“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 6 ~ Da Hye:”Are you interested in me?”

Yi Yeon was offered to be a main actress in a new drama, but because of a third person intervention Yi Yeon was removed. Meantime Hae Joon and Hong Nan spend a lot of time together since they realized that they have a common enemy. When Hae Joon is about to reveal he true identity, Hong Nan stopped him with a kiss. Because of that kiss everyone in the department store misunderstands their relationship.

Episode 6

Yi Yeon was offered to be the main actress in a new drama. She was skeptical at first, but because the producer insisted she accepted. On the day that the actor where presented to the public, Hong Nan brought Yi Yeon’s son to see her getting all the attention. But when Yi Yeon was on stage, a popular actress showed up. Na Suk Chul intervened and the producer changed the actress. Yi Yeon was humiliated and all the people that were present at the press conference started throwing with foods in Yi Yeon.

Hong Nan let the boy with Seung Jae and run to the stage to help Yi Yeon. She held Yi Yeon’s hand and they left that place. Luckily Yi Yeon’s son is still young so they were able to fool him and pretend that what happened to Yi Yeon was an action scene.

Hong Nan:”This is an action scene!”

Hong Nan knows who is behind what happened to Yi Yeon. She goes to find Na Suk Chul and hears him talking with the producer that wanted Yi Yeon as main actress. After the producer left, Cha Jae Gook appeared. He was in the next room listening to what Na Suk Chul and the producer were talking. But he wasn’t pleased. Na Suk Chul played with Song Yi Yeon without Jae Gook sending the order. Hong Nan watches Jae Goo hitting Na Suk Chul.

Hae Joon and Hong Nan are walking around the department store. They suddenly see Da Hye being screamed at and being for to kneel and apologize to some customers. Da Hye saw that client and his wife stealing some clothes and wanted to stop them. But the clients began doing a big scandal and screamed at Da Hye for unjust accusation. Hurt and humiliated, Da Hye is about to kneel before the costumer, but Hae Joon stopped her. In the argument with those customers, Hae Joon is about to admit that he is actually Da Hye’s husband, Kim Young Soo, but Hong Nan didn’t let him. Knowing that Ma Ya told them to not reveal their true identities, Hong Nan kissed Hae Joon to stop him from talking. Then Hong Nan took Hae Joon away letting Ji Hoon to handle the problem with the clients that were making scandal.

Ji Hoon called the police who found the stolen goods in the client’s wife’s bag. The two thieves were arrested. Meantime Hong Nan explains Hae Joon why she kissed him in front of Da Hye.

Hong Nan:”I just saved your life.”

After all that scandal, Ji Hoon took Da Hye with him and made her feel better. When she was calmer Da Hye told Ji Hoon about the text Young Soo received a day after his death. Before he died Young Soo was bribed with rice cakes that were given to Da Hye at a funeral. Hearing that she received the rice cakes, Young Soo send the rice cakes back and the package arrived the day after Young Soo’s death. Finally Da Hye realized that in that bag there were money not rice cakes. Together with Ji Hoon, Da Hye went to check the surveillance camera to the place from where Young Soo returned the package. After that Da Hye and Ji Hoon went to have lunch.

The same time Hae Joon sees Young Soo’s father. He brought lunch, but the scandal that he witnessed made him feel bad. He gave the lunch to Hae Joon and while Hae Joon was eating, the old man started talking about his dead son. Later Hae Joon and Hong Nan were called in Hae Joon’s father’s office. They told chairman Cha that they are just friends that met while studying in America and that their kiss from earlier was a trailer for the fashion show that the department store will have soon. In return of their words, chairman Cha gave all the rights for the fashion show to Hae Joon.

“Proceed with caution.”

Hae Joon sees Da Hye returning from her lunch with Ji Hoon and goes after her. He wants to know where she was and what she did with Ji Hoon, then Hae Joon advices Da Hye to not be friendly with Ji Hoon. But Da Hye isn’t interested in what Hae Joon tells her.

Da Hye:”Are you interested in me?”

The following days Hae Joon and Hong Nan prepare themselves to be models for the fashion show that the department store is preparing. They even learn to walk like models. But at the department store, Hae Joon asks Da Hye to help them with the clothes.

Hae Joon:”Be by my side from now on.”

Da Hye comes to Hae Joon’s office to take Hae Joon’s measurements for clothes and to help Hong Nan change into all the clothes for the fashion show. Because Hong Nan isn’t feminine at all and doesn’t know how to wear the dresses she has to try on, Da Hye went inside the changing room. Inside the changing room, Hong Nan asked Da Hye to try on one of the dresses and Da Hye accepted. She looked amazing. Both Hae Joon and Ji Hoon, who were in the office, couldn’t take their eyes off Da Hye. But when Hae Joon realized that Ji Hoon was looking at Da Hye, he scolded her for wearing a short dress.

A lot of reporters camped in front of Yi Yeon’s house, but she doesn’t come out. Hong Nan brings in a producer that wants to make a program about how Yi Yeon’s life was ruined after she divorced Cha Jae Gook because of his influence. But Yi Yeon is afraid and she doesn’t trust anyone so she refuses that producer offer.

Meantime Hae Joon was meeting Yoo Hyuk, the model that Yi Yeon had a scandal with. Hae Joon and Hong Nan want Yoo Hyuk to model for their fashion show. And Hae Joon made Yoo Hyuk sign a contract.

Hong Nan took seducing class from Yi Yeon and wanted to help Hae Joon, but Hae Joon knows that Hong Nan couldn’t had helped him. She shows Hae Joon how much she improved, but Hae Joon isn’t impressed and asked her to stop fooling around.

Hong Nan is wearing latex, but her pants are too tight and she can’t close the zipper. Hae Joon helps her. But after Hae Joon closed her pants, Hong Nan can’t breathe so he has to remove her clothes. That moment Da Hye opens the fitting room’s door and embarrassed runs away. Both Hae Joon and Hong Nan had messy hair and clothes. Da Hye runs away and catches the lift. Hae Joon runs after her and they both are in the same elevator. She seems scared of him and Hae Joon keeps talking rubbish. But the way Hae Joon was acting and talking reminded Da Hye of her first meeting with Young Soo.

The elevator stopped and Da Hye and Hae Joon talk about Young Soo. While talking about her dead husband Da Hye told Hae Joon about the text on Young Soo’s phone and that the man who was supposed to receive the rice cakes didn’t get it. Hearing that, Hae Joon is happy. If the receiver didn’t get the package then the rice cakes are still where Young Soo left it.

Hae Joon:”Somebody will show up to eat the rice cakes.”

Hae Joon spent the whole day at the place where he left the rice cakes in order to catch the culprit. And he caught it. At night when Hae Joon was about to give up someone came. That person took the package. Hae Joon went to that man and he was shocked. The man that came to get the rice cake was Jung Ji Hoon.

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