“All about My Mom” ep 51 ~ Hyeong Kyu:” Mother, I’m sorry!”

Hyeong Kyu and his family moved in with San Ok and Dong Chul. Chae Ri, Hyeong Soon and Dong Chul try hard to hide from Hyeong Kyu that San Ok is sick, but San Ok’s taste buds start to disappear. Something happens to San and Hyeong Kyu gets angry with San Ok. Feeling guilty for how he treated his mother, Hyeong Kyu returns to apologize, but he finds San Ok lying unconscious on the floor near some pills.

Episode 51

Hyeong Kyu and his family are moving in so San Ok wants to clean a little San’s room. But her chest hurts. She goes to her room to get her medicine, but she hears San’s voice. Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo and San arrived. They are calling San Ok, they are looking for her, but San Ok doesn’t answer. She doesn’t want Hyeong Kyu to see her in pain or to find out about her illness so San Ok hides in her closet.

San Ok prepared a lot of food to celebrate that Hyeong Kyu and his family moved in and that Jin Ae is pregnant, but Jin Ae called to say that she and Hoon Jae can’t come. Before going to San Ok’s house, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae came by their house. The grandmother didn’t let them leave and have dinner at San Ok’s family because she already made dinner to celebrate Jin Ae’s pregnancy. Of course the grandmother bragged about cooking dinner, but she didn’t do anything. All the work was made by Yeong Seon, Hoon Jae’s aunt and the maid.

When San Ok was disappointed that she made a lot of food, but Jin Ae can’t come, Chae Ri came in and announced San Ok that she and Hyeong Soon got back together for real this time. Happy Chae Ri starts eating, but her happiness doesn’t last long. The moment Hye Joo saw Chae Ri , she put Chae Ri to work.

While they were having dinner, the grandmother asked Hoon Jae and Jin Ae to go live with Jin Ae’s family for some time. Since Jin Ae is in her early stage of pregnancy, the grandmother believes that Jin Ae should stay with her family, not serving her mother-in-law and her grandmother-in-law.

Borrowing Hyeong Kyu’s car and using Chae Ri to drive them, San Ok and Dong Chul packed some dishes that San Ok prepared and delivered it to Jin Ae. Arrived in front of the house, San Ok and Dong Chul ask Chae Ri to call Hoon Jae and give him the food without telling anyone that they are there too. But Chae Ri called Hoon Jae’s aunt and asked her to open the door because she came with San Ok and Dong Chul. They’ve entered and wanted to leave as soon as they’ve greeted the family, but Yeong Seon didn’t let them. Yeong Seon insisted that San Ok and Dong Chul stay for a cup of tea.

While Jin Ae tasted the dishes her parents brought her and Hoon Jae peels some fruits, Hoon Jae’s family announced Dong Chul and Jin Ae that the grandmother decided that Jin Ae should move sore some time with her family to be able to relax. Unfortunately San Ok refuses politely. Even if she wants Jin Ae to stay at her house, there isn’t a room for Jin Ae and Hoon Jae to stay in. The room that Jin Ae used before marriage is now San’s room. Suddenly someone is at the door. Hoon Jae goes to open and it was Hyeong Soon. Chae Ri called him over.

Hyeong Soon, Chae Ri and president Jang are talking in the kitchen. Now Hyeong Soon doesn’t bow his head. He is confident in what he can achieve so he is willing to talk to president Jang and assure president Jang that he can be successful and make Chae Ri happy.

Meantime Jin Ae took San Ok to her room. She was sure that San Ok would receive her home. She was even willing to sleep in the same room with San so Jin Ae now is disappointed.

It’s the first night Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo and San spend at San Ok’s house. Hyeong Kyu reads San a story before bed, then he says goodnight. But San decided to enjoy his new room alone. San decided to let Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo share a room. Hearing the news, Hyeong Kyu is so happy that he strongly hugs San and kisses the boy.

Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo are in their room together after a long time. All of a sudden Hye Joo received a phone call. It was San! The boy is scared to sleep alone. San can’t fell asleep alone because Hyeong Kyu made the mistake to read him a story about monsters. Later San Ok comes to check on San and sees Hye Joo there. She asks about that situation and San tells her that he isn’t comfortable with letting his mother sleeping with Hyeong Kyu. Hearing his mother’s voice, Hyeong Kyu comes in. Also Dong Chul enters. Wanting to help their son and daughter-in-law without scaring the child, San Ok and Dong Chul kicked Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo out of the room because they want to sleep with San.

Hyeong Kyu:” There are some benefits in coming to my mother’s house.”

The next morning, at breakfast, another problem shows up. As soon as he tasted the food his mother made, Hyeong Kyu knew that something was wrong. One dish was salty, the other one was either bland or spicy. Knowing about San Ok’s condition, Dong Chul, Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri pretended that the food is delicious. But San Ok realizes that she is starting to lose her taste buds.

During the day, Yu Ja encouraged San to spend some time with San Ok and get close. The boy is still scared of San Ok, but he does what his grandmother asked him too. San goes to San Ok and asks for some sweet potato.

San Ok:”I want to get along well with you. I liked you from the start.”

While talking to the boy, San Ok feels her chest hurting. She goes to get her medicine, leaving San alone in the kitchen. As soon as she took her medicine, San Ok hears San crying and runs to see what happened. After San Ok left the kitchen, San saw the sweet potato boiling and wanted to get the pot from the stove. Remembering what happened to Hyeong Kyu, San Ok carried San on her back to the hospital. She even fell on the street where she hurt herself and lost her shoe. Luckily San wasn’t badly hurt. More hurt was San Ok.

Worried about their child, Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo rushed to the hospital. Arrived there, Hyeong Kyu got angry with San Ok for letting San alone in the kitchen after knowing what happened to him. Seeing Hyeong Kyu angry, the doctor intervened telling him that his mother is more hurt than his son.

Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo took San Ok home, but because they had plans they left again. On their way out, Hye Joo scolded Hyeong Kyu for always getting angry with his mother. Knowing that he did wrong, Hyeong Kyu buys a new pair of shoes for San Ok and returns home. He enters San Ok’s room and sees her lying unconscious and pills on the floor. Hyeong Kyu takes San Ok on his back and runs to the hospital.

Hyeong Kyu:” Mother, I’m sorry!”

Personal thought: Hyeong Kyu has a perfectly fine car, but still he thought that carrying his mother on his back and running to the hospital is faster !!!

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