“Cheese in the Trap” ep 10 ~ Min Soo:”Hong Seol takes away everything I want.”

Min Soo sees Seol with Jun and in her mind appears the thought that Seol took everything she wanted. She starts acting strange around Seol, but Seol fights back. With Jung’s help, in his own manner, Min Soo’s lies were revealed. But because she and Jung aren’t on good terms, Seol gets closer and closer to In Ho, who starts to fell in love with Seol.

Episode 10

Jung wants to know what kind of problems Seol has so he asks Eun Taek to meet him. When Eun Taek showed him the video with Young Gon harassing Seol, Jung asked Eun Taek to send him all the videos Eun Taek will film in the future. Later Jung sees Min Soo and goes to her pretending that he mistook Min Soo with Seol.

Jung:”No matter how much you copy and try, you can never be the same.”

At first Min Soo was scared of Jung, but when she thinks about her presentation and the fact that Jun gave the reference sites, Min Soo believes that Seol made Jung get her into trouble. The following day, Jun comes to school to meet Yoo Jung. But before that Jun met Seol and Ah Young. Min Soo was buying something when she saw Seol with Jun. Without knowing that Jun is Seol’s brother and seeing them so close, Min Soo gets angry.

Min Soo:”Hong Seol takes away everything I want.”

Angry with Seol, Min Soo started changing around Seol. Min Soo bumps into Seol and doesn’t apologize. She steps on the lion doll she took from Seol, ruins it and threw it at Seol. Jung was close by and saw everything. He enters the class, because they have exam, and sits near Min Soo. He asks Min Soo about her boyfriend and asks Min Soo to show everyone his boyfriend’s picture. A while ago Min Soo saw Jun and she liked him. She took a picture of Jun and told everyone that Jun is her boyfriend.

The exam is over and Seol confronted Min Soo about the doll. They start arguing and while they were arguing Jun and Ah Young came. Everyone recognized Jun from Min Soo’s picture and Jung made sure to pretend innocent and tell everyone that Jun is Hong Seol’s brother. Embarrassed in front of everyone, Min Soo doesn’t know what to do and jumps to fight with Seol. They fight until Ah Young and Jun took Seol away from Min Soo. Crying Min Soo made it look that it’s Seol’s fault that Seol has everything that Min Soo wants. Always Min Soo wanted good grades, friends, a boyfriend, but she doesn’t have any of it so in her mind she doesn’t have them because Seol took them away from her.

In Ho is practicing the piano, but hearing that the university professor talked about him with his former professor, In Ho gets upset and leaves. On his way home, In Ho met Seol. Seeing her hurt, In Ho takes Soel to a park, buys her medicine and consoled her. Contrary to when she is with Jung, Seol is able to tell In Ho everything she feels. After fighting with Min Soo and hearing the problems Min Soo had, Seol is able to understand Min Soo a little bit. While they talk, In Ho has a problem looking into Seol’s eyes. He avoids Seol’s eyes.

Seol comes home from school. She hears In Ho playing the piano in her uncle’s store and goes there. They play a little, but then In Ho told her that he plans to return to school. Excited Seol held In Ho’s hand and offered to help him study. While Seol was holding his hand, In Ho felt his heart beating fast. He started to blush. Seol looks at In Ho and sees his face all red. She tries to see if he has fever, if he is sick, but In Ho doesn’t let her get close to him.

In Ho and Seol leave and on their way home they stop to help Seol’s mother to close their store. As soon as they’ve entered the store, they met In Ha. She saw the piano books Seol gave In Ho and came at the store. In Ho drags her home and remembered her of what Jung can do if she does anything to Seol.

In Ha:”Do you like her?”

In Ho:”She’s Yoo Jung’s girlfriend!”

Since he made up his mind, In Ho came to school. He met Seol at the library and she gave him a test to see from where to start teaching him. While she was there, Seol received a text from Bo Ra who was telling Seol that Young Gon is coming. To get some more evidence against Young Gon’s harassment, Seol goes to do her part time job. Seol has a part time job at the university library.

While Seol was putting the books in order, Young Gon came to her. He was harassing her again. Meantime Eun Taek and Bo Ra were filming everything. Suddenly In Ho came to look for Seol and seeing Young Gon near Seol, In Ho get angry. He didn’t know about Seol’s plan so In Ho tries to beat up Young Gon. Fortunately Seol sopped In Ho from beating Young Gon. Of course Jung received the film too.

Young Gon set his mind to prove Seol that Jung is cheating on her. He sends In Ha some text to ask her to prove that she and Jung are dating. Since In Ha made a deal with Jung, In Ha has a lot of pictures with her and Jung from when things were fine between them. She exchanged some pictures with Young Gon.

Because of what happened with Young Gon at the library, Seol was fired. Someone posted on the library website that Seol screamed and threw books at someone. As if things weren’t bad enough, Young Gon send Seol the picture with In Ha and Jung.

In Ho came for his classes with Seol, but she isn’t in the mood to do something. They go home. Seol is lost in her thoughts. She kept thinking about the photo with In Ha and Jung. Still this time she doesn’t rely on In Ho this time. Since she doesn’t want to tell anything to In Ho, he can’t force her. In Ho brought Seol some stuff to help her protect herself from Young Gon.

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