t let his brother to hurt San Ok and fought back. When things calmed down, the two brothers and their wives are in Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri’s room to make up. Chae Ri is upset that Hyeong Kyu called Hyeong Soon “unemployed loser” and demanded Hyeong Kyu to apologize. Hearing that, Hye Joo also asked Hyeong Soon to apologize for attacking his brother even if Hyeong Soon only did that to defend his mother. Hyeong Soon apologized to his brother, but Hyeong Kyu didn’t do that. Then Hye Joo showed her true colors. She asked Chae Ri to come and work with her at San Ok’s store every day after work. Because he wants the family to get along well for San Ok’s well being, Hyeong Soon accepted to do as Hye Joo asked. He also will come and help Chae Ri at the store.

During breakfast, Chae Ri’s grandmother tells Hoon Jae and Jin Ae about the dream she had the night before. It was a pregnancy dream similar to the one San Ok had when Chae Ri thought she was pregnant. In her dream a cute puppy showed up biting her leg.

Meantime at his house, Hyeong Kyu has problems before going to work. He was in the bathroom getting ready to leave for work when San also needed to use the bathroom. Because Hyeong Kyu didn’t came out the moment the boy asked him, San peeped on himself. San and Yu Ja got angry with Hyeong Kyu.

Hyeong Kyu is on his way out when he noticed that San drew and wrote on the important document that he had in his bag. He tried to scold San like a father should do, but because the spoiled bad started to cry, Yu Ja and Hye Joo got angry with Hyeong Kyu. They made it look like it was Hyeong Kyu’s fault that they both weren’t capable of educating San. In the end Hyeong Kyu had to apologize because San ruined his important documents that were in his own bag.

Hyeong Kyu:”Wait, what’s going on right now? Is this all my fault?”

On the lunch break, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon took San Ok to a spa to get a facial treatment.

Personal thought: I thought Hye Joo’s character was kind innocent, to not say stupid, but it seems like she is only pretending to be like that. Now honestly… how can Hye Joo compare her work at San Ok’s store with Chae Ri’s work at a company. The only thing Hye Joo does the whole day is cut different things or peel something and that because she doesn’t know how to use a knife despite being on her second marriage. Also after an hard work at the office, Chae Ri has to come home and help San Ok because Hye Joo didn’t do what she should…to move in with her parents-in-law. So is Hye Joo trying to tell Chae Ri that Chae Ri should help her and not help San Ok? Even thought she doesn’t have anything to brag about, Hye Joo is playing the role of the eldest daughter-in-law. What did Hye Joo do for the family to expect and act like the eldest daughter-in-law? In Hye Joo’s marriage with Hye Joo only Hyeong Kyu sacrificed himself and changed his life, Hye Joo didn’t do anything. Few episodes ago I liked her, but now I’m starting to get annoyed be her.

Even if it not nice to put it like that, but Hye Joo and Chae Ri aren’t the same. Chae Ri is from a rich family and gave up her live, moved with her parents-in-law and did everything San Ok asked her to without crying about. Meantime Hye Joo is a divorced woman with a child that had her second husband move in with her mother and her son, made Hyeong Kyu the bread provider for her family, doesn’t discipline her son and feels wronged that her mother-in-law is trying to be nice with her and teach her how to cook a little??????

Hoon Jae and president Jang went to visit one of the factories that belong to president Jang’s company. While being there, Hoon Jae got locked inside the test room alone. Remembering about Hoon Jae’s claustrophobia, president Jang tries everything to get Hoon Jae out. He got hurt in the process of opening the door manually, but he could get his son out of there.

Chae Ri created a design for the new collection. Jin Ae showed it to Yeong Seon and Yeong Seon liked it so Chae Ri’s designs are about to be launched on the marked.

The same time at the house, San Ok and Dong Chul are fighting. It’s all started when Dong Chul asked San Ok why she called Aeng Du’s mother. Now that she knows that she will die soon, San Ok intended to bring Aeng Du’s mother back so Dong Chul could marry her after San Ok’s death. From that small topic Dong Chul reproached San Ok that she is making him to all the work as if he is a servant and that San Ok changes from happiness to going crazy. For Dong Chul, his wife San Ok became unbearable and he doesn’t understand why. During their fight San Ok and Dong Chul even mentioned divorce.

Jin Ae is craving her mother’s cooking so she went to have dinner at San Ok’s house. She offered to help Hye Joo and Hye Joo was more than willing to give Jin Ae some work to do, but San Ok send Jin Ae to rest in the room since she worked hard all day at the office.

Jin Ae:”Women learn the importance of their mothers after they get married.”

On their way home, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon found out that Dong Chul is at the sauna. They went there to bring him home, but Dong Chul refuses to go home until San Ok comes and begs him to forgive her. Dong Chul expected Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon to be on his side, but both of them were disappointed that Dong Chul is so immature.

Because Dong Chul refuses to go home, Hoon Jae goes to the sauna and reveals to Dong Chul the truth about San Ok’s disease. Shocked that San Ok is sick and will die soon, Dong Chul decided to go home.

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