“All about My Mom” ep 52 ~ Hyeong Kyu:”I have so many regrets that I can’t stand being in my own skin.”

Finding his mother fainted on the floor, Hyeong Kyu carried her to the nearest hospital. There, Hyeong Kyu found out that his mother is seriously ill and will die in a few months. He was always rude and selfish and the live gave him a cruel lesson. Knowing about San Ok’s illness, Hyeong Kyu changed. All he does is sit on the bed starring into space. Because her illness is getting serious, San Ok decided to reveal the truth to Jin Ae too. But something good happened too. Hyeong Soon was promoted manager.

Episode 52

Hyeong Kyu comes in and sees San Ok lying unconscious on the floor and some pills next to her. Worried, Hyeong Kyu carries his mother to the nearest hospital. While she was checked, San Ok wakes up. She tries to hide as much as she can the fact that she is sick and she will die soon from Hyeong Kyu. And she is about to succeed to hide the truth, but the doctor that was checking her up recognized her. The doctor is the same doctor that sent San Ok to see a specialist. Shocked, Hyeong Kyu finds out the truth about his mother’s condition, but doesn’t know the gravity of San Ok’s illness.

Hyeong Kyu returns to San Ok’s room and discovers that only he and Jin Ae were the ones that didn’t know the truth. Now that he found out the truth, Hyeong Kyu realizes why his father, Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri were acting strange lately. Still Hyeong Kyu doesn’t know the gravity of his mother’s illness. He called San Ok’s doctor, but she didn’t tell Hyeong Kyu anything without San Ok’s consent.

Arrived home, Hyeong Kyu sees Dong Chul, Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri and asks them about San Ok’s illness. He is hurt and suffers. He gets angry with his family for hiding something so important. He gets angry because his family let him being rude to San Ok without knowing that San Ok doesn’t have much to live. The only one Hyeong Kyu could vent his anger on is Hyeong Soon.

Hyeong Kyu:” Except for me, everyone knew?”

Suffering Hyeong Kyu left. He walks around remembering how he treated San Ok and made her suffer. Suddenly some men appear and Hyeong Kyu provoked them until he was hit. Hyeong Kyu is on the ground, crying and hitting himself. Hyeong Soon comes over to console him.

Hyeong Kyu took his mother to her doctor’s appointment and had the chance to find more about San Ok’s illness. When they’ve finished talking to the doctor, Hyeong Kyu and his parents met Hoon Jae. Together they go to lunch, even if that meant Hoon Jae forgetting that he had a lunch appointment with Jin Ae.

After taking his parents to their store, Hyeong Kyu goes home to get ready to go to work. Hye Joo follows him and consoles him. Hyeong Kyu is suffering so much that he is pushing Hye Joo away.

Hyeong Kyu:”I have so many regrets that I can’t stand being in my own skin.”

Hyeong Kyu didn’t go to work. Since he found out about San Ok’s disease, all Hyeong Kyu does is lying in bad, staring into space and crying while remembering how he treated his mother. San comes home and sees Hyeong Kyu’s shoes at the door. He goes in and makes Hyeong Kyu feel better.

Hyeong Soon was promoted manager at the restaurant he is working. He invited all his family to celebrate his new position. After dinner, the whole family went to karaoke and had fun. While they were enjoying their time together, San Ok took Hoon Jae out and gave him the recipe of some of the dishes Jin Ae likes to eat. Back home, Hoon Jae cooked something for Jin Ae using San Ok’s recipe. The result was amazing. It tasted similar to when San Ok made it. Also Hoon Jae proposed Jin Ae to go on a trip at the hot spring with Jin Ae’s parents. San Ok asked Hoon Jae to do so because it’s time for San Ok to tell Jin Ae the truth.

The weekend came and Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and Jin Ae’s parents went on their trip. Before leaving the house Chae Ri gave San Ok the jacket she designed. Chae Ri created that jacket thinking of San Ok so she wanted San Ok to wear the first jacket. Hyeong Soon and Hyeong Kyu gave money to their parents for the trip.

Arrived at the house where they will stay, San Ok finds the right moment to reveal Jin Ae the truth.

San Ok:”Jin Ae, it looks like I have to go somewhere soon.

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