“All about My Mom” ep 53 ~ Jin Ae:”I’m bleeding!”

After finding out the news about her mother’s illness, Jin Ae keeps crying sadly. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her abdomen in the middle of the night and she is rushed to the hospital. Thinking about the pain he caused San Ok, Hyeong Kyu feels miserable and all of a sudden he can’t speak. On her check up, San Ok received a good news. Arrived home and wanting to celebrate the good news, San Ok received another good news from Chae Ri.

Episode 53

When she left of her trip, San Ok told her daughters-in-law to just sell what she prepared. But Hye Joo insists on cooking more. Unfortunately for her, Chae Ri can’t help. She has a lot of work at the office and the she has a date with Hyeong Soon.

Yu Ja sees her daughter working alone and comes in. She doesn’t help Hye Joo, but instead Hye Joo blames Chae Ri and Hyeong Kyu for not helping her daughter. While she was blaming Hyeong Kyu for not helping Hye Joo since it’s his day off, Hyeong Kyu came in. He sits and cleans the vegetables, avoiding Hye Joo and Yu Ja. Then Hyeong Kyu looks around the store and remembers how bad he treated his mother and how awful he talked about that store.

Chae Ri received a phone call from her grandmother who was crying because no one has time for her. Crying, the grandmother told Chae Ri that Young Seon left her alone in the house even if they had plans together. To clam her grandmother, Chae Ri said that they have a lot of work at the office and that is way Yeong Seon left. Then Chae Ri went to see Yeong Seon and ask Yeong Seon to not mistreat her grandmother. But Yeong Seon fought back this time. Once Chae Ri said that she is seeing Yeong Seon as her stepmother so using that Yeong Seon asked Chae Ri to not take her grandmother’s side.

After work, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon went on a date. They spend some time in Chae Ri’s old room at president Jang’s house. On their way out, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon met president Jang and Yeong Seon who also came on a date at the house. To prevent any awkward meetings like that, the four of them sit and make a schedule. Every couple will use a weekend to go there alone.

Back at the store, Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri find out that San Ok put the store on sale. Since they’ve heard that San Ok plans to sell her store as soon as possible Hye Joo and Chae Ri believed that it’s their fault and spend the whole night practicing.

Hyeong Kyu blamed himself so much for how he treated his mother and how embarrassed was about her mother’s store, that it the morning when he woke up, Hyeong Kyu couldn’t speak.

Returned from their trip, San Ok and Dong Chul, find Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu working at the store and Chae Ri working home. She practiced so much, but still Hye Joo can’t get the right taste…or at least improve a little. Because there will be no one to run her shop, San Ok insists on selling it. She asks Hye Joo to stop making any more side dishes and told Chae Ri to sell the vegetables she cleaned to another side dish store.

Arrived home, Jin Ae goes to her room and crying she’s upset that Hoon Jae didn’t tell her from beginning that San Ok is sick. Yeong Seon heard Jin Ae crying and saw Hoon Jae comforting her so later she asked Hoon Jae if something happened to Jin Ae. Both Yeong Seon and president Jang are shocked to find out that San Ok is sick and soon will die.

Hye Joo is upset. She wants to talk to Hyeong Kyu, but he doesn’t talk to her. Hurt, Hye Joo believes that Hyeong Kyu is upset with her. To clear the misunderstandings, Hyeong Kyu wrights on a piece of paper what is wrong with him.

Hyeong Kyu:”Hye Joo, I don’t know why but I can’t speak.”

Jin Ae wakes up in the middle of the night. Something is wrong! She is in pain and she is bleeding. Hoon Jae rushed Jin Ae to the hospital.

Jin Ae:”I’m bleeding!”

San Ok can’t sleep. She is worried about Jin Ae. When they called Hoon Jae and found out what happened, San Ok and Dong Chul ran to the hospital. Luckily both Jin Ae and the baby are fine. But suddenly San Ok’s tumor gives her pain. San Ok leaves Jin Ae’s room and tries to calm her pain. Yeong Seon came over and helped San Ok.

It’s time for San Ok’s check up. Dong Chul, Hyeong Kyu and Hoon Jae accompany her. Fortunately there was good news for San Ok. Her tumor didn’t grow anymore and she showed signs of improvement. San Ok could live longer than those 6 six month the doctor told her about.

On their way home, San Ok and the three men that accompanied her, stepped by the store and brought home with them Hyeong Soon and Hye Joo. That night the whole family will celebrate that San Ok showed signs of improvement. Arrived home, Chae Ri had a surprise for the family. Chae Ri is pregnant! And this time it’s for real. She’s been eating a lot lately so Chae Ri made a pregnancy test which showed up positive.

Chae Ri:”Mom, I think I’m pregnant!”

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