“Please Come Back, Mister” ep 7 ~ ” This isn’t revenge!”

Hong Nan and Hae Joon can’t leave the things the way they are so they made a plan to reveal Cha Jae Gook’s crimes. During the rehearsal for the fashion show an incident happened which made Young Soo remember that a drone filmed his death. While Hae Joon was getting the recording from the broadcasting channel, Hong Nan was doing her side of the plan. She contacted the boys that were under Han Gi Tak and got everything she needed from Yoo Hyuk.

Episode 7

Hae Joon waits at the golf club to see who comes to pick up the bribe he received and returned. It’s late and Hae Joon wants to leave, but that moment a man comes in. Hae Joon goes over and is shocked. The one who was always one step ahead of him was Jung Ji Hoon, the man Kim Young Soo trusted. Because Ji Hoon made him believe that they are on the same boat, Hae Joon took Ji Hoon with him every time Hae Joon discovered evidence in Kim Young Soo’s favor. But now Hae Joon discovers that the surveillance camera from the department store’s roof, who recoded Kim Young Soo’s dead, was smashed by Ji Hoon. The recording that Hae Joon sent to be recovered, was also destroyed by Ji Hoon. The person whom Da Hye talked about the bribe her husband received and returned was also paid by Ji Hoon to not say anything.

Later, at the house, Hae Joon and Hong Nan make plans to catch Yoo Hyuk and Cha Jae Gook and reveal the truth. Ma Ya, who was there, tries to stop them reminding them the “no revenge” rule. Still they will move on with their plans.

Hae Joon/ Hong Nan:” This isn’t revenge!”

Early in the morning, both Hae Joon and Hong Nan practice their model walks for the fashion show…of course they practice in their own style.

Arrive at the fashion show, the first stop Hae Joon and Hong Nan make is the changing and makeup room, where they can’t take their eye off the models. While going on stage, Hae Joon and Hong Nan see Da Hye and Ji Hoon together. Da Hye saw that Ji Hoon was hurt and worried went to see what happened. But Ji Hoon can’t reveal the reason that Hae Joon beat him.

Hae Joon:”The fashion show is our priority now.”

While the models go on stage, Ma Ya tries to ruin the fashion show and stop Hae Joon and Hong Nan plans, but she can’t. According to their plans, Hong Nan flirts with Yoo Hyuk. But it’s time for Hong Nan and Hae Joon to go on stage. They were doing great until Hae Joon’s eyes met Da Hye. From that moment on, Hae Joon stopped moving and was looking at Da Hye. All of a sudden a drone hit the reflectors and the sparks fell and hit Hae Joon. That sparks made Kim Young Soo remember the night he died. That night there were fireworks close by and when he fell from the building, Young Soo saw a white pigeon. Now, after the sparks at the fashion show, Hae Joon realizes that the white pigeon was actually a drone filming the fireworks and maybe the drone caught his falling too. Hae Joon runs over to the broadcasting channel to see the recording from the fireworks.

Before the fashion show, Hong Nan got Yoo Hyuk’s attention. Her plan worked and he is interested in her now. But when Hong Nan was getting her makeup done, Yi Yeon came by. She found out about Hong Nan’s relationship with Hae Joon. Because the only thing Hong Nan told Yi Yeon is that she is trying to revenge Han Gi Tak’s death, Yi Yeon asked Seung Jae to watch over Hong Nan and don’t let her get hurt.

Because Hae Joon ran off in the middle of the practice, Cha Jae Gook had to replace him in the fashion show. After the performance Hong Nan tripped Cha Jae Gook, humiliating him, and ran off the stage.

Hong Nan leaves with Yoo Hyuk, but the gangsters that Cha Jae Gook sent is following them. While looking for Hong Nan, Seung Jae sees her being chased by those gangsters.

Hae Joon found what he was looking for. One drone filmed Kim Young Soo dying. Meantime Da Hye cleans up after the fashion show. Suddenly Ji Hoon comes to her, he apologizes and asks her to restart their relationship from where they left it when she married Kim Young Soo. Da Hye is surprised and wants to leave, but Ji Hoon held her and insisted. But he had to stop soon because Hae Joon arrived.

Hae Joon walks Da Hye home without telling her anything regarding Kim Young Soo’s death. He still has some things to prepare and asks her to wait patiently until then. Hae Joon also asked Da Hye to not believe in Ji Hoon’s words.

The next day, at the meeting, Hae Joon played the recording with Kim Young Soo’s death. He revealed that he knows about the bribes the directors took and then blamed everything on Kim Young Soo.

Hae Joon:”I wonder what you all are up to, when you don’t even work.”

Da Hye also was invited to the meeting. Hae Joon revealed her that Kim Young Soo had a brain hemorrhage from overworking himself and fell while trying to arrange a banner. But Da Hye got angry with Hae Joon.

Hae Joon:”This is the truth! If I were Kim Young Soo, I’d never forgive you all.”

While they were chased by the gangsters the car in which Hong Nan and Yoo Hyuk were stopped and they were taken away by gangsters. They are tied up and threatened. Scared Yoo Hyuk starts talking about how he pretended to be Song Yi Yeon’s lover. After Yoo Hyuk’s confession, the gangsters come closer trying to do something. But suddenly Seung Jae appears to save Hong Nan.

Seung Jae fought for a while with those gangsters, but suddenly he stops and kneels before the gangster’s leader. He was apologizing when someone hit him from behind. The moment Seung Jae fall unconscious, Yoo Hyuk confessed everything Hong Nan wanted him to. He even mentioned Cha Jae Gook. With Yoo Hyuk’s confection the show is over. The whole gangsters kidnapping them thing was Hong Nan’s plan to get Yoo Hyuk to confess that Cha Jae Gook paid him to destroy Yi Yeon. The one that played Na Suk Chul’s role was Jae Gil.

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