“All about My Mom” ep 50 ~ Dong Chul:”You should try being a decent son first before you try to be someone’s father, you jerk.”

San in uncomfortable around San Ok so he refuses to move with Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu. When he finds out that, Hyeong Kyu decided to search for an apartment to live with his own family, but Dong Chul doesn’t accept Hyeong Kyu’s decision. Meantime Jin Ae finds out that she is pregnant and Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri get back together.

Episode 50

Because there are too many people leaving in the same house, president Jang called for an emergency meeting Yeong Seon, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae to his house. He and Yeong Seon decided to skip the wedding ceremony because Yeong Seon wants to keep everything as simple as possible. Still they want to enjoy their newlywed life so president Jang announced Hoon Jae and Jin Ae that he will buy an apartment to live in with Yeong Seon. Of course president Jang plans to leave his mother with Hoon Jae and Jin Ae. But Hoon Jae counterattacked his father. Knowing that San Ok doesn’t have much to leave, Hoon Jae wants to move in with San Ok and Dong Chul for a year.

Hoon Jae:”I’d like to live at Jin Ae’s parent’s house for a year.”

Hearing, that Yeong Seon stepped in and decided that they will live as they are living at the moment. She can’t accept her son to live with his parents-in-law.

Hyeong Kyu came home early to bring San a toy and make peace with his stepson. Before Hye Joo and San arrived home, Yu Ja made sure to complain about the hard time San Ok is giving Hye Joo and that because of the work San Ok is giving her daughter, Hye Joo had to refuse her dream job offer. While giving the toy to San, Hyeong Kyu asked the boy why he wants to continue living with Yu Ja instead on moving with them. Honest, San said that he doesn’t want to move because he is scared of San Ok.

Since San isn’t comfortable around San Ok and Yu Ja isn’t pleased with her daughter living with San Ok either, Hyeong Kyu came at the house to tell San Ok that he will buy and apartment for him, Hye Joo and San. But if San Ok insists so much, they could move in with her until they will find their apartment. Dong Chul, who was coming home, heard Hyeong Kyu and stepped in. He doesn’t accept any conditions from Hyeong Kyu so Dong Chul tells Hyeong Kyu to move in with them without complaining so much.

Dong Chul:”You should try being a decent son first before you try to be someone’s father, you jerk.”

Angry with Hyeong Kyu, Dong Chul is about to reveal him that San Ok is dying. San Ok together with Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri, who also arrived home, stopped him. Dong Chul takes the blame on himself and tells Hyeong Kyu to move in because he got himself into trouble and when Hyeong Kyu moves in San Ok will feel better. Selfish, Hyeong Kyu told his parents that he will help them with money, but still he won’t move back in. Thinking that Hyeong Kyu would sleep over at his parent’s house, Hye Joo came to bring him some clothes. She heard the conversation and convinced Hyeong Kyu to move with San Ok and Dong Chul.

Before leaving, Hye Joo made sure to write down what Chae Ri should do before going to bad. So with Hyeong Soon’s help, Chae Ri has too peel a lot of garlic. While they were working on the garlic, San Ok told them that it’s time they stop pretending to be a couple.

Hoon Jae decided, he will tell Jin Ae about her mother. He calls Jin Ae out to, but he can’t find the right words to reveal her the sad news. Because Hoon Jae takes his time to talk, Jin Ae drops a happy bomb on him. She is pregnant!

Jin Ae:”Our baby is five week old.”

The happy couple gives their families the good news. For San Ok and Dong Chul that is both a happy and a sad day. On that day they found out that Jin Ae is pregnant, on that day Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo and San are moving in with them, but that day is also sad because it’s the day Chae Ri leaves their house for good.

Dong Chul:”If you love her, don’t let her go!”

Encouraged by Dong Chul, Hyeong Soon run after Chae Ri. Luckily he arrived in time to catch her and they made up for real this time.

Hyeong Soon:”I’m going to love you with pride. I love you, Chae Ri!”

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