“Back to 1989” ep 5 ~ Chen Che:”They are my family members.”

Zhen Zhen’s father received an offer to promote his suits in a big magazine. Zhen  Zhen asked Chen Che to be the model, but he refused. During the photo shoot Ya Juan asked Chen Che the same thing, to be the model for Zhen Zhen’s father’s suits. Because his mother asked him, Chen Che couldn’t refuse. Ya Juan’s friends were invited to her house. Chen Che is happy that he has the chance to see in what type of house his mother lived and to meet his grandmother. Unfortunately he also saw the pressure his grandmother puts on Ya Juan and the way his grandmother threats Jin Qin.

Episode 5

A woman from a magazine came by Zhen Zhen’s father’s store. The magazine she is working for intends to do a reportage about the suits Zhen Zhen’s father makes. Since they need a male model that will wear the suits for the photo shoot, Zhen Zhen’s mother thought of Chen Che and send Zhen Zhen to ask him.

Zhen Zhen:”Chen Che really does look good in suits.”

Zhen Zhen goes upstairs, she knocks at Chen Che’s door, but he doesn’t answer. She hears the radio in Chen Che’s room so Zhen Zhen opened the window and saw Chen Che changing his shirt. After he changed, Chen Che came on the hallway and Zhen Zhen asked him to be the model for her father’s suits. But Chen Che refused.

Chen Che:”What I hate the most is…having my picture taken.”

Later Zhen Zhen met Xiao Long and asked him to be the model. Since he likes Zhen Zhen, Xiao Long is willing to do anything she asks him to. So to be able to be model for her father’s suits, Xiap Long decided to go on a diet and lose some weight.

Ya Juan is sick. She seems to have caught a cold. Hearing that Ya Juan is sick, Jin Qin prepares a ginseng soup for her and gives it to Ya Juan when they meet. During their meeting, Jin Qin also returned the necklace to Ya Juan. She doesn’t need to wear it so her mother could see the necklace and throw it away. It’s enough if Ya Juan keeps the necklace safe.

At the house, Chen Che keeps thinking about Zhen Zhen asking him to be a model. Suddenly Chen Che hears his phone ringing. He runs to answer, but the phone battery is dead. He finds the charger in his bag and plugs the phone. But surprisingly there were no missed calls. Chen Che goes out hoping to get signal on his phone, but it didn’t help.

Since his phone ringed, Chen Che starts thinking that somehow he is still connected to the future. And also another question comes to his mind, why the time on his phone stopped at the same hour he arrived in the past.

After work, Ya Juan asked all her friends, including Chen Che, to meet her. Ya Juan’s mother asked Ya Juan to invite her friends to their house to eat. Everyone agreed to go, but they are all tense. Seeing them like that, Chen Che asked them why all of them are worried and he found out that they are all scared of Ya Juan’s mother. They have to prepare themselves before meeting Ya Juan’s mother because she will ask them about everything, including their future plans and background.

On the day of the photo shoot, the whole group came to support Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long. But suddenly Zhen Zhen realizes that she forgot home the suit Xiao Long was supposed to wear. Luckily Chen Che was home and could bring the suit over. When the lady from the magazine saw Chen Che, she thought that the suits than Zhen Zhen’s father made would look better on him. Both the lady from the magazine and Zhen Zhen asked Chen Che to model, but he refused. Chen Che turned his back on Zhen Zhen and wanted to leave when Ya Juan called his name. Chen Che can refuse anyone, but he can’t say no to his mother. In the end, after Ya Juan asked him, Chen Che accepted to model.

Chen Che gets his makeup and hair done. But another problem arises. When he sees that his hair was parted in half, Chen Che gets angry. Zhen Zhen on the other hand is happy that Chen Che gave up on his “old fashioned” haircut. In the end Chen Che asked the stylist to change back his hair.

Chen Che:”It’s not me who can’t follow the trend. There is a generation gap between up.”

