“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 3 ~ Young Soo:”I came to my own house and I need a reason to stay.”

Young Soo follows Da Hye home and managed to enter in his old house. Seeing how bad his family is after his death, Young Soo goes for drinks. There he meets Gi Tak. Returned at the hotel, Young Soo and Gi Tak realized who they really are even if they are momentarily using different bodies.

In order to find evidence that he didn’t commit suicide, Young Soo returned to the department store. But everyone there knows that he is Lee Hae Joon, the department store branch manager.

Episode 3

Young Soo follows Da Hye to her house, but Ha Na sees him. She calls her mother and went home together, while she tells Da Hye about the stranger who was following her. From their house window, Ha Na and Da Hye sees that the stalker is in front of their gate. They each take a plant and plan to his the stranger, but Ha Na’s grandfather saw them. He goes out and releases the dog to bite the stalker. But the dog recognized that in that stranger’s body is actually his owner, Young Soo. The whole family is surprised how much the stranger knows about them and how well their dog listens to him.

Young Soo:”I came to my own house and I need a reason to stay.”

The stranger invented that he gave Kim Young Soo some money that he needed in order to buy the house in which the family lives now and entered the house. He entered the house and remembered all the good and happy moment he spent there with his family. After paying his respects to the deceased, to himself, Young Soo had dinner with Da Hye and her family. Then the stranger and Da Hye talked about her problems.

Feeling hurt by how awful his family lives after his death, Young Soo goes to drink. There he meets Gi Tak, who also had a bad day. She sits at his tale, hears his troubles and consoles him. But when the time to pay and leave came, neither of them had money. They run away, but on the table appeared the money they need to pay for their drinks and side dishes.

Later the two of them met in the lift and realized that they not just stay in the same hotel, but they live on the same floor too. Before going to their rooms, Young Soo feels like he and the woman in front of him met in the past. He approaches her close and closer. Even if Gi Tak is a man, being in a woman’s body, he feels attracted to the man who is closer to him, looking into his eyes. Gi Tak’s hears beats faster and faster no matter how much he tries to control himself. And when Young Soo got even closer the two of them kissed. But that moment the watches that Ma Ya gave them lighted and they realized who they are. Both Gi Tak and Young Soo go to a room and check out their new bodies. Young Soo is proud of his new body, but Gi Tak isn’t. Then they sit and drink some more while talking about what Young Soo found out while visiting his family.

Young Soo goes to the department store again. He is decided to find evidence and prove to his family that he didn’t commit suicide. But as soon as he goes in, all the employees welcome him with respect. The employees see in front of them Lee Hae Joon, the branch manager. Meantime the real Lee Hae Joon, whom Ma Ya stopped from entering in Korea, found a way to return to Korea from Japan. But Ma Ya made sure that the real Lee Hae Joon won’t disturb Young Soo.

Song Yi Yeon came at the department store the same time the model she had an affair with had an event. He is being paid to say things about Yi Yeon that could ruin her career and make her lose her son’s custody. The day he died, Gi Tak met the model, but the day after Gi Tak died, the model told the media that Song Yi Yeon is the mistress of a gangster and that gangster beat him up. Of course Gi Tak didn’t touch the model.

Now, at the department store, president Cha Jae Gook, Song Yi Yeon’s ex husband doesn’t want Yi Yeon there. While his men were trying to get Yi Yeon out of the department store, Gi Tak showed up. Since he is using a woman’s body, Gi Tak’s name is now Han Hong Nan. She, Hong Nan, intentionally bumped into the model and both of them dropped their phones. Hong Nan took the model’s phone, pretending to do so by mistake, and memorized the number that the model just called.

Meantime president Cha arrived also. He hurries to throw out his ex wife, but Ha Na appeared. Crying, Ha Na begs president Cha to reveal that her father didn’t commit suicide. But president Cha pushes the little girl on the ground. The moment in front of Ha Na and president Cha appeared Lee Hae Joon.

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2 Responses to “Please Come Back, Mister” ep 3 ~ Young Soo:”I came to my own house and I need a reason to stay.”

  1. LadyBunny says:

    ahaha that was the best ep!

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