“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 15 ~ Final episode!

On the last episode of Marry me or not?, a lot of misunderstandings are cleared. Some of them lasted for a lifetime and finally they are resolved and everyone can be happy. Justin’s mother got drunk and when Huan Huan took care of her, she realized that Huan Huan is the type of daughter-in-law she wanted for her son. Everyone around Justin, his parents, his friends, his sister, Huan Huan’s family and her friends helped him to get back with Huan Huan.

Episode 15

Using her father’s phone, Huan Huan sent Justin’s mother a text. They’ve met and Justin’s mother tried to explain that between her and Huan Huan’s father is just a friendship. But Huan Huan doesn’t seem to believe her. Huan Huan wants Justin’s mother to prove that there is nothing going on between her and Huan Huan’s father.

Huan Huan:”That’s what all the mistresses say in dramas.”

Huan Huan took Justin’s mother to her house. Justin’s mother explained to Huan Huan’s mother what kind of relationship she has with Huan Huan’s father. She explained that she and Huan Huan’s father were just meeting because she has some problems with her husband, they are talking about divorce and either Sheng Nan or Justin don’t support her decision. Huan Huan’s mother asked her husband to go buy some wine because she won’t let Sheng Nan’s mother leave her house until they’ve resolved the situation.

While the mother’s were drinking, dancing and having fun, Huan Huan called Sheng Nan to let her know that her mother is at her house.

The two mothers got drunk and fall asleep on the floor. Huan Huan called Sheng Nan to come pick up her mother, but Sheng Nan sent Justin. Since Huan Huan and Justin broke up, Sheng Nan wanted to help them. Justin wanted to take his mother home, but she refused so he let his mother sleep at Huan Huan’s house. On his way out, Justin hears his mother open up and telling Huan Huan what she really feels and how much she suffered. Huan Huan understands her. The both of them feel and think the same.

Later Huan Huan goes out and tells Justin that his mother is a woman that often fights with her husband because she loves her husband and like that she can get his attention. Before leaving Justin tells Huan Huan about a dream he had with the two of them. In the dream both Justin and Huan Huan were a couple from a long time. They were brushing their teeth together, they were eating together, they were sitting on the sofa holding hands while looking at movies.

After talking about his dream, Justin turns his back to leave. Huan Huan wants to stop him, but she can’t reveal what she really feels. She just wishes Justin a safe trip home.

Both their parents are too proud to tell what they really feel and prefer divorce from a misunderstanding so Justin and Sheng Nan made a plan to help them. They brought their parents to Justin’s office to finish the divorce papers and they’ve showed their father what their mother treasured the most in her life. Justin and Sheng Nan’s mother had a box full of memories with her and her husband. Sheng Nan’s parents realized that they really love each other, but their pride didn’t let them show it during the years.

Few days later, Sheng Nan’s mother came to find Huan Huan at the office. She found a suitable man for Huan Huan to go on a blind date with. At first Huan Huan rejected the offer and refused to see the picture of the man Sheng Nan’s mother found for her. But in the end she looked at the picture and was surprised. The man in the picture was Justin.

When she broke up with Justin, Huan Huan used the excuses that Sheng Nan and her mother doesn’t like her. But now both Sheng Nan and her mother like Huan Huan so she can’t use them as an excuse to not be together with Justin. Unfortunately Huan Huan is still scared so she doesn’t want to go back to Justin. She asked him to more time to clear her fears.

Justin:”I’m afraid of losing you!”

Huan Huan is on her way to work. Suddenly some dancers appear in front of her. She stops to watch the dance. When they finished, a dancer takes Huan Huan by her hand and brings her inside a department store. There he is surrounded by other dancers. They dance around her and suddenly they stop towards the same direction. Huan Huan follows that direction and she sees ballerinas dancing. One ballerina takes Huan Huan’s hand and brings her to where other dancers were waiting for her. The dancers bring Huan Huan to a cinema. When the doors opened and she entered, Huan Huan saw her parents, Justin’s parents and her friends holding pictures with her and Justin. All of a sudden the families and her friends started dancing in front of Huan Huan. But then the curtain opens and Justin appears holding a bouquet of flowers.

Justin :”Will you marry me?”

“Happiness if earned by fighting for it.”

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