“Taste of Love” ep 15 ~ Final episode!

Wen Feng’s mother wakes up from coma and reveals who Wen Feng’s father is. After their mother was discharged Wen Yi asked a competition between him and Wen Feng to choose Wen Ji’s heir.

Afraid that she will lose Jun Hao, Qiao Ling revealed Xiao He the reason Wen Feng broke up with her. Wen Feng and Xiao He resolve their misunderstandings and decide to get married.

Personal thought: It’s a nice drama. I liked it, but the last episodes seemed to be hurried a little. It took 14 episodes to find out something and then in things hurried to finish in the last episode.

Episode 15

Qiao Ling is depressed after realizing that she and Wen Feng won’t be together. Her sister sees her upset and comes over. After talking to her sister, Qiao Ling realized that she was mistaken. She doesn’t love Wen Feng the way she thought. Qiao Ling actually loves Jun Hao, but she thought that she is always thinking about Jun Hao because they are old friends. Later, at home, Qiao Ling makes a list, on half the page she put Wen Feng’s name and on the other Jun Hao’s name. On that piece of paper, Qiao Ling counts how many times a day she thinks about Jun Hao and how many time she thinks about Wen Feng. In the end her sister was right. Qiao Ling does love Jun Hao. She goes to Jun Hao and confess.

Qiao Ling:”I discovered that I’m in love with you. I want you to leave Ye Xiao He and stay by my side forever.”

In her own manner, Qiao Ling confessed. She then told Jun Hao to break up with Xiao He and return to her side because she wants that now. To convince Jun Hao that she is serious, Qiao Ling kisses Jun Hao. But unfortunately for her Jun Hao doesn’t believe her. He’s been close to her for a long time, he saw what kind of despicable means Qiao Ling uses to get what she wants so now he doesn’t believe a word she said. When Qiao Ling tried to kiss him, Jun Hao pushes her away. She fell, but Jun Hao didn’t jump to help her as he used to do before.

Jun Hao:”The way you are now is not worth my love.”

In Hong Kong, Wen Feng comes to the hospital and sees the doctors coming out. He asks uncle Wan what happened, but that moment his mother called his name. Wen Feng’s mother finally woke up.

Xin Mei:”Wen Feng, the person who you called uncle Wan is actually your real father.”

Uncle Wan is shocked, but Wen Feng reveals both his parents that he already knew because he asked for a paternity test in Taiwan. When they were young uncle Wan, Xin Mei and Wen Niu were friends. Wen Niu fell in love with Xin Mei and they got married, but soon after Wen Yi was born, Wen Niu left his wife and child. That was when Xin Mei and uncle Wan got closer. The day Xin Mei wanted to tell uncle was that she is pregnant with his child, Wen Niu returned. Afraid to leave little Wen Niu without a father, uncle Wan left and promised Wen Niu to never get show up in front of Xin Mei. Of course Xin Mei went to look for him, but uncle Wan was always running away and hiding from her. One day she came with Wen Niu, both of them were going to tell uncle Wan about Wen Feng, but he saw Wen Niu with Xin Mei who was pregnant, uncle Wan thought that the child was Wen Niu’s . Since they couldn’t find uncle Wan and get him back with Xin Mei, Wen Niu registered the child on his name.

Meantime at her house, Xiao He thinks about what happened. She was always sincere in eveyr relationship she was in, but men in her life weren’t.

Xiao He decided to don’t expect anything form Wen Feng. Early in the morning, Xiao He goes to Jun Hao and asks him if he still wants to get married with her. Even if between her and Jun Hao there isn’t a passionate love, Xiao He still believes that Jun Hao can make her happy. And Jun Hao agreed to her.

When uncle Wan was apologizing to Wen Feng for not being there for him, Wen Yi showed up. Reeking of alcohol, Wen Yi wants to know who the strange man is. After Wen Feng told him who uncle Wan is, Wen Yi has the impression that uncle Wan showed up to get a share of their restaurant, but it’s too late because the restaurant is about to close down.

