“Cheese in the Trap” ep 13 ~ Jung:” I won’t put you through this pain again.”

Everything goes well between Seol and Jung, but something is wrong with In Ho. He avoids Seol and acts cold towards her. Also In Ho needs money and tries everything he can to get money, he even asks Jung’s father for help. Hearing that In Ho needs money, Jung goes to see his old friend.

Episode 13

In Ho chose his piece for the competition he will attend in a few days, Chopin’s piano sonata no.3. It’s a hard piece, but In Ho participates in that competition to win it. The moment the professor saw In Ho’s face, he started scolding and beating In Ho for involving himself into fights that could hurt his hand again. Later In Ho meets Seol in the library. While she was helping him study, Seol kept testing and answering Jung’s texts. Because she needed to explain Jung that she is with In Ho, Seol went out. Feeling like he is the third wheel, In Ho leaves without saying a word.

On her way home, Seol met In Ho. But In Ho was acting strange. He kept his distance from Seol. He was acting different than his usual self. Knowing that Jung hates the fact that Seol helps him study and the fact that Seol is uncomfortable, In Ho tells Seol that she doesn’t need to help him anymore.

It’s weekend so Seol has a date with Jung. On her way, Seol met In Ha and had a fight with her. In Ho keeps bringing Jung up and picking up fights every time they see each other. When she encountered with Jung, Seol was honest as she promised him to be and told him everything that happened in her life lately. She told Jung about her meeting with In Ha, about stopping helping In Ho study and that she intends to give her graduation exam earlier. On the other hand Jung also changed. Now he talks back and tells Seol what he feels.

In Ho goes to his piano lessons and on the campus he sees Seol. He keeps his distance and avoids her as much as he can until In Ho sees some men that are looking for him. He grabs Seol’s hand and pulls her after him to hide. He covered her mouth and Seol fainted. Without knowing that Seol felt sick that morning, In Ho thought that Seol fainted because of his. Worried, In Ho carried Seol to the nearest hospital.

Worried that the man that is looking for him could find the noodle shop and hurt Seol, In Ho called that gangster. They meet up. The gangster hit In Ho and gave In Ho a week to pay back a large sum of money with interest. If In Ho won’t pay back in a week, he has to become a gangster or the gangster will destroy the people around In Ho.

After work Jung also came to see Seol at the hospital. She fainted because of stress and was hospitalized for the night.

Jung:” I won’t put you through this pain again.”

In the morning when she was discharged Seol sees In Ho waiting for her in front of the hospital. He is still acting strange and avoiding her. In Ho only came because Seol’s father asked him to bring her some medicine. As soon as he gave the medicine to Seol, In Ho left. He went to the bank in order to get a credit, but he can’t take money from the bank. He had some money saved, but In Ha found them and took them.

At her family noodle shop, Seol tries to make conversation with In Ho, but he avoids her. In Ho doesn’t answer Seol and when he does, it seems like he is angry. And if In Ho didn’t had enough problems, the gangster that he owns money found the noodle shop too. Arrived home, In Ho sees that In Ha bought new expensive clothes with money that Jung gave her and she also spend his emergency money. Angry, In Ho screams at In Ha.

In Ho:”Get out! I’m sick of you.”

As last resort, In Ho swallowed his pride and went to borrow money from Jung’s father. But as soon as In Ho opened his mouth and mentioned that he needs money, Jung’s father scolded him for wanting to gain something because of what happened between and Jung. He doesn’t listen at all what In Ho has to say and just blames In Ho. Disappointed, In Ho leaves.

In Ho:”You really are the same bloodline.”

Seol intended to help her classmates and give them the notes she has from Jung for the graduation exam. She kept lying to herself that she is letting her classmates use her for the last time. While going to make some copies of the notes, Seol hears her classmates talking bad about her and changed her mind.

Meantime Jung went to see In Ho after finding out that In Ho needs money. In investigated and found out that In Ho owns money to some gangster. Jung offered to give In Ho the money he needs as long as In Ho stays away from Seol. Returning home from his conversation with Jung, In Ho finds Seol looking for him. Her mother was worried about In Ho and send Seol to bring him some kimchi.

The next day, on her way home, Seol met In Ho. Worried about In Ho, Seol keeps asking what is wrong with him lately. She also offered in name of her whole family to help In Ho solve his problems. Touched, In Ho hugged Seol.

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