“All about My Mom” ep 54 ~ Final episode!

The family is happy. San Ok’s test result were good, Jin Ae didn’t lose her baby and Chae Ri is also pregnant. Hyeong Kyu went on a date with his mother and realized that his mother is also a beautiful woman. To make his mother a surprise, Hyeong Kyu bought his mother’s store. Because San Ok always wished to have a wedding dress, Dong Chul and San Ok renewed their wedding vows in front of the family.

Episode 54

The whole family celebrates San Ok’s and Chae Ri’s good news. As soon as the food was ready, Hoon Jae went home to celebrate with his wife. Arrived home, Hoon Jae announced his family that Chae Ri pregnant. Happy, Chae Ri talks on the phone with everyone, her brother, her father, her grandmother, Jin Ae and even Yeong Seon. While everyone eats happily, Hyeong Soon has an idea. He proposes San Ok to write her recipes and make a cooking book. Hyeong Soon got that idea after hearing that president Jang and Yeong Seon were cooking something for Jin Ae using the recipe San Ok gave Hoon Jae.

Hye Joo took Chae Ri and Dong Chul out and bought them cakes. Meantime San Ok and Hyeong Kyu had a mother-son date. First they went on a walk, then they saw a cosmetic store and they entered. There San Ok received a makeup. Back at the house, San Ok cut Hyeong Kyu’s hair like she used to when he was a child. Later San Ok and Hyeong Kyu had an open conversation in which San Ok asked Hyeong Kyu to stop tormenting himself. Hyeong Kyu started crying in San Ok’s arms and also he was able to talk again.

San Ok:”Stop feeling guilty!”

Chae Ri doesn’t have morning sickness, but unfortunately she’s experiencing prenatal depression. She keeps thinking about her mother.

Chae Ri:”I miss my mom!”

But Chae Ri didn’t had to miss her mother for long. She has two mothers of her own at the moment. Yeong Seon came to visit Chae Ri. She brought Chae Ri some cookies that she made herself. The reason Yeong Seon came was because she wants to be Chae Ri’s mother, not Chae Ri’s stepmother.

Later Dong Chul and San Ok arrived at their store and found Hye Joo crying. On that day the new owner of the store was coming to see the shop. The new owner arrived and San Ok, Dong Chul and Hye Joo and surprised. The new owner is Hyeong Kyu. Because San Ok loves the store and both Hyeong Kyu and Hyeong Soon are good cooks and also Hye Joo keeps practicing hard, Hyeong Kyu bought the store.

When she married Dong Chul, San Ok didn’t have a wedding and didn’t got to wear a wedding dress. Because wearing a wedding dress was always San Ok’s dream, Dong Chul talked to his children and daughters-in-law and arranged everything for him and San Ok to have another wedding.

Dong Chul:”I had no idea you were so beautiful. “

After the wedding, when they’ve arrived home, San Ok received another surprise. Dong Chul changed their room furniture, he bought the bed, changed the floor. Later, Dong Chul and San Ok had dinner with the whole family, including Jin Ae and Hoon Jae who spend the night there.

San Ok:”I’ve lived a happy life!”

The day after the wedding it’s the day San Ok wanted to go on a trip with the whole family. The men, including San, are in charge of cooking the trip food and breakfast. Since San Ok sleeps late, Dong Chul went to wake her up. Unfortunately it was too late. San Ok already died!

An year later everyone moved on with their lives. Jin Ae and Hoon Jae had a daughter. Also Hoon Jae got a younger brother. Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon had a son. Meanwhile Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo had twins.

Personal thought: Personally I liked this drama, but I have to admit that it was too long. I was hoping for a different finale….like San Ok still alive, doing therapy or something that can give hope.

The end….

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3 Responses to “All about My Mom” ep 54 ~ Final episode!

  1. shamrockmom3 says:

    Wow what a marathon! I salute you for the recaps of this show 😉

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