“All about My Mom” ep 49 ~ Hye Joo:”Hyeong Kyu, do you regret marrying me?”

Chae Ri brought her grandmother to live at Yeong Seon’s house. The one that suffers the most is Jin Ae. President Jang helps as much as he can Yeong Seon from his mother, but Jin Ae can’t get out. Both Jin Ae and Yeong Seon leave the house early to get away from Chae Ri’s grandmother. Fortunately, the fact that they grandmother lives with them Jin Ae and Yeong Seon have the chance to get closer.

Because of San, Hyeong Kyu suggests to live separately from Hye Joo. But Dong Chul asked Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo to move in with them.

Episode 49

Dong Chul fought with San Ok and left the house. Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri went to bring his home, but they weren’t able to convince him. Since Dong Chul refuses to return home until San Ok will apologize, Hoon Jae came to see Dong Chul at the sauna. He told Dong Chul about San Ok’s condition. Dong Chul can’t believe that his wife will die soon so he asks Hoon Jae to take him to San Ok’s doctor. But unfortunately, the doctor told him exactly what Hoon Jae said earlier.

At the house, San Ok is sorting out her clothes. Hye Joo comes to help and offers to go and bring Dong Chul home. But San Ok doesn’t let her. Since Chae Ri, whom Dong Chul adores, wasn’t able to bring Dong Chul home there is no use for Hye Joo to try. While helping San Ok sort the clothes, Hye Joo finds out that Chae Ri didn’t peel the garlic as she told her too.

Meantime at the office, the clothes that Chae Ri designed were well received by her superiors. Later Yeong Seon and Jin Ae formed a team and asked Chae Ri why she brought her grandmother to their house. But of course Chae Ri isn’t easy to deal and fought back. Luckily Chae Ri has the biggest power on her side. While Chae Ri was with Yeong Seon and Jin Ae, her grandmother called Jin Ae and told her to come home early together with Yeong Seon because she is making dinner. The grandmother was bragging about being the best mother-in-law in the world since she is making dinner for her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter-in-law, but of course she was only supervising and Hoon Jae’s aunt was doing all the work.

Since the incident with San when he scolded San for ruining the important documents that were in his own bag and Hye Joo and Yu Ja sided up with San against him, Hyeong Kyu avoids any kind of conflict. He takes few bites of breakfast in a hurry and then he leaves without using the bathroom or brushing his teeth. Hyeong Kyu doesn’t complain anymore, he hardly say anything at home, he leaves as soon as possible and comes home as late as possible.

Hye Joo went to see Hyeong Kyu at work. She wants him to tell her everything he has to say. She seems to understand that it’s uncomfortable for Hyeong Kyu to life with her side of the family, but she doesn’t understand that he is uncomfortable because her son, her mother and herself treat him as an outsider. Hye Joo asked Hyeong Kyu to put some effort in making their married life happy. Hyeong Kyu puts more effort than he ever put while living with his own family, but it’s not enough for him to work hard for that relationship if Hye Joo just expects from him while doing nothing.

Hyeong Kyu:”I am putting in a lot of effort. I’m not sure if this is what married life should be like, but these days I keep thinking that it was better when we were dating with heartaches. Then it was painful, but I wasn’t lonely.”

Its dinner time so Jin Ae and Yeong Seon arrived home. They aren’t at all happy, but still they had to come. Hoon Jae and president Jang arrived too. President Jang brought a present for Yeong Seon and takes her to the room to give her the present. The grandmother hoped that the present was for her so she was kind upset. Since it’s time to have dinner and Yeong Seon is checking out her present, Jin Ae has to do some work. She has to set the table and to make more salad. Few days ago Jin Ae had only one mother-in-law, but now with the grandmother there Jin Ae has to work twice as much.

The grandmother sits at the table ordering Jin Ae around, but Hoon Jae came to help her. When everything was finishes, they called Yeong Seon and president Jang. The present Yeong Seon received was her wedding dress. She tried the dress, but the zipper got stuck and Yeong Seon had to come to the dinner table wearing her wedding dress. Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and the aunt had so much fun teasing Yeong Seon that the aunt spit the food she had in the mouth on the grandmother.

Hyeong Kyu sees Hye Joo and San playing and wants to join them. He helps San with his toy, but unfortunately he was so excited that he can get on San’s good side that he broke the toy. San get angry and blames Hyeong Kyu for ruining his toy.

San:”You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You did that because you hate me?”

Angry, San takes the toy from Hyeong Kyu and throws it on the floor. Hyeong Kyu takes San to the room and calmly talks to the boy. He can understand that San is acting that way because the boy feels like Hyeong Kyu stole his mother. But Hyeong Kyu wants to know what he can do to make San feel better.

San:”I want you to go back to your house.”

Hyeong Kyu packs his bags to leave the house as San wants. Hye Joo tries to hold him back. She thinks that Hyeong Kyu regrets having married her. When Hye Joo asked him if he regrets tha marriage, Hyeong Kyu didn’t answer letting her understand that he does regret it.

Hye Joo:”Hyeong Kyu, do you regret marrying me?”

Hyeong Soon doesn’t understand that Chae Ri used San Ok’s disease to move back in and asks Chae Ri to return to her house. He still believes that letting her go is the best thing he can do for her.

Chae Ri:”I’ll leave when I’m ready.”

In the morning San Ok enters Hyeong Kyu’s old room to clean and finds Hyeong Kyu and Hyeong Soon sleeping there, hugging each other from cold because the heat in that room was over since no one was using it. Without asking what happened, San Ok knows that San kicked Hyeong Kyu out of the house.

Early in the morning both Yeong Seon and Jin Ae sneaked out of the house before the grandmother could give them some work to do. Jin Ae bought herself two breakfasts because she’s been eating a lot lately. Maybe she is pregnant!

Meantime Dong Chul gathered Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo in his room. He told them to get San and move there with them. Dong Chul uses the fact that Hyeong Kyu was kicked out by San to make that move there. That way San Ok can have her beloved son close to her and Hyeong Kyu will also get the chance to spend with his mother, San Ok’s last month’s alive.

After everyone left for work, Dong Chul practices with the washing machine to get it right like San Ok thought him many times. Then he wipes the floor, cleans the dust. San Ok is a little shocked by Dong Chul’s sudden behavior. She leaves to go to the store, but she returns soon. Finding Dong Chul crying, San Ok understands that Dong Chul knows about her condition. San Ok and Dong Chul hug each other and cry in each other’s arms.

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