“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 5 ~ Hae Joon:”I hate you!”

Hae Joon does everything he can to stay close to Da Hye, but one night he finds a shocking news. The day he died Da Hye met another man. That man is Jung Ji Hoon. The moment Hong Nan was telling him about the encounter Da Hye and Ji Hoon had, Hae Joon sees them hugging and changes completely his compartment towards Da Hye.

Episode 5

Hae Joon tries to convince everyone in the meeting room that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide, but he doesn’t have any prove. Everything turns against him when the directors talk about the bribe that Kim Young Soo received. Because of Ha Na, the directors know about the necklace that Young Soo bought for Da Hye and they assume that the necklace, who was too expensive for him to buy from his paycheck, was bought with the money he was bribed with. Da Hye leaves the meeting room crying. All her coworkers know now that she is Kim Young Soo’s wife so they talk behind her back.

Yi Yeon finally received a small role in a drama. She was humiliated and after the director said cut, Yi Yeon hid in the toilet and cried for some time. The one that consoled her was Hong Nan, who is always closer to Yi Yeon. Later when Yi Yeon return to the set, the main actress pretended to miss what she was saying or doing just so she could slap and humiliate Yi Yeon more. But Yi Yeon took everything that was coming towards her without complaining.

Hae Joon tries to talk to Da Hye, but she runs away from him. While running away, Da Hye arrived on the rooftop. The police yellow line is still there. She can’t get closer to the place from where Young Soo fell. Hae Joon grabbed her hand and dragged her to the margin. She has to pass by what happened to her husband so she could continue living and fighting the people that harm her.

Da Hye:”Why did he have to die?”

Hae Joon:”I’ll make sure to give you that answer.”

Yi Yeon is hungry because she didn’t eat anything the whole day. Seung Jae and Hong Nan took her to the restaurant that belonged to Gi Tak. Because Jae Gil cooked an awful dish, Hong Nan removes the plates and starts cooking. Jae Gil is impressed that Hong Nan got the exact same taste of that dish as Gi Tak. When Hong Nan tells Jae Gil how to prepare that dish, Gi Tak remembers that he once cooked for Young Soo and Da Hye.

Jae Gil remembers Young Soo and Da Hye too. He remembers seeing Da Hye at the restaurant the day Gi Tak died. She was with a different man than her husband, with whom she came to that restaurant a day earlier. Thinking that if he has proves that Da Hye cheated on her husband could bring him money, Jae Gil took pictures of Da Hye and the man she was seeing, Jung Ji Hoon.

Hong Nan calls Hae Joon to tell him. While talking with Hong Nan on the phone, Hae Joon sees Ji Hoo coming to see Da Hye and hugging her.

Thinking that Da Hye was cheating him with Ji Hoon, Young Soo plans to die for the second time. He wants to throw himself over the bridge, but Gi Tak stopped him. But there is Ma Ya’s chance to get them back. But both Gi Tak and Young Soo still have some unfinished business. Later Young Soo and Gi Tak went home. They drink and talk about each other’s problems. While they were drinking and talking they realize that their chicken and alcohol bottles disappear. It was Ma Ya. She was there too.

The next day Hae Joon comes to work together with Cha Jae Gook. When she saw him, Da Hye wanted to sign him that she agrees to wait for Hae Joon to find the real reason behind Kim Young Soo’s death. But Hae Joon believes that Da Hye was signing Ji Hoon. He pushes Cha Jae Gook and goes to Da Hye where he talks about how inappropriate her attire is. She was wearing stockings that were out of fashion and her heels were from 2008. He humiliated Da Hye thinking that she cheated on his with Ji Hoon. But after humiliating her, he remembers that Cha Jae Gook did the same thing to him a while ago.

Later, at the meeting, Hae Joon still looks at Ji Hoon with suspicions. While everyone were praising Ji Hoon’s good presentation, Hae Joon got up and screamed that he doesn’t trust Ji Hoon. Chairman Cha was present at the meeting too so when Hae Joon said he doesn’t trust in Ji Hoon’s capacities until he sees it with his own eyes, chairman Cha handed over the project to Hae Joon, even if the project was started by Cha Jae Gook. Being alone in his office with Ji Hoon, Hae Joon got angrier when Ji Hoon returned the gifts Hae Joon gave Da Hye. Furious, Hae Joon questioned Ji Hoon about Ji Hoon’s relationship with Da Hye. But Ji Hoon doesn’t answered Hae Joon’s questions. After arguing for a while, Ji Hoon accepted Hae Joon’s proposal to find evidnace that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide.

Da Hye picked her husband’s belongings. On the way to the locker room, she bumped into Hae Joon. He tried to help the woman he bumped into, but that was until he saw that the woman was Shin Da Hye. That whole day, Hae Joon kept creating troubles for Da Hye. He even held the door to stop her from entering the department store and when he let go, Da Hye fell.

Hae Joon:”Don’t let just anything touch my body.”

Together with Ji Hoon, Hae Joon looks at the surveillance cameras and tries to find evidence that Kim Young Soo didn’t commit suicide.

Because Yi Yeon is on a diet and forces Hong Nan to diet too, Hong Nan went in the middle of the night to eat at Hae Joon’s house.

Hae Joon:” Ordering people around is also very tiring.”

The next day, Hae Joon and Ji Hoon got a surveillance camera from the day Kim Young Soo died and send it to be recovered. Later they witnessed Da Hye being scolded by her coworker and Hae Joon intervened to scold her more. Da Hey got angry and left. She was scolded for looking at a phone. That was Kim Young Soo’s phone and the day after his death, Young Soo received a suspicious text. While looking at the phone, Da Hye hears two coworkers talking behind her back again. Hae Joon also head them and send them away.

Left alone with Hae Joon, Da Hye wants to know what she did wrong that Hae Joon is treating her so badly lately.

Hae Joon:”I hate you!”

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