“Cheese in the Trap” ep 9 ~Seol:”Who, exactly, are you?”

Seol is seen as a pushover like always by her classmates, but this time Seol fought back. When she found out that Jung send the texts to Young Gon and made Young Gon harass her, Seol confronted Jung. He admitted that he is to blame for Young Gon harassing her. Disappointed, Seol asked Jung o take a break.

Episode 9

Seol has to present another group project for professor Kang’s class. She is in the same group with Sang Cheol again and once again Sang Cheol didn’t do his part expecting Seol to do it for him. But Seol doesn’t want to be a pushover again, she doesn’t want to do all the work once again and still get a lower grade because the other didn’t do their job. So this time Seol removed Sang Cheol’s name from their presentation. The presentation went well until Yoo Jung’s group had to present their project. He is in the same group as Son Min Soo, the girl who is copying Seol. Jung gave Min Soo some sites as reference, but Min Soo copied a project that Seol did an year ago. At first, Seol believed that Min Soo’s project was similar to hers, but she realized that Min Soo copied hers when she saw the spelling errors she made on that project. Seol speaks up in front of professor Kang about Min Soo copying her project and professor Kang asked Min Soo, Seol and Bo Ra to come to her office after class.

After meeting professor Kang, Seol met Young Gon. He showed Seol the text he received from Jung. Seol read that text, too Young Gon’s phone and called that number. She needed to confirm that what Young Gon was right or not. When Seol called that number, In Ha answered and told Seol that she is Jung’s girlfriend.

In Ha:”I’m Jung’s lover!”

Recognizing In Ha’s voice, Seol asks Jung if what Young Gon told her the truth or not. She also asked Jung about what In Ha told her. Jung denied that In Ha is his girlfriend and told Seol that In Ha said that because she has a grudge against Jung. Actually because of Jung, his father removed all financial support for In Ha. Also Jung asked In Ha to move out from the house she is living in at the moment.

Regarding the texts Young Gon received, Jung admitted having sand them. But he blamed Young Gon for misunderstanding what the text said. Hearing the truth, Seol is disappointed. She doesn’t understand why Jung did all of that to her, why Jung gave In Ha his phone if In Ha has a grudge against him. Seol is disappointed in Jung. Every time she finds out something about Jung, Seol doesn’t know how to react. She asked Jung to take a break in their relationship.

Seol:”Who, exactly, are you?”

After fighting with Seol, Jung goes home and finds in front of his building In Ha. She brought her luggage with her and plans to live with Jung, but Jung is furious. Because of In Ha he fought with Seol so Jung takes In Ha’s phone and goes in leaving In Ha out.

In the morning Seol leaves the house because she has an exam. In Ho is waiting for her. They go together and In Ho consoles her again.

In Ho:”I’m a Yoo Jung expert.”

The exam is over and Seol goes to the library to study. Young Gon follows her, takes picture of her and her stuff in secret. Seol runs away from him, but Young Gon keeps following her, harassing her. From a bush Bo Ra and Eun Taek were filming everything to get some evidence against Young Gon. In Ho sees them and comes over. When Young Gon hugged forcefully Seol, In Ho couldn’t take it anymore and run to save Seol.

Wanting to protect Seol, In Ho decided that he and Seol will go together to school and will return home together. Like that Young Gon can’t get closer to Seol and harass her. On their way home, Seol and In Ho talk about In Ha and In Ha’s relationship with Jung. Knowing his sister, In Ho advised Seol to run as fast as she can if she ever sees In Ha. But if she won’t be able to avoid In Ha than Seol has to grab In Ha’s hair because the one that attacks first has the most chance to win a battle.

Unfortunately it will be hard for Seol to avoid In Ha. Since she doesn’t have a place to live, In Ha moved in with In Ho and as soon as she entered In Ho’s house made problems for him. In Ho gave his sister some ramen to eat, but In Ha threw it on In Ho’s piano’s books.

In Ha made some kind of plan with Jung. She goes to the university and looks for Young Gon. When she sees Young Gon, In Ha sent his some texts in order to get closer to Young Gon.

Before the exam, Seol avoided Jung. She goes to get a coffee and on her way to the bathroom, Seol met Jung who passed by her completely ingoing her. The moment Seol comes out of the bathroom, Jung was waiting for Seol. He offered her a coffee, but when Seol wanted to leave, Jung hugged her.

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