Chen Che is ready and comes out. When everyone sees him, they all forget about Xiao Long.

Chen Che:”If you don’t close your mouth, you’ll start drooling.”

The photographer started taking Chen Che’s photos, but Chen Che is too stiff. Zhen Zhen goes over and tries to make Chen Che relax. But the photographer and the lady that was representing the magazine liked the way Chen Che and Zhen Zhen looked together. Because they look good together and Chen Che seems to be more relaxed when Zhen Zhen is by his side the decision was taken. Zhen Zhen and Chen Che will appear in the photos together.

Zhen Zhen is ready and she looks good, but she is also stiff while taking pictures. Now it’s time for Chen Che to help her relax. He puts his hand on Zhen Zhen’s waist and pulls her close to him.

Chen Che:”We…are just supporting characters. Your father’s suits are the main leads.”

The photo shoot was a success. Before leaving, the group asked the photographer to take a picture with all of them because one person from their group is going to study aboard soon.

Zhen Zhen received the pictures that were taken and the magazine. She is showing them to her coworkers, but suddenly she has to hurry and put them in her bag. While hurrying, Zhen Zhen dropped a picture with Chen Che and herself. He sees the picture and looks at it smiling.

That night at the house, Zhen Zhen looks at the magazine while listening to music. She brags about herself, who is photogenic, and talks bad about Chen Che who has a big face, is unfashionable and has an old hairstyle. Since she was using earphones, Zhen Zhen didn’t realize how loud she was talking and that Chen Che heard her. There is a window between Chen Che and Zhen Zhen’s rooms so Chen Che threw some papers to attract Zhen Zhen’s attention.

Chen Che:”It’s your face that’s big.”

On the day that the whole group is visiting Ya Juan’s house, Chen Che is happy. He is going to see his grandmother. The same time, Zhen Zhen is so nervous that her stomach hurts. Arrived at Ya Juan’s house, both Zhong En and Jin Qin brought presents. But Jin Qin is more nervous. His present is not as expensive as Zhong En’s. They go inside and Chen Che looks around. It’s the first time he sees the way his mother used to live.

Chen Che:”They are my family members.”

Ya Juan’s mother took the expensive present from Zhong En happily, but she completely ignored Jin Qin. While they eat, Ya Juan’s mother serves everyone, but once again she completely ignores Jin Qin. Tasting the food, Chen Che realizes that his mother’s cooking skills were from his grandmother. Later Jin Qin became Ya Juan’s mother’s target. She, with the smile on her face, made Jin Qin feels so small because he doesn’t come from a family with good background and doesn’t have a stable job.

Chen Che:”Did mom always live under this pressure from grandma?”

At night, Ya Juan meets Zhen Zhen. They talk about the pressure Ya Juan’s mother puts on Ya Juan and that she is forcing Ya Juan to meet her friend’s son from America. Then they talk about Zhen Zhen and Chen Che. In Ya Juan’s eyes, Zhen Zhen and Chen Che have feelings for each other.

Zhen Zhen:”Phots tell the biggest lie. He’s so polite to everyone, but he only bullies me.”

The same time Jin Qin was playing basketball and thinking about the words Ya Juan’s mother told him that day. He is hurt that he isn’t from a good background to be accepted in Ya Juan’s family.

Zhen Zhen’s parents went to visit her grandmother and her brother called to say he will spend the night out. There are only Zhen Zhen and Chen Che in the house and Zhen Zhen is afraid of thunders. They watch a movie while eating fruits. Both of them reach their hands the same time for fruits and their hands touched. Embarrassed Zhen Zhen uses the excuse that she is tired and runs to her room.

Zhen Zhen:”Right now…only the both of us are at home.”

All that he can do in 1989 is watch an old movie so Chen Che is bored. Suddenly he hears a thunder and goes to check on Zhen Zhen. As the thunder weren’t enough, the power failure.

Chen Che:”It’s so miserable living without wi-fi!”

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