“Please Come Back, Mister” ep1~ ep2 ~ Young Soo:”My body is like a sculpture.”

Please come back, Mister is a television series based on a Japanese novel. In this novel a man, who is worked to death, comes back to life in the body of an attractive man for a limited amount of time. Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak, lost their lives, but they are allowed to return to the living world for a limited amount of time to finish their unfinished business. During the time they return to the living world, both Young Soo and Gi Tak use different bodies and have to adhere to 3 rules, they can’t reveal their true identities, they can’t get revenge and they can’t engage in human affairs.

Lee Hae Jin is good looking man who works as a section chief at the women apparel section at a department store. But his body is actually possessed by Kim Young Soo’s spirit, a man who was worked to death. After Young Soo’s death, his wife, Shin Da Hye , a beautiful housewife, falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae Jin and Jung Ji Hoon.

Han Hong Nan, is a beautiful woman, whose body is possessed by the spirit of Han Gi Tak.


Rain                 as   Lee Hae Jin / Kim Young Soo

Kim In Kwon   as   Kim Young Soo

Kim Soo Ro     as   Han Gi Tak

Oh Yeon Seo   as   Han Hong Nan / Han Gi Tak

Lee Min Jung   as     Shin Da Hye

Yoon Park       as     Jung Ji Hoon

Episode 1

Two men that never met before, Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak, woke up together in the middle of nowhere. Han Gi Tak was chasing some car to help the woman who was his first love, but who always got him into trouble, and had a car crash. Meantime Kim Young Soo, who had a hard time at work not just that day, but for a while now, tries to get a banner into his place. Unfortunately Kim Young Soo lost his balance and fell from a tall building. Soon after meeting each other, both Young Soo and Gi Tak realize that they are dead, that they are between worlds.

Gi Tak is send to heaven. He is a gangster, but he also did a lot of good deeds. Meantime Young Soo is send to hell because his death is considered a suicide. Fortunately for him, Young Soo managed to change his ticket from hell to heaven. In the train that was taking then to heaven, Young Soo realized that he can’t die. He still has a lot to do for his family. He wasn’t a good son to his father, he wasn’t a good husband to his beautiful wife and his daughter is still young and needs him. Gi Tak tries to help Young Soo, but the train controllers got angry. They run away to not get into trouble with the train controllers and jumped out of the train.

The next day, Young Soo and Gi Tak were alive. Only one thing was different. There weren’t in their own bodies.

Episode 2

Young Soo and Gi Tak jumped out of the train that was taking them to heaven. They arrive in front of Ma Ya who gives each of them a chance to return to the living world for a while. They both signed the agreement and the next day they were alive. The only difference was that they both were possessing different bodies, not their owns. Young Soo was in the body of a good looking young man. For the first time in his life, Young Soo was looking the way he always wished. He was handsome, he had six pack and a good body. Young Soo was so pleased with his new body and he was admiring himself so much that he made a fool of himself in the elevator when a couple of old people saw him touching his own body. Meantime Gi Tak was in the body of a woman. He had to wear tight dresses and learn how to wear high heels.

Young Soo:”My body is like a sculpture.”

Leaving the hotel where they woke up after returning back to life, Young Soo and Gi Tak met each other. But since they are in different bodies they don’t recognize each other. Later Gi Tak, who is in the body of a woman, sees a pervert looking at his breasts and legs in the subway and hit him.

On their first day back alive, both Gi Tak and Young Soo went to see the places they worked at. Gi Tak went to his restaurant and saw that it changed in bad. Meantime Young Soo went to the department store he was working at and heard his superior telling the investigators that Kim Young Soo committed suicide after being coughed with bribery.

Gi Tak:”I guess women’s beauty is exhausting.”

Young Soo enters the department store and acts like he always way. Suddenly he bumps into a woman who was working there. When their eyes met, Young Soo saw that the woman he just bumped into was his wife, Da Hye. While he was looking at Da Hye, Young Soo hears the fire alarm. He wants to take Da Hye to a safe place, but he now is a stranger to her. When another employee appears, Young Soo starts asking about the place where the fire started. Luckily it was just a false alarm.

Later Young Soo appears in front of his former superior, Ma Sang Shik. Now that he is just a customer, Young Soo can make Ma Sang Shik bow his head as deep as Young Soo wants.

On Da Hye’s break time she has a small accident in the storage room. Some boxes are about to fall on her, but luckily Young Soo was close by and protected her. After he saved Da Hye, Young Soo received a phone call from Ma Ya. While gave Young Soo his new body, Ma Ya made a mistake. The new body Young Soo is using is the body of the department store president’s illegitimate son, Lee Hae Joon. The problem that is coming Young Soo’s way is that Lee Hae Joon is returning from America and will work at the department store.

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2 Responses to “Please Come Back, Mister” ep1~ ep2 ~ Young Soo:”My body is like a sculpture.”

  1. Blue says:

    I’ve enjoyed both episodes, although I was a bit caught off guards by Gi-Tak entering a woman’s body. So far I freaking love Maya HAHAHA, she’s too hilarious!!

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