“Back to 1989” ep 6 ~ Chen Che:”Thank you…mom!”

Outside is raining and Zhen Zhen is afraid of thunders. Chen Che stays by her side and helps her relax. But the next day, Chen Che is sick. Worried Ya Juan comes over to take care of Chen Che. After Chen Che recovered, Ya Juan is involved in a problem and when she sees the way Chen Che treats Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen begins to avoid him.

Episode 6

It’s raining outside and Zhen Zhen is afraid of thunders. Beside her there is only Chen Che in the house. When he hears the thunders, Chen Che goes to Zhen Zhen’s room to see if she is alright. He found her trembling of fear under the blanket, covering her ears with her had. For Zhen Zhen, her fear started when she was in kindergarten. One day, her mother was too busy and forgot to come and pick her and her teacher thought that Zhen Zhen left already so she was left alone in the rain, while it was thundering for a while. After that day, Zhen Zhen was sick for a week. Chen Che puts his hands over Zhen Zhen’s hands and helps her relax.

Chen Che:”Don’t be scared. I’m here!”

Zhen Zhen started to relax, but things turned worse when there was a power failure. Chen Che grabs her hand and they both went to the living room. There Chen Che lighted all the candles he found to make light.  When he was little, Chen Che was also alone when it rained. At that moment he passed his fear by distracting himself while memorizing his classmate’s names. Later when he grew up, Chen Che was distracting himself playing and singing. So to help Zhen Zhen relax, Chen Che took the guitar and sang for Zhen Zhen.

In the morning, when Chen Che wakes up, he finds Zhen Zhen sleeping in his arms. He wakes her up and embarrassed Zhen Zhen runs to her room. Chen Che also goes to his room where his heart starts beating faster and he has a fever.

Chen Che:”I’ve caught a cold!”

In the morning Chen Che doesn’t feel well. He caught a cold. At work he can barely breathe and is unable to concentrate. Ya Juan can’t take her eye from his. She is too worried. Suddenly Chen Che can’t breathe. He has an asthma attack. He tries to get his inhaler, but he can’t and falls on the ground. Ya Juan took his head in her lap and massaged Chen Che’s shoulder. Meantime Zhen Zhen brought Chen Che’s inhaler. Seeing that he is in his mother’s arms, Chen Che fell asleep.

They brought Chen Che to an office to sleep for a while. Zhen Zhen went to see if Chen Che woke up and because he was still sleeping she thanks him for all his help. While Zhen Zhen was thanking him for all his help since the moment they’ve met until the night he stayed with her because of the rain and thunder, Chen Che woke up and heard everything.

Zhen Zhen:”You are actually someone really warm.”

Zhen Zhen turns around and sees that Chen Che was awake and listening to her word. She checks to see if Chen Che still has fever.

Later, at the house, Zhen Zhen takes care of Chen Che. Ya Juan came to see how Chen Che feels and brought his ginger soup and cold medicine, exactly what Chen Che just said he wants to have. Ya Juan fed Chen Che the ginger soup she made. In his delirium, Chen Che apologizes for the harsh words his told his mother the last time they’ve saw each other.

Chen Che:”Thank you…mom!”

Realizing how much Chen Che misses his mother, Zhen Zhen asked Ya Juan to teach her how to make the ginger soup. The ginger soup Ya Juan always makes for Chen Che when he is sick is made the way Li Jin Qin thought Ya Juan to make.

The next morning, when he woke up, Chen Che was feeling better. But luckily he didn’t suffocate because Zhen Zhen put all the blankets in the house on him and two teddy bears. Getting up Chen Che sees the room filled with buckets full of water to help him with the humidity in the room.

Coming down to the kitchen, Chen Che is welcomed by Zhen Zhen’s parents. Zhen Zhen’s mother prepared a special breakfast for Chen Che to feel better and Zhen Zhen’s father put a muffler on Chen Che to feel warm. Later, Zhen Zhen gave Chen Che a ride to work on her scooter. Her heart was beating fast when Chen Che was holding her waist or holding her hand.

When they arrived at work, Zhen Zhen told Chen Che that he called Ya Juan “mom”. He goes over to Ya Juan to thank her for taking care of him. He is awkward. Zhen Zhen told him to apologize for calling Ya Juan “mom”, but he can’t do that. Ya Juan is his mother. Seeing him flustered Ya Juan jokes around pretending that she is offended by Chen Che’s words.

Ya Juan made a mistake at work. She opened an account for someone under a false name. If she won’t find the person who opened the account and get the money from him, Ya Juan will have to pay everything. Luckily for her Chen Che is there and ready to help her.

Together with Chen Che, Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long, Ya Juan went to that person’s address. He opened an account in his wife’s name. Arrived there the four of them found the wife and son of that man.  That man’s wife isn’t pleased that they came and isn’t willing to help them. She threw a bucket of water on Ya Juan, but Chen Che got in between to protect his mother. Then Chen Che wipes the boy’s book and bag because they got wet.

On their way out, Ya Juan wipes Chen Che. Seeing how well Chen Che treats Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen doesn’t feel well. She thought that Chen Che helps only her because maybe he likes her, but now she thinks that Chen Che helps everyone. She feels that she isn’t special in Chen Che’s heart.

Zhen Zhen has a book in her room, she looks for it and makes a test from that book. It’s a test to see if she likes or not Chen Che.

Since the meal with her mother, Ya Juan hasn’t seen Jin Qin. He’s been avoiding her. Wanting to see Jin Qin, Ya Juan went to the bar where Jin Qin sings, but he wasn’t there. While Ya Juan was talking with Zhong En, Jin Qin called. She wanted to talk to him, but Jin Qin hanged up after hearing Ya Juan’s voice.

The man that opened an account on his wife’s name was found and brought to the office. He knows that nothing will happened to him because the account is on his wife’s name so he isn’t scared. He insulted Ya Juan and even wanted to hit her, but Chen Che was close and stopped him. Chen Che hit that man to protect his mother.

Seeing how much Chen Che protects Ya Juan, Zhen Zhen starts avoiding him. When they leave the office, Zhen Zhen pretends that she has other things to do and asks Xiao Long to go with her.

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