“Back to 1989” ep 2 ~ Chen Che:” Ye Zhen Zhen, did I have some grudge with you in my last life?”

Chen Che tries to find a place to live, but he can’t use his personal dates so he needs a guarantor to be able to rent a place. He calls Zhen Zhen to be his guarantor, but she became more than a guarantor. Chen Che moved into Zhen Zhen’s house. While helping Zhen Zhen, Chen Che has an asthma attack. When Zhen Zhen looks for Chen Che’s inhaler in his back she sees the picture with Chen Che and his mother, Chen Ya Juan.

Episode 2

The day of the bet that Chen Che and director Li made came and Chen Che won. He gives half of the money he won from the bet to Zhen Zhen as compensation for her scooter. With the rest of the money, Chen Che went shopping. Chen Che also needs a place to stay. He looks for a place, but he can’t give his personal dates to rent that place since he isn’t born in 1989. Because he needs a guarantor to rent a place, Chen Che calls the only person he knows there, Ye Zhen Zhen. He promised her to be her client if she becomes his guarantor. But Zhen Zhen became more than a guarantor.

Finding out that Chen Che needs a place to stay and is willing to pay a lot of money, Zhen Zhen decided to bring him to her house. Her family will rent Chen Che a room to half the price Chen Che was about to rent a room. When they arrived at Zhen Zhen’s house, all of Zhen Zhen’s family thought that Chen Che is Zhen Zhen’s boyfriend. Even after Zhen Zhen and Chen Che cleared that they aren’t dating, Zhen Zhen’s family still didn’t seem to believe them.

Chen Che:”So this is the feeling of having a father in the house.”

As he promised Zhen Zhen, Chen Che came at her office and became her first client. Of course Chen Che couldn’t fill the papers with his own name so he used his grandfather’s name. While trying to get some information about his mother form Zhen Zhen, Chen Che discovered that his mother also works there. The whole time he was there, Chen Che couldn’t take his eyes off Ya Juan.

Zhen Zhen’s superior what to hire Chen Che. He offered Chen Che double of what the other employees get, but Chen Che refused. Then Zhen Zhen’s boss told Zhen Zhen to bring Chen Che to their meeting at the restaurant. If Zhen Zhen brings Chen Che with her, she has the chance to become a full time employee, but if she won’t that she will be fired.

Leaving the stock market, Chen Che went to see his grandfather. Unfortunately professor Chen is on a conference outside Taiwan.

Zhen Zhen called and asked Chen Che to come have dinner with her and her manager, but Chen Che refused. At dinner time, Chen Che heard Zhen Zhen’s parents talking about their daughter’s manager. They were afraid that the manager invited Zhen Zhen to dinner to force her keep company to old businessmen.

When Chen Che arrived at the restaurant, Zhen Zhen was drunk and she was insulting her manager. Zhen Zhen was telling everything she was thinking. Chen Che follows Zhen Zhen home to make sure nothing happens to her. While he was trying to get a taxi, Zhen Zhen’s bag was stolen. Because Zhen Zhen fell on the ground and fell asleep, Chen Che had to carry her home.

Chen Che:” Ye Zhen Zhen, did I have some grudge with you in my last life?”

After putting Zhen Zhen in bed, Chen Che gets his phone and takes a picture of sleeping Zhen Zhen. But then Zhen Zhen wakes up. She grabs Chen Che’s cheeks, she slaps him and tells him that if he won’t accept her manager job offer, she will be fired. She also told Chen Che that Ya Juan is leaving the company.

In the morning, Chen Che has fun telling Zhen Zhen what she did at the restaurant after getting drunk. In Chen Che’s opinion she said everything she was supposed to say, but her manager would probably expect her resignation letter.

Ya Juan hurried to work early in the morning. But someone is following her. Scared, Ya Juan stops her bike and confronts her follower. Seeing that the man following her is Li Jin Qin, Ya Juan calms down. They smile at each other, but suddenly they hear a noise. Someone had abandoned a puppy in a box and threw him on the lake. Ya Juan saved the puppy, but she fell into the lake. Hurried to get to work, Ya Juan leaves the puppy with Jin Qin.

Meantime at the office, Chen Che accepted Zhen Zhen’s manager’s offer. From now on he is their new broker. But Chen Che had also a condition. He wanted Zhen Zhen to be his assistant. During the meeting, Chen Che saw that his mother was wet on one of her shoes. He buys her a new pair of shoes and socks and gives it to her. While Ya Juan was getting her new shoes on, Chen Che asks her about her life, if she has a boyfriend at the moment.

After work, Chen Che keeps looking at Ya Juan asking if she really doesn’t have a boyfriend seeing how she leaves right after work. Zhen Zhen reassures him that Ya Juan doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she has someone she likes. While they were talking about Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen sees the man that stole her bag. Both Zhen Zhen and Chen Che run after the thief. Chen Che caught the thief, but the thief hit him and run away. But Chen Che couldn’t get up, he had an asthma crisis. Zhen Zhen takes everything out of his bag and finds the inhaler. Chen Che can breathe again. But when she put everything back into the bag, Zhen Zhen sees a picture with Chen Che and Ya Juan.

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