“Cheese in the Trap” ep 15 ~ Jung:”Let’s never see each other again.”

In Ho continues with his piano practice, but his hand keeps hurting so he visits a doctor. Unfortunately In Ho will have to get a new surgery on his hand. In Ha on the other hand falls in disgrace with Jung’s father. No matter how much she tries to get Jung’s father on her side, he pushes her away.

Personal thought: What happened??? Are they showing Yoo Jung more again?? In the last episodes the most part of the episode was centered around In Ho, but in this episode they seem to have returned to Jung….I’ll have to wait for next episode to see 😀

Episode 15

Since everyone found out that Jung is the only son of Taerang Group president, they treat him differently. At work, the people who use to give Jung a lot to do, they don’t anymore. They were giving Jung work to do even on his break time, but not they invite him to all kinds of restaurant and asking him for favors. Going to school to give his reports, Jung encounters the same situation. The classmates found out about his background and surround them trying to get his attention.

Jung takes Seol home and proposes a trip for the vacation that it’s coming soon. Then Jung realizes that Seol’s parents won’t let her leave with him on a vacation and stay overnight. But Seol is willing to go with Jung on a trip. She even bought a couple ring for them.

Seol:”Don’t people usually just lie and go?”

Meantime In Ho goes to practice at a concert hall. The professor reserved that concert hall for him. There In Ho meets a young man, who admired him. Because his hand continues to give him trouble, In Ho went to see a doctor. From the doctor In Ho found out why his hand was hurting suddenly. After the fight, in which In Ho got his hand injured, In Ho needed some metal pins. When In Ho fought with Jung recently, one of those metal pins got an inflammation. Everything with be alright after surgery, but unfortunately for In Ho for the surgery and bone to heal it will take two months. In Ho has to have that surgery as soon as possible and in the meantime to avoid making moves that will worsen his fingers condition.

Because she can’t get the money she what, In Ha went to see Jung’s father to tell him that Jung is being manipulated by Seol. She tells Jung’s father that Seol knew always who Jung was and made Jung fall in love with her. Also In Ha tells president Yoo about the incident with Sang Cheol, but she tells the story in a way that it’s beneficial to her. After In Ha left, president Yoo called Jung to his office.

Jung:”Who is the one who cares about background and tries to manipulate? I think you need to figure that out.”

Jung’s father wants Jung to break up with Seol and move to Europe in a month when he will become a full-time employee. Leaving his father’s office, angry, Jung calls In Ha.

Jung:”You’ve crossed the line.”

Taerang Group is holding an event. To pay back In Ha for the trouble she caused Jung while talking to his father, Jung invited at that party all the men In Ha dated for a while. Hearing those men saying that they fooled around with her because she was beautiful, In Ha gets angry and causes a scene. She brags in front of everyone that she is the daughter of Taerang Group. To not be embarrassed, president Yoo turns his back on In Ha and asks the guards to drag her out.

In Ha:”I’m going to kill Yoo Jung.”

Shocked, In Ha tells In Ho what happened. She can’t believe that president Yoo doesn’t like her, that he turned his back on her and pretended to not know her. But In Ho makes her realize the truth. President Yoo brought them in because he needed to give Yoo Jung some pets to play with.

In Ho:”We were just like pets!”

Seeing his sister in that state of mind, In Ho gets angry and goes to see Jung. They’ve talked calmly and In Ho offered to leave the town if Jung doesn’t hurt In Ha anymore. But Jung doesn’t care what In Ho does. He doesn’t want In Ha to turn his father against Seol.

The next morning, In Ha went to see president Yoo. But president Yoo was cold towards her. He even told In Ha that he liked In Ha and In Ho while they were useful to Jung, but now he feels that In Ha is harming Jung. He wants to stop all relationship he and Jung have with In Ha and In Ho.

Furious, In Ha went to Jung. Because he didn’t want to open the door, In Ha broke it. But it was of no use. Jung doesn’t want In Ha in his life anymore. He called people to drag her out.

Jung:”Let’s never see each other again.”

Leaving furious Jung’s house, In Ha sees Seol. She goes to Seol, she hits Seol pushes her. Seol landed on the street and before she got the chance to get up a car came and hit her.

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