“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 14 ~ Huan Huan:”Thank you for believing in me!”

With Sheng Nan’s help Justin got the evidence he needed to defend Huan Huan from the scandal that Qian Yao planed and created.  When everything was resolved, Huan Huan still insisted to break up with Justin. Hurt, Justin goes to Korea. Returned to Taiwan, Justin asked Sheng Nan to help him get Huan Huan back.  But something socking happened.

Episode 14

Justin comes to Huan Huan’s house and drags her to Jiang Qian Yao’s press conference. There, in front of all the reporters that were present, Justin announced that Jiang Qian Yao is the one that planed and framed Cai Huan Zhen and president Jin. As an evidence for what he is saying, Justin played the video in which Qian Yao was confessing everything. After she found out the truth, Sheng Nan visited Qian Yao and recorded him confessing what he did.

Qian Yao:”You won! You protected her.”

The misunderstandings regarding Huan Huan’s scandal were cleared, but still Huan Huan refuses to restart her relationship with Justin. She insists that Justin should go to Singapore and fulfill his dream. She turns her back on Justin and leaves, but on her way out, Huan Huan sees Sheng Nan. She goes to Sheng Nan and the two old friends made peace after ten years. They are friends again. They talk to each other about their problems and advices each other.

Huan Huan:”Thank you for believing in me!”

Encouraged by Huan Huan, Sheng Nan went to see Qian Yao before he left. She apologizes to tricking and filming him and then revealing everything to the media in order to protect Huan Huan. But Qian Yao isn’t upset with her. He is happy that she didn’t change, that she is the same girl he fell in love with. Qian Yao lied Sheng Nan about a lot of things, but the only thing he didn’t lie was the fact that he fell in love with her.

Qian Yao:”I don’t know how to tell you goodbye. I like you!”

Justin disappeared! Since Huan Huan insists on breaking up, Justin went back to Korea. He went to all the places his been with Huan Huan. Justin remembers all the happy moments he spent with Huan Huan there. Because Justin didn’t tell anyone where he was going and he doesn’t answer his phone, his family is worried. Thinking that maybe Justin is with Huan Huan, Sheng Nan called her. The moment she heard that Justin disappeared, Huan Huan isn’t able to concentrate to her work. She asks for a day off and goes to look for Justin. While she was looking for him, Justin called her and told her that he is in Busan. Justin told her what he truly feels for her and hanged up.

Justin:”I’ve never changed myself…You are the only woman in this world who could make me happy because of your smiles. ”

Returned to Taiwan, Justin asked his father and Sheng Nan to help him. Seeing that Huan Huan is at the office, Sheng Nan called her mother to have lunch together. Then Sheng Nan asked Huan Huan to talk to her. When Sheng Nan’s mother arrived she heard Sheng Nan and Huan Huan talking, according to Sheng Nan’s plan. The mother hears Huan Huan saying that she is giving up Hao Meng because she doesn’t want him to suffer. Huan Huan blames herself that Justin had to give up his job in Singapore. Also she doesn’t want Justin to fight with his mother because of her. Before leaving, Sheng Nan’s mother hears Huan Huan asking Sheng Nan to send a message to Justin’s future wife from her. Huan Huan knows that Justin has a small alcohol tolerance and has insomnia so she wants Justin’s future wife to take care of him. She describes every detail about Justin and she is also giving advices about what to do to be happy with Justin to the future woman in his life.

The second stage of Justin and Sheng Nan’s plan is to reconcile their parents. While Justin follows his mother, who went to meet her friend, his father dresses elegantly and even buys a bouquet of flowers. Sheng Nan is bringing her father over to the direction Justin told them. Meantime, Huan Huan and her mother also follow Huan Huan’s father, who went out to meet someone. When both families arrived, they were shocked to see Huan Huan’s father meeting Sheng Nan’s mother. Disappointed Sheng Nan’s father and Huan Huan’s mother left. Their daughter’s follow them.

Sheng Nan’s mother tries to explain that she and Huan Huan’s father are just old friends, but her husband doesn’t believe her. Justin’s father recognized Huan Huan’s father and knows that Huan Huan’s father is his wife’s first love. Upset, Sheng Nan’s father gave his wife the divorce papers. After they’ve signed the divorce papers, both of them fight for Justin to be their divorce lawyer.

Huan Huan’s father is being punished too. His wife and daughter made him keel down. Both Huan Huan and her mother are upset. He also explains that is nothing wrong between him and Justin’s mother. The moment he was about to be forgiven, Justin’s mother send a text asking Huan Huan’s father for help because her husband asked her the divorce.

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