“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 4 ~ Da Hye:”A dead person can’t talk.”

Young Soo realizes how much his daughter and his wife suffer after his death so he decided to do everything he can to prove that he didn’t commit suicide. Meantime Gi Tak discovers that Seung Jae works for his worst enemy only to wait guilty for the moment to revenge Han Gi Tak’s death.

Episode 4

Ha Na came at the department store to beg president Cha Jae Gook to help her prove that her father didn’t commit suicide. But president Cha doesn’t help her. He pushes Ha Na on the ground. That moment Lee Hae Joon appeared. He is angry! He gets to the ground, to Ha Na’s level and encourages her to get up. Then he takes Ha Na to his office and calms her down and made her feel better. Ha Na is the only one that believes that her father wouldn’t have commit suicide because he had just bought Da Hye a present and dying without giving his wife the present would’ve been a waste.

While Ha Na was talking with Hae Joon, Da Hye came in angry. She scolded and hit Ha Na for skipping school. But Hae Joon defended Ha Na. All of a sudden Ha Na and her mother started crying while hugging each other.

Hae Joon goes to the department store’s rooftop, the place where Kim Young Soon gave his last breathe. Hong Nan comes along. They are together there so they can be themselves, Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak. Young Soo has to prove that he didn’t commit suicide so his daughter and his wife won’t suffer as much as they are at the moment.

Gi Tak:”Was the world that we lived in this lovely?”

Later Hae Joon took Ha Na and Da Hye home. Because Ha Na fell asleep in the car, Hae Joon carried her in. Before leaving, Hae Joon asks Da Hye if she also believes that her husband commit suicide.

Da Hye:”A dead person can’t talk.”

Hong Nan wanted to stay at Yi Yeon’s house to be able to help her, but Yi Yeon sends her away. Yi Yeon wants to forget the name Ha Gi Tak. Hurt and disappointed, Gi Tak, in Hong Nan’s body, goes to his old house. Suddenly someone comes in. Hong Nan hides in the closet. At the door it was Han Gi Tak’s enemy, Na Suk Chul. Before Na Suk Chul could see Hong Nan the lights go off. Using something white, Hong Nan comes out scaring Na Suk Chul. She comes out, but a masked man puts his hand on her mouth and carries her away. The masked man is Seung Jae. He followed Hong Nan and protected her. Seeing Seung Jae’s face, Hong Nan is relieved, but the way she is acting makes Seung Jae’s heart beat faster.

Seung Jae brought Hong Nan to where Han Gi Tak’s grave is. There he revealed his plan to revenge Han Gi Tak’s death.

Young Soo visited Hae Joon’s father. There he found out that Cha Jae Gook plans to bring the department store to bankruptcy. But since Young Soo is in Hae Joon’s body, he will do everything in his power to protect the department store.

From now on Young Soo will live at Hae Joon’s house. After he sent on vacation all the staff, Hae Joon received Hong Nan’s phone call. Hong Nan is drunk and doesn’t have a place to stay so she comes to Hae Joon’s house. After crying for a little while, Hong Nan fell asleep. In the morning Gi Tak forgot that he is in a woman’s body and showed up in front of Hae Joon naked.

Hae Joon went to work. All the female employees fell in love with him and he doesn’t dislike his new imagine. He even changed the walls of his office to a transparent wall so the employees could admire his model like handsomeness. The same time Hae Joon is paying back to Ma Sang Shik for all the time Ma Sang Shik treated his badly.

Hong Nan came at the department store and Hae Joon took her shopping. He took her to Da Hye so that Da Hye could recommend something fashionable to Hong Nan. After spending a huge amount of money on clothes for Hong Nan, Hae Joon teaches Hong Nan how to be feminine.

At the board directors meeting, Lee Hae Joon brought up Kim Young Soo’s death. He begone with saying that the day he died, Kim Young Soo asked Jung Ji Hoon to cover for his because he had a date with his wife. Then Hae Joon showed recordings with all the people Kim Young Soo met the day he died. All of them said the same thing, that Kim Young Soo looked sick. Meantime Hong Nan was taking pictures on the rooftop and realized that the surveillance camera from the rooftop was broken. To counteract Hae Joon’s attack, Cha Jae Gook called Da Hye to the meeting.

Hae Joon keeps going. He talked about Young Soo sleeping just two hours a day while working double than the other. He used to eat only junk food because he didn’t have time to eat properly. He couldn’t go to a health club even twice a month and had to take diet pills because Ma Sang Shik told him to lose weight. But at the same time, Young Soo had to drink daily with clients. Hae Joon even brought Kim Young Soo medical tests that showed that Kim Young Soo had fifteen illnesses. But then Cha Jae Gook counteracted. President Cha asked Da Hye if she is working for the company that killed her husband. What could Da Hye answer? She needs the money to raise a daughter, to take care of her old father-in-law, she needs money for bills and for food. And on top of that she has to pay the debts Kim Young Soo left behind.

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