“Refresh Man” ep 1 ~ Wen Kai:”You’ve sold yourself for three years and you belong to me during that time.”

Ji Wen Kai and Zhong Yu Tang know each other since childhood. Yu Tang was always the top of her class while Wen Kai was always the last in the class. Few years after graduation they meet again, but the position changed. Yu Tang is now the secretary and Wen Kai is the CEO of the company Yu Tang works for.


Aaron Yan        as    Ji Wen Kai

Joanne Tseng    as    Zhong Yu Tang

Lene Lai            as    Miao Ai Sha

Jack Li               as    Wang Zhi Yu

JR Chen             as     Chen  You Rui

Episode 1

Yu Tang’s been working on the same position for more than 4 years. But now her luck is about to change. The CEO resigned and the executive secretary left the company. Yu Tang is the most likely to be promoted executive secretary.

On her first day as executive secretary a shocking news came, the company chairman was involved in a sky accident and no one knows if he is alive or not. There is no time to panic so Yu Tang rushes to the company. She gathers everyone and tells them what to do. That day the company has to sign an important contract.

The new partner came and Yu Tang does everything in her power to stop him from meeting the media. The journalists already know the chairman Shen went missing and Yu Tang is afraid that if the news will be revealed to their partner the contract won’t be signed. Unfortunately the journalists couldn’t be stopped. When Yu Tang couldn’t do anything more to save the situation, her miracle happened. Chairman Shen arrived! He was alive and well and he arrived in time to sign the contract.

The whole morning a man was following Yu Tang from behind. When everything was resolved, that man showed himself in front of Yu Tang. He is Ji Wen Kai. Yu Tang and he know each other since childhood. They’ve always been in the same class. During school Wen Kai was lazy, he used to sleep in class and was always the last at their tests. But now Ji Wen Kai is the new CEO of the company Yu Tang is working for.

The whole situation with the chairman being involved in an accident was actually a test. Wen Kai wanted to see how the secretary department acted during a crisis. Yu Tang went to Wen Kai’s office to find out what score she got during the test. She received only 59 points. Wen Kai wasn’t impressed by how she handled things. For her to receive 100 points than chairman Shen wouldn’t had need to reveal himself.

Wen Kai:”Now, you are the pawn and I’m the king so you have to listen to me.”

Since Wen Kai is Yu Tang’s superior, he sends her to prepare some reports for him and to buy him lunch. Yu Tang made the reports, but when she gave the lunch to Wen Kai she was scolded. She bought for Wen Kai’s lunch omelet with rice, knowing that during their school days Wen Kai liked eggs. But as soon as he saw the eggs, Wen Kai was angry. He said that he doesn’t like eggs and his secretary should know that. He scolded Yu Tang for not doing her job right. Since she is Wen Kai’s secretary, Yu Tang has to know what movies he likes, what foods he likes, what type of women he likes, not just to know his schedule and prepare his meetings. After scolding Yu Tang, Wen Kai made her do more jobs and went to get something else for lunch.

Yu Tang finished arranging Wen Kai’s office and finally she can eat her lunch. But unfortunately for her, Wen Kai has other plans. They have to go check on a revenue for a meeting Wen Kai will have later. In front of the office a poster promoting eggs dishes flew on Wen Kai’s face. He removes the paper and threw it behind him where Yu Tang was laughing. The paper landed on Yu Tang’s face. She lost her balance and is about to fall, but Wen Kai held her.

In the car, Wen Kai closed his eyes. Yu Tang looks at him and remembers her classmate that used to sleep on the desk. Suddenly Wen Kai opens his eyes and looks at her. She wants to make conversation, but Wen Kai is harsh with her.

Yu Tang received a phone call. The Russian translator has problems with her pregnancy and she can’t come at the meeting. Hearing that Yu Tang doesn’t have a plan B, Wen Kai scolds her again. Then he makes a phone call and resolved everything. Wen Kai has a plan B. His plan B is Miao Ai Sha. She started learning Russian after she found out that the company products are well received on the Russian market. Ai Sha is always few steps ahead of Yu Tang. She knows Wen Kai and predicts what he wants before he asks.

Back to the office Yu Tang feels like her position is in danger. Ai Sha isn’t just better at her work than Yu Tang, but Ai Sha is also more thoughtful. On her first day at the office Ai Sha brought cakes for her coworkers.

At night Yu Tang called over to her house her best friend. While they were drinking and thinking about all times, they remembered how they treated Wen Kai, who must hold a grudge against Yu Tang. One day in physics class Wen Kai was sleeping and the teacher scolded him. The teacher sent Wen Kai to do squads and put Yu Tang to make sure that Wen Kai does what he was told. That day Wen Kai listened well to all of Yu Tang’s orders. He was willing to do so because he liked Yu Tang, but she didn’t know. Another day while another teacher was scolding him, Yu Tang offended Wen Kai while trying to help him. They never resolved their misunderstanding over the years so now Yu Tang doesn’t understand why Wen Kai is so harsh on her.

While the two girls were drinking, Yu Tang’s friend spilled some wine. When Yu Tang went to get something to clean, her phone ringed so her friend answered. Unfortunately Yu Tang’s friend forgot to tell Yu Tang about that phone call. The moment she answered Yu Tang’s phone, her friend removed the charger so Yu Tang’s phone closed over the night. In the morning Yu Tang woke up late. Fortunately Yu Tang arrived at the office right on time. But Wen Kai and Ai Sha were already there and they were wearing the same clothes as the day before. They worked over night with their Russian partner.

After the Russian left, Yu Tang wanted to know why she wasn’t called. That moment she found out about the phone call she received the night before. Since she needs to be penalized, Yu Tang wants to quit her job, but she can’t. An year ago she went to America to study and because of that she can’t leave the company for three years. As penalization Wen Kai demoted Yu Tang and sent her to the worse department in the whole company.

Wen Kai:”You’ve sold yourself for three years and you belong to me during that time.”

Yu Tang packed her belongings and went to team 3. As soon as she arrived, Yu Tang understood why team 3 is the worst team in the whole company. No one in that team was doing what they should. One was sleepy so she fell asleep on her desk. Another one was playing games, watching her son on the camera or plumbing milk. The chief department was also taking care of her business instead of working.

The first thing Yu Tang did in her new team was changing a light bulb. Suddenly someone is coming. Wen Kai and Ai Sha are coming. From now on Wen Kai will pay extra attention to team 3 so they will improve.

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