“Cheese in the Trap” ep 14 ~ In Ho:”It’s true that I like you.”

Suspecting that In Ho likes her, Seol keeps avoiding him. One night, In Ho sees Seol and goes to talk to her. He doesn’t like the uncomfortable relationship they had lately. He confesses that he likes her. Meantime In Ho doesn’t want to accept Jung’s offer so he tries to get the money he needs on his own. In Ho practices hard to win the piano competition, but his hand starts giving him problems.

Episode 14

In Ho’s pride won’t let him accept Jung’s proposal. He plans to get his house deposit money, an advanced paycheck and the money he can win at the piano competition to repay his debt. In Ho meets the gangster he owns money and asks him to wait for a month. The gangster has orders to bring In Ho into their gang, but he accepts In Ho’s proposal to get the money too.

Since the night In Ho hugged her, Seol keeps avoiding him. She suspects that In Ho might like her and she doesn’t know how to react. Seol doesn’t want to lose In Ho’s friendship. One night In Ho sees Seol eating at a convenience store and goes to her. He clears up what he feels for her to get rid of the awkwardness that is between them lately.

In Ho:”It’s true that I like you.”

In Ho admitted that he likes Seol, but he doesn’t expect her to acknowledge his feelings. He’s not telling Seol to leave Jung and start a relationship with him. In Ho will take care of his feelings on his own. He just wants his relationship with Seol to be like it was before their hug.

On his way home, In Ho met In Ha. Since he has to leave soon, In Ho asked In Ha to go with him, but In Ha didn’t accepted In Ho’s proposal.

In Ho:”Let’s leave together.”

The next day, In Ho and Seol met at school, but Seol was still avoiding him.

On her way home, Seol hears a conversation between Da Young and Sang Cheol. Before the graduation exam, someone stole the notes, Jung gave Seol. Even without those notes, Seol passed, but now she saw Sang Cheol with Yoo Jung’s notes. Seol went over and a fight started.

In Ho sees Sang Cheol rising his hand and Seol falling on the ground and runs over to protect her. They leave together. The atmosphere is still awkward, but In Ho asks Seol to not avoid him or hide from him for a month.

In Ho:”Just give me one month.”

Jung found out that Sang Cheol stole his notes from Seol and that Sang Cheol applied for a job at his company. Using his influence, Jung arranged for Sang Cheol to be called at an interview the same day Sang Cheol had an interview with another company.

In Ho practices hard for his piano competition, he even invited Seol to see him. But something is wrong with his hand. Meantime, Sang Cheol did as Jung told him and failed the interview. Feeling devastated after losing the job he got and also failing the interview at a big company, Sang Cheol gets drunk. He sees Seol and asks her to drink with him some more. He feels sorry for all the hard time he gave her during the years they’ve known each other. Sang Cheol opens up and reveals Seol what troubles him. Suddenly In Ha and Jae Woo came in. They sat with Sang Cheol and Seol and when Seol took Sang Cheol to the bathroom, Jae Woo told In Ha what happened with Sang Cheol, including the interview he had with Jung’s company and the fact that Sang Cheol had stolen Seol’s notes from Jung. When Sang Cheol returned to the table, In Ha made him understand that Jung played him. The only son of Taeran Group made sure that Sang Cheol was called for an interview, he passed Sang Cheol the wrong notes for the interview and made sure that Sang Cheol would fail the interview.

Angry the he failed the interview because of Jung, Sang Cheol goes to the company. He screams and fights with Jung in front of everyone. He even revealed to the whole department that Jung was the president’s only son. The guards took Sang Cheol out before he could say more. Jung followed Sang Cheol furious. He grabbed Sang Cheol’s neck and told Sang Cheol that it was time for Sang Cheol to know what it feels to take different things from others.

After his conversation with Sang Cheol, Jung returns back to the office. But in front of him appeared Seol. She hugged Jung .

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13 Responses to “Cheese in the Trap” ep 14 ~ In Ho:”It’s true that I like you.”

  1. thedailyam says:

    Why can’t I like Jung at all? Why?

    • lemonmirae says:

      Because In Ho’s character is way better??? Maybe Jung’s father is a really cold person that didn’t give his son the attention and love Jung needed and that is why Jung turned like that.

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  3. hanakimi91 says:

    Ok I didn’t mind that In Ho had too much airtime in the last episodes. I love hsi character, but really what is wrong with the writers, it’s like they are changing the drama. I;ve been waitting so may episodes to understand and explain Jun to us, but it seems they are now focusing on In Ho’s life I’m confused.

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