Wen Feng:”He is my biological father!”

No matter how much Wen Feng tried to stop Wen Yi from going in to see their mother, Wen Yi entered and saw that his mother recovered. When Xin Mei was discharged and found out about the bad condition her restaurant was in, both her sons got on their knees and apologized. But she isn’t upset and encouraged them to move on. Xin Mei decided to share the sauce recipe with her sons and after she teaches them to cook the sauce, she plans to go with uncle Wan in Taiwan. But Wen Yi doesn’t agree. He believes that the restaurant should be his because he is the only legitimate son his father had.

Wen Yi:”Outsiders are not qualified to inherit it.”

Wen Yi is so stubborn about not letting Wen Feng get the restaurant that Xin Mei had to tell him that the sauce recipe was developed by Wen Feng’s father. Since things are like that, Wen Yi proposed a competition between him and Wen Feng. Whoever prepares a better sauce will inherit Wen Ji restaurant. If Wen Feng doesn’t compete, he won’t be allowed to enter Wen Ji. Having no other choice, Wen Feng had to accept the competition.

Hearing the news about Wen Ji closing down, Xiao He packed her bags and went to see Wen Feng. She arrived the moment Wen Yi and Wen Feng’s competition was about to start. Knowing about Wen Feng’s condition, Xiao He insisted to participate too and be Wen Feng’s taste buds.

Wen Feng:”To me, you’re just a little sister.”

Xin Mei, uncle Wan and president Lin are the judges for the competition. While the two teams cook, the judges find it strange that Wen Feng doesn’t taste what he cooks. For some time now president Lin suspected that Wen Feng must have a taste buds problem and after seeing that, he is sure about it. He tells Xin Mei and uncle Wan.

The competition is over. Now it’s time for the judges to taste the sauces. Wen Yi’s sauce is similar to the original sauce, but Wen Feng’s is completely different. The judges tasted both sauces and decided that Wen Feng is the winner. Wen Yi can’t admit the result so he is asked to taste Wen Feng’s sauce. Also Wen Feng is asked to do the same with Wen Yi’s sauce. After he tasted his brother’s sauce, Wen Feng mixed his sauce with Wen Yi’s and created a better sauce.

Wen Feng:”I don’t know why, but I can taste things now.”

After the competition, Wen Feng told his mother and his brother about his taste buds problem. Hearing about Wen Feng’s problem, Wen Yi realized that he misunderstood his brother. Wen Feng and Wen Yi resolved their problems.

Wen Feng wants to see Xiao He becoming happy so he comes to Taiwan to attend her wedding with Jun Hao. When he arrived, Wen Feng hears uncle Wan, Xiao He and Ruby talking and realizes that he and Xiao He aren’t blood siblings. Xiao He isn’t her father’s biological daughter. She was adopted by uncle Wan.

Before Wen Feng could talk to Xiao He, she already left the house. Jealous that Jun Hao is marrying Xiao He, Qiao Ling called Xiao He and revealed that Wen Feng break up with Xiao He because he thought that Xiao He was his sister. Once again Xiao He is disappointed in Qiao Ling. She knew that uncle Wan adopted Xiao He and still used that misunderstanding to get her way.

Upset, Xiao He leaves and wants to call Wen Feng, but she can’t. Bo Yu, her ex boyfriend, kidnapped her to get the sauce recipe from Wen Feng. When he received Bo Yu’s text saying that he kidnapped Xiao He, Wen Feng runs over to save Xiao He. Bo Yu has gone completely crazy and in the fight Wen Feng is hurt. Soon Ruby and her father arrived with the police.

Since the police was involved, Bo Yu tries to kill Xiao He, but Wen Feng grabs Bo Yu’s knife.

Wen Feng:”If my hand becomes disabled, you can just take care of me.”

The misunderstanding between Xiao He and Wen Feng are resolved. They are happy now, they enjoy spending time with each other. After dating for a while, Wen Feng asked Xiao He to marry him.

Wen Feng:”Will you marry me?”

Xiao He:”Happiness is eating with you forever.”

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