“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 13 ~ Huan Huan:”Let’s break up!”

Huan Huan and Justin finish their trip to Busan. They have fun, they celebrate Huan Huan’s birthday. Thinking that Justin gave up his dream job because of her scandal, Huan Huan asked Justin to break up. But Justin proposed to Huan Huan.When he returned to Taiwan, Justin kept investigation the truth about Huan Huan’s scandal. Justin and Sheng Nan discovered that waiter that spilled the wine on Huan Huan was paid by Qian Yao. Shocked by the truth, Sheng Nan confronted Qian Yao.

Episode 13

Justin and Huan Huan spent the night together. She woke up early, she looks at Justin sleeping. She hears his breathing and his heartbeat and in her mind, Huan Huan hears Jing Ru’s words. Huan Huan keeps thinking that if she and Justin would broke up than he won’t be involved in her scandal and Green Asia would still want him so Justin could fulfill his dream.

Later they went on a walk on the beach. Justin talks about they, but Huan Huan is acting strange. Suddenly Justin tells her that he forgot his phone to the restaurant they’ve ate earlier and runs away. When he returned, Huan Huan hugged him strongly.

Justin:”I won’t disappear!”

The reason Justin run away so suddenly from Huan Huan was because he remembered that it was Huan Huan’s birthday. He went to buy a cake to celebrate. Huan Huan makes three wishes and then they play around for a while. All of a sudden Huan Huan stops and confesses her feelings to Justin.

Huan Huan:”I wish that I could be a more courageous person. I love you!”

Justin :”Let’s be together forever.”

Before returning to Taiwan, Justin and Huan Huan have to work. They’ve went to Busan for a photo shoot. The concept of the photo shoot is a wedding. Justin wears a groom suit and Huan Huan is the bride. They take the pictures, but when they were looking at the result Huan Huan left crying. Justin follows her. They went on a walk and Huan Huan told Justin the reason she was crying. She finds her relationship with Justin tiring, boring and a waste of time.

Because she couldn’t lie to Justin while looking into his eyes, Huan Huan called him and asked him to turn his back on her. When Justin turned around, Huan Huan had already left. She was talking to him from far away. He searches for her, he asks her to meet and talk face to face, but Huan Huan doesn’t tell him where she is. She had a change of heart for a few seconds when Justin proposed, but she can’t ruin his life. Huan Huan breaks up with Justin so he could fulfill his dreams.

Justin:”I want to marry you! Let’s get married!”

Huan Huan:”Let’s break up!”

Huan Huan returned to her office. Sheng Nan found out that Huan Huan and Justin broke up and she wants to know why Huan Huan hurt her brother. While being scolded by Sheng Nan, Huan Huan opened her heart and reveled what she truly feels and how much she suffers after breaking up with Justin. But seeing Sheng Nan’s expression and thinking that Sheng Nan could tell Justin, Huan Huan pretended that she was just acting. Angry, Sheng Nan slapped Huan Huan.

Huan Huan gets angry. She screams at Sheng Nan and is about to hit Sheng Nan, but their coworkers intervened and split them up. Huan Huan asked Sheng Nan to decide. Sheng Nan never liked Huan Huan dating Justin, but when Qian Yao appeared, Sheng Nan was the first one to push Huan Huan and Justin together.

While Huan Huan and Sheng Nan were arguing, Huan Huan’s mother went to see Justin. She gave him the paper on which Huan Huan wrote the reasons to break up and continue dating Justin.

In order to help Huan Huan, both Justin and Sheng Nan went to find evidence to prove that Huan Huan didn’t have any sexual relationship with president Jin so she could get the contract signed. At the hotel, Sheng Nan sees the waiter that spilled the wine on Huan Huan. The waiter revealed that Qian Yao paid him to intentionally spill the wine on Huan Huan.

Sheng Nan went to see Qian Yao. When she arrived, Sheng Nan heard Qian Yao fighting wirh president Jin. Qian Yao admitted in front of his drank brother that he made Huan Huan enter president Jin knowing that president Jin will try to do something to her. President Jin is able to do anything in order to take something that Qian Yao likes or shows interest in. Then Sheng Nan sees Qian Yao beating up his brother.

Socked from what she heard, Sheng Nan leaves. Qian Yao follows her to explain what he was doing. But he couldn’t lie anymore. Sheng Nan knows the truth so he has to admit that he lied to her. Disappointed, Sheng Nan finds the courage to ask Qian Yao if it is true that he used her in order to win a bet he made with his friends during their school days. Qian Yao finally told Sheng Nan the truth. Now the he is about to lose Sheng Nan, Qian Yao confessed that he likes her. Sheng Nan waited and dreamed for years that Qian Yao would like her back. But now when he confesses that he indeed likes her, Sheng Nan is too disappointed to accept him. Sheng Nan turns her back on Qian Yao and leaves.

The next day Sheng Nan met with Huan Huan. She told Huan Huan that she talked to their superiors and that she will support Huan Huan at the lawsuit. Then Sheng Nan made Huan Huan understand the she makes a mistake by not explaining herself and letting everyone think whatever they want. She made it clear that it’s not others that abandon Huan Huan, but is Huan Huan that abandons everyone because of her pride. Every time she feels like someone might misunderstand her, Huan Huan doesn’t explain herself, she just turns her back and leaves. Then Sheng Nan goes to see Justin. She tries to find excuses for Qian Yao, but still she has to do the right thing. Later Sheng Nan went to see Qian Yao.

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