“Cheese in the Trap” ep 12 ~ In Ho:”I like Dog Fur!”

In Ho found out that Jung send Young Gon to harass Seol and now Jung used In Ha to get rid of Young Gon. Angry, In Ho met Jung. They fought and In Ho revealed that he likes Seol. That night both In Ho remember what happened the night everything changed between them.

Episode 12

The piano professor believes that In Ho needs a goal at this point of his live so he calls In Ho over and encourages In Ho to participate in a national piano competition.

On her way home, Seol meet Young Gon who was waiting for her near her house. Lately pictures with Young Gon stalking Seol around were posted on their university website. Young Gon believes that the one that posted those pictures was In Ho so he went to Seol. He kneeled down and asked Seol to stop In Ho from posting anything about him online and he will stop following her. But Young Gon gets upset when he finds out that In Ho had nothing to do with the pictures posted online. The pictures were posted by Seol, Eun Taek and Bo Ra. Angry, Young Gon wants to hurt Seol, but she had in her pocket the spray In Ho gave her. She sprayed Young Gon and run away. The whole scene was recorded by In Ha, who saw everything. Then In Ha send the video to Jung.

While Jung was watching the video In Ha send him, Seol was chased by Young Gon. Luckily for Seol, she met her father. Scared of Seol’s father, Young Gon left.

The next day, Young Gon goes to school acting like nothing happened. He offers to buy meat for everyone and all the guys in his class follow him around. Everything went well until something was posted online again. Everything that Young Gon thought about his classmates was posted online. Young Gon runs away and receives a text from In Ha. For a while Young Gon and In Ha exchange threatening text, but then suddenly Young Gon realizes that he was actually talking to Jung.

Jung:”It would be best if you didn’t show up in front of me.”

Seol is with Eun Taek and Bo Ra. While they were talking about Young Gon, Eun Taek tells Seol that Jung knows that Young Gon was stalking and harassing her. During their midterms Eun Taek told Jung about Young Gon harassing Seol so Jung helped Eun Taek. It was Jung’s idea to put everything about what Young Gon did or said online for everyone to see. Remembering all the things everyone told her about Jung, including In Ho, Seol goes to Jung.

Meantime In Ha arrived home with a lot of new things. In Ho questions her about the deal In Ha and Jung made. Finding out that Jung made In Ha bring Young Gon around Seol and now Jung is trying to get rid of Young Gon, In Ho gets angry.

Seol is at Jung’s house. She tells him how close she got with In Ho, how much In Ho helped her lately and how much she wants to help him play the piano again and finish school. Then Seol wants Jung to be honest with her, but Jun avoids answering. Seol knows that Jung send Young Gon to stalk her, she knows that Jung hates her being close to In Ho and she wants Jung to tell her that, to clear their problems.

Seol:”I want to see you the way you are.”

At home, In Ho remembers how things where between him and Jung when they were younger. Jung and In Ho were really close. They were always together, being there for each other, helping each other. But everything changed when Jung’s father announced that he plans to adopt In Ho and In Ha. Jung didn’t agree with that, but he pretended that it makes no deferens for him. Since the moment his father made the announcement, Jung put some distance between him and In Ho.

While being distant towards In Ho, Jung became friendly with a group of troublemakers from school. Jung made sure that the gang got into trouble. For that trouble In Ho was blamed. The gang took In Ho and beat him up. Between the members of that gang there was also a pianist. He was the one that hit In Ho and hurt his hand. Beaten and in pain, In Ho saw Jung looking at him without doing nothing. In Ho understood that Jung framed him, but still he wanted to believe in Jung. He went to Jung and asked Jung to tell him that it wasn’t Jung the one that planed everything, that planed In Ho getting hurt. But that day In Ho discovered Jung’s true color. Jung hated the idea of In Ho and In Ha getting adopted, he didn’t want to share what was his with In Ho and In Ha so Jung made sure to hurt In Ho, to ruin In Ho’s dream of becoming a pianist. Realizing the truth, In Ho packed his bags and left.

In Ho calls Jung and they meet up. He has a favor to ask Jung. In Ho wants to hit Jung, man to man without nobody stopping them. Jung and In Ho start fighting while talking about what they truly feel. They both feel like the other is subbing him in the back.

In Ho:”I like Dog Fur!”

Jung:”Stay away from Seol.”

In Ho always thought that Jung really likes Seol, but now after what he just found out, In Ho is afraid that Jung will eventually hurt Seol like Jung hurt him few years ago. After fighting with In Ho, Jung went to see Seol. When she saw Jung hurt, Seol understood that Jung and In Ho stopped fighting with words and started fighting with fists.

While Seol was taking care of his wounds, Jung remembers the night his father announced that he wants to adopt In Ha and In Ho. That night In Ho had a competition. Jung’s father and In Ha went to see In Ho, but Jung missed it. The same day In Ho’s favorite pianist had a concert in Korea. Knowing that In Ho likes that pianist so much, Jung went to get In Ho an autograph. Returned, Jung hears In Ho talking to another boy about Jung. In Ho was telling his friend that Jung has no dreams and can’t do anything he wants. In In Ho’s eyes, Jung was a pitiful person. Later, at the house, Jung heard his father talking on the phone and saying that Jung has some personality problems and he needs someone by his side to take care of him.

Hearing Jung’s story, Seol hugged him and made him feel secure that she won’t break up with him.

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3 Responses to “Cheese in the Trap” ep 12 ~ In Ho:”I like Dog Fur!”

  1. thedailyam says:

    The things Jung heard can’t justify what he did to In Ho. And I seriously want Seol to stop going after him.

    Anyway, thank you for the updates because of the exam session I haven’t been able to watch it yet. So it’s nice to know what’s been going on.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Jung must have felt betrayed by the two people he loved the most, but still you’re right. He should’ve have done what he did.
      Thanks for reading XD. Good luck on your exams

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