“Back to 1989” ep 4 ~ Chen Che:”If he really was my father…that wouldn’t be too bad.”

Chen Che became friends with his mother and her close friends. He finds out how the five friends met and that Ya Juan plans to go study aboard. But he knows that his mother never went aboard so now he has to discover what happened that changed Ya Juan’s plan. Meantime Chen Che helps Zhen Zhen with a problem she got herself in and becomes closer and closer to Li Jin Qin. When Chen Che was almost sure that Li Jin Qin is his father something happened and a new candidate to the position of his father appears.

Episode 4

Back from the police station after fighting with some people in the bar where he followed Zhen Zhen, Ya Juan and their friends, Chen Che looks at his mother and Li Jin Qin. Since the only name he hears in his entire live from his mother’s past was Li Jin Qin, Chen Che believes that Li Jin Qin s his father. Also Jin Qin and Ya Juan seem to like each other and to have a good relationship. Now that they are back from the police station, Ya Juan takes care of Jin Qin’s wounds while Chen Che looks at them smiling.

Zhen Zhen, who was taking care of Xiao Long’s wounds, sees Chen Che alone and goes to put some medicine of his hand. But she is awkward to touch Chen Che. Seeing that atmosphere, Xiao Long, who likes Zhen Zhen, pushed her away and offered to help Chen Chew ht his wounds.

That day, Chen Che finds out how Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen and the three men began being friends. Zhen Zhen, Xiao Long and Zhong En were finance majors. At that time, Zhen Zhen wanted the three of them to enter a guitar club. While registering for that club, the three friends met Ya Juan, who also was registering for that club and Li Jin Qin, who was a guitar legend in their university. Since that day the five of them became close friends. But soon the five friends will become four friends because Ya Juan will go to study aboard. Hearing that his mother is leaving to study aboard, Chen Che is surprised. He never knew that his mother planed to study aboard so Chen Che tries to find out what changed his mother’s plans.

On their way home, Chen Che continues to ask Zhen Zhen about his mother.

Zhen Zhen:”If I look carefully, you two kind of look alike.”

Zhen Zhen’s family hear her talking on the phone and find out that she made a mistake at work and now she owns a lot of money. Even if they use all the money they have saved for years and use Zhen Zhen’s marriage savings also they don’t have even the half of the money Zhen Zhen need to repay. But still they will find a way to help her. Seeing how worried her parents are, Zhen Zhen feels useless and runs out. Chen Che follows her and consoles her. She made a mistake, but her family is behind her, helping her.

The next day, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen meet director Wang, the owner of the man whom Zhen Zhen has to repay the money. Since they don’t have the money, Chen Che offered to advice director Wang in the stock market so director Wang could win double the money. Because Chen Che is daring, director Wang is interested. But he wants to play a game first. Zhen Zhen and Chen Che will play a bowling game against director Wang. If director Wang will win, he can do whatever he wants with Zhen Zhen, but if Zhen Zhen and Chen Che will win then director Wang will have to accept Chen Che’s proposal.

It’s the first time Chen Che plays bowling, but still he turned out to be really good at it. Unfortunately Chen Che and Zhen Zhen lost by one point. Observing the way Chen Che and Zhen Zhen where acting with each other, director Wang assumed that they are in a relationship. Seeing that it could help them, Chen Che didn’t correct director Wang. He admitted that Zhen Zhen is his girlfriend.

Chen Che:”She is my girlfriend!”

Jin Qin called Chen Che out to play basketball. They’ve played and got really close to each other. Jin Qin is impressed by how good Chen Che is at basketball and Chen Che would like Jin Qin to be his father.

Chen Che:”If he really was my father…that wouldn’t be too bad.”

Later Chen Che accompanied Jin Qin to see Ya Juan. Since Ya Juan’s mother doesn’t like him, Jin Qin has to make animals sounds for Ya Juan to come out without her mother knowing. But this time Ya Juan’s mother came out and asked Jin Qin to stop wasting Ya Juan’s time. She even returned Jin Qin the necklace he gave Ya Juan. Then she sent Jin Qin and Chen Che away. Ya Juan’s mother has big plans for her. She wants Ya Juan to go study aboard and to marry the son of her friend who lives in America. And Ya Juan is just quietly listening to her mother always.

Back at the house, Chen Che wants to know more about Jin Qin and Ya Juan so he asks Zhen Zhen and her brother. Like that he finds out that both Ya Juan and Jin Qin like each other, but Ya Juan’s mother doesn’t find Li Jin Qin worthy of her precious daughter. Taking advantage that she can control her daughter, Ya Juan’s mother does everything she can to separate Ya Juan and Jin Qin.

Before returning to his room, Chen Che sang a little at guitar for Zhen Zhen and her brother.

The next day Chen Che went to see Zhong En at the bar. While they were talking, Zhong En inhaled some dust and started coughing. That day Chen Che found out that Zhong En is allergic to dust, which made Chen Che suspect that Zhong En could be his father.

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