“Back to 1989” ep 3 ~ “Like the feeling of electric sparks.”

Zhen Zhen is about to see the picture with Chen Che and his mother. While Chen Che was trying to stop Zhen Zhen from seeing he picture an accident happened and the two of them kissed. After that accidental kiss, Zhen  Zhen keeps avoiding Chen Che. Following his mother and Zhen  Zhen to a concert, Chen Che meets Li Jin Qin.

Episode 3

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen leave their office. When Zhen Zhen sees the man that stole her wallet, both Zhen Zhen and Chen Che follow the thief. During the fight with the thief, Chen Che has an asthma crisis. Zhen Zhen takes everything out of Chen Che’s bag to find his inhaler. While putting everything back, Zhen Zhen sees Chen Che’s phone. Because on the phone display Chen Che has a picture with his mother and himself, Chen Che tries to take back his phone. Zhen Zhen doesn’t want to return the phone and in the struggle Chen Che and Zhen Zhen accidentally kissed. Embarrassed, Zhen Zhen runs away.

On his way home, Chen Che sees the thief and approaches him. The thief recognized Chen Che and tried to run away. But a stranger helped Chen Che catch the thief. The stranger introduced himself with only his surname, Li. Actually the stranger is Ja Yuan’s friend, Li Jin Qin.

As soon as she arrived home, Zhen Zhen rushed to her room. Suddenly, Chen Che knocked her door. He found her wallet and Zhen Zhen didn’t return his watch. Zhen Zhen is too embarrassed to look at him so she finds all kind of excuses to not open her door. But Chen Che fooled her into opening the door. He recovered his watch and returned the wallet. But then he made fun of Zhen Zhen.

Later, both Chen Che and Zhen Zhen can seem to fall asleep. Both of them kept thinking about their kiss. Chen Che gets thirsty and goes to the kitchen where he meets Zhen Zhen. An accident happened again. Zhen Zhen accidentally threw her glass of water on Chen Che. Looking at Chen Che, Zhen Zhen remembers their kiss, her first kiss and embarrassed runs to her room.

The next morning, Chen Che heard a conversation between Zhen Zhen and her brother and understood Zhen Zhen’s reaction after their kiss. Zhen Zhen was never in a relationship so the accident from the other day it was her first kiss.

Zhen Zhen tries to avoid Chen Che and run away to work on her scooter, but unfortunately she forgot to put fuel. While she was trying to run away from Chen Che, he told her that her skirt zipper was undone. Because Zhen Zhen was struggling with her zipper, Chen Che helped her. Both of them felt electric shock.

“Like the feeling of electric sparks.”

Zhen Zhen can’t avoid Chen Che so they walk together to work. On their way, they listen to Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan’s favorite song. When Chen Che mentioned the song that represents his mood at that time and smiled, Zhen Zhen changed again. She runs away again in order to avoid Chen Che.

At work, Ya Juan called Chen Che’s name. Seeing his mother in front of him, Chen Che jumped up sitting straight in front of her. Ya Juan can’t accept the expensive gift Chen Che gave her so she is returning the shoes Chen Che brought her.

Zhen Zhen wants to date, but there is no man interested in her. Suddenly a young man asks her to dinner in front of everyone in the office. But unfortunately that man was inviting Zhen Zhen to dinner because his father liked Zhen Zhen and wanted to marry her. Everyone in the office laughed at Zhen Zhen. Even if everyone laughed at her, Zhen Zhen was upset only with Chen Che. The others can do what they want, but Zhen Zhen doesn’t want Chen Che to laugh of her. Later another embarrassing moment happened while Zhen Zhen was in the office’s kitchen with Ya Juan and Chen Che came in. Because she needs to talk to someone about what happened, Zhen Zhen tells Ya Juan about her accidental kiss with Chen Che. Seeing Zhen Zhen reactions around Chen Che, Ya Juan believes that Zhen Zhen likes Chen Che.

At work someone framed Zhen Zhen of not doing her job right. Fortunately Chen Che offered to help her.

After work, Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan went to a concert where they’ve met their friends. Hearing that his mother never missed a concert of the singer from that night, Chen Che follows them. The singer was Li Jin Qin. When he saw the singer, Chen Che recognized him.

A fight started in the bar and Chen Che helped Li Jin Qin and his friends to protect Zhen Zhen and Ya Juan. The police came after the once that started the fight left and arrested Chen Che, Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen and their friends. At the police station Chen Che finds out the name of the singed and is shocked. He heard his grandfather mentioning Li Jin Qin and always suspected that Li Jin Qin was his father.

Jin Qin:”I am Li Jin Qin!”